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A wayward priest is suing LifeSiteNews February 17, 2011

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Essentially, he’s trying to shut them down.  Based on the materials I’ve read about the priest in question, I don’t believe LSN is guilty of libel – at least in a US court.  Canada is crazy in this regard.  It has been common aomong the left to try to stifle debate or criticism when they lose an argument on the merits.  Where could they have learned that tactic? Michael Voris puts the matter straight:

Interesting questions indeed at the end of that video.

Would you consider helping LifeSiteNews?

Auditory assault February 17, 2011

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With the passing of the unlamentable quickie dumbed down 70s ICEL English translation of the Mass from the scene, some of your most despised hymns will (please God, let this) be history.  Before they go, someone has put together a list of ‘greatest’ hits from the ‘Gather’ hymnal from the dismal OCP, and it is sung with all the passion and beauty those hymns deserve:

How do you like tie-dye Jesus?  And I always do that – whenever I hear that ‘Is it I Lord’ I always get  the Brady Bunch theme stuck in my head for the rest of the day!  Blech!

Thank goodness – USCCB updates guidance on ‘climate change’ February 17, 2011

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Always ahead of the curve, the USCCB updates their policy position on ‘climate change’:

“Protecting God’s Creation and ‘the least of these’ requires urgent, wise and bold action,” according to the policy statement. “Well-designed climate change policies can both help address climate change and protect the most vulnerable. Most comprehensive policy and legislative approaches to address climate change would generate substantial revenue by putting a price on carbon emissions. The United States bishops insist that a significant portion of these resources be used to minimize the disproportionate burdens felt by those least able to cope with the impacts of climate change and policies to address it.”

For all the 195 diocese in the US, I have to wonder how many bishops have ‘climate change’ as even one of their top 15 concerns?  Even though there is incredible doubt regarding the veracity of much ‘research’ into global warming cooling climate change, and it appears that many of the principle agitators in favor of massive government involvement to address this ‘pressing’ issue have massive agendas (re: socialism), the bureaucrats at the USCCB continue to press ahead as if this is a huge issue.  I remind readers of the Catholic Climate Covenant, which receives money from the USCCB, Catholic Charities, CRS, and a number of religious orders. 

With all the serious problems affecting the Church and the world today, it would seem amazing that this debunked theory would still be treated as something serious by the USCCB bureaucracy.  Among the left, ‘climate change’ has become a shibolleth, something believed without need of proof, a planetary-scale condemnation of the predations of capitalism and an urgent call for reform, even revolution, in terms of control of the means of production (and consumption).  That this call coincides with the preferred politics of far too many staff at the USCCB, Catholic Charities, et. al., is, I think, rather revealing.   I have really not seen any benefit from the USCCB (or other national conferences) that supports their existence.  I pray that the Church may return to its traditional model of Authority (Pope-Bishop-people).

Shocker! New study reveals abstinence prevents spread of STDs February 17, 2011

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Via Larry D, shocking, unbelievable news that you wont’ see in a newspaper or on TV anywhere in this country!

From UCANews.com:

Abstinence Fuels Huge HIV Drop, Study Shows

A new Harvard study from Zimbabwe has shown that a 50% drop in HIV prevalence was driven primarily by changes in sexual behavior, particularly a drop in casual, commercial, and extramarital sex. “In Zimbabwe, as elsewhere, partner reduction appears to have played a crucial role in reversing the HIV epidemic,” wrote Daniel Halperin, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health, and colleagues, Lifesite News reports.

The study, published this month at PLoSMedicine.org, was commissioned by the UNFPA and UNAIDS.

The researchers found that the change in behaviour was motivated by fear of the infection, stemming from the country’s high rate of AIDS mortality. They say it was amplified by economic decline because men had less money to pay for sex or to maintain multiple sexual relationships.

The researchers suggest that Zimbabwe has been more successful than other African countries in fighting AIDS because it has high levels of marriage and secondary education.

Well whaddya know? Reduce the number of sexual partners, and you reduce the prevalence of HIV. And wonder of wonders – no mention of condoms as having had any impact whatsoever! Me thinks the heterophobes will condemn this study as being anti-gay.

“High levels of marriage”, eh? Fidelity really does work! Who knew?

As I’ve tried to say before, but perhaps not very effectively, God has created a natural order, a set of laws under which healthy, successful human behavior is designed to operate.  When we reject God’s Law, and assign to ourselves the role of God and seek to define what behaviors are licit according to our personal whims and desire, we will very often find unexpected, tragic consequences that result from operating outside those laws.  While God gave us a strong sex drive, that drive is ordered by many natural facilities towards stable relationships between one man and one woman with the goal of producing offspring – however many God should determine are appropriate for us.  If people live as a married couple, but frustrate the sex act through, say, use of oral contraception, negative consequences may result – higher rates of breast and ovarian cancer, unintended pregnancies that lead to abortion, etc.  Contraceptive use may also lead to a more promiscuous lifestyle, even among married people, as they believe there won’t be “unfortunate consequences” like pregnancy to deal with.  Likewise, God has created a natural system that imposes very high risk on those who are promiscuous in general – STDs, moral and psychological damage leading to great misery, etc.  There is no scientific proof of this, but I tend to believe that the more egregious the violation is of God’s moral law, the higher the risk and the more profound the penalty, if you will, that may be incurred.  So, gay men having anonymous sex with literally dozens or scores of men a week in the ‘bath-house’ scene of the 70’s and early 80’s ran a very high risk of incurring a horrible result, with the subsequent AIDS ‘epidemic’ that wiped out a large percentage of bath-house participants in the early and mid-80s. 

God will not be mocked.  There may not be lightning bolts or brimstone fall from the sky, but when we operate outside God’s moral laws, we can be sure that at some point pain and misery will result.  As a  recovering addict, I have personal experience of how “fun” that can be.  It is not fun, at all, and can be a literal form of hell on earth for those who are entrapped in this kind of morally suicidal lifestyle.

The definitely need our prayers.

Urgent prayer request? February 17, 2011

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I normally don’t respond to things like this, because private revelation can be a sketchy thing at best that definitely needs the confirmation of the Church for any kind of true authenticity to be assigned, but since my nice Aunt Agnes sent this to me and it has a Carmelite connection, I’ll throw it out and let you discern what to do:

Dear Carmelites and Friends

Please pray !       

 I got a call from Bishop Roman Danylak today asking that I contact all prayer warriors to ask for prayers:

He stated this:

He got a call at noon
from a visionary from the Ukraine
and her
Bishop / Spiritual Director. 

She said the Blessed Mother desires that
pray for peace immediately
against a world war
which would include China and the United States. 
She is seeking to defer this.

He is asking for intense prayers immediately.

Our Lady wants Bishop Danylak to contact Vice President Biden
regarding the prevention of abortion in the world.

This is very serious!

 He asks for your prayers
for this mission of his
that our Lady has requested of him.


Also related – US space/cyber wargame indicates US has severe vulnerability to space and cyber attacks.  This is an area where China and others have developed a rather impressive, and defuse (hard to identify) capability.

Crazy Catholic Nights, Mk. II February 17, 2011

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My wife and I got to go out to dinner with Patrick Madrid and another couple last night.  Thanks Cory and Michael!  Patrick is speaking at St. Ann’s in Coppell tonight, but the event’s sold out.   We had quite an interesting discussion about all kinds of issues.  Genuinely nice guy and fun to be around, we had a really good time.  Hopefully we can get Mr. Madrid back in the area to host more conferences, soon!