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The problem of unions February 18, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, disaster, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, sadness, sickness, Society.

I don’t have a TV anymore, so I’m not always right on top of everything at the same speed many folks are, but I maintain that through the internet I get a comprehensive awareness of what’s going on – perhaps just delayed by a day or so.  So I was late on this Wisconsin union disaster.  This is exactly like Europe, folks, and this is exactly the constituency Obama wants to build, and was the driving force behind the “stimulus” – get a coaltion together of 20 million or so unionized, militant, selfish, ignorant (of fiscal reality) government employees, add on as many various “takers” from society as possible, sprinkle the top with well to do white leftists (largely produced by and often sustained by universities), and force an ever shrinking productive class to pay an ever more horrendous tax burden under a European social welfare model.  Just as Europe is finding that the model it has followed for the last 60 years is not only unsustainable, it has lead to financial collapse or near-collapse, these boneheads in the Administration NOW want to pursue this course for the USA.  THIS IS WHY ELECTIONS MATTER!  Don’t ever sit out and say the Repubnikans are as bad as the Dems – they’re not, they may stink, but they’re better than the alternative, which is Salvador Allende and permanent misery for the USA and the world.  I haven’t got any time to write, but socialism is evil, it is rejected by the Church, these ‘unions’ are not trying to improve conditions for poor down trodden coal miners, these are white collar workers with cushy jobs requiring minimal talent or effort that are impossible to get fired from and with wages and benefits exceeding that of many of the hardest working private sector people there are.  This is a slow motion revolution, this is intimidation, this is evil and will HURT the Church tremendously in the long run.  For all those priests and bishops sympathetic to the Left, see where this leads – look at France, look at Belgium, look at Spain – do you want the Church in the US to collapse like that?  It will, under socialism, because socialism, the “benefits” become the God, and as the Left entrenches itself more and mroe into society, the Faith will be crowded out more and more and more. 

Socialism is misery.  It is generational theft.  It is tied to almost every major evil in the world, and is often the cause of those evils.   These thugs in Wisconsin are a glimpse of the future.  Look at Greece – they’re beyond broke, and yet the public sector unions there would not countenance even a small reduction in their ridiculous benefits, and reacted violently.  This is not demoncracy, this is socialism in action – intimidation, threats of violence, the rejection of the will of the people plainly expressed electorally, all to achieve their end. 

We are called to hate no one, but oh how the Left tries me.  Their false god is the most dangerous, most insidious of our times.  This is one of the most pressing moral issues of our times.  This hijacking of the will of the people must be opposed, strenuously. 

Remember, 40% of these union members protesting our teachers.  The vast majority of Wisconsin’s teacher’s have ‘called in sick’ in order to insure their compensation is unaffected at all by the nation-wide financial crisis. Go to the link and see what passes for highly informed teachers these days.  No wonder so many opt for home schooling.  Less education going on in schools that indoctrination?


1. Steve Boor - February 18, 2011

Hey Tantamergo,

In your 2nd paragraph of this post, you had a typo which sounded a lot like a freudian slip:

“This is not demoncracy…”

I’m sure you meant “democracy” – but I especially do like the idea that it has devolved into “demoncracy”.

That’s what will certainly happen when it becomes decoupled from Judeo-Christian values, like it has more & more every generation….

Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

Steve B

2. melinda - February 19, 2011

The Lord gave me a dream in November 2008. A part of the dream was a picture of enemies of the US dropping out of helicopters and invading every household and tearing out the plumbing and electrical, leaving destruction and no home went untouched. (The Lord speaks this way to my understanding)
I knew immediately that the thing which affects every household is our economy. No home is exempt from being invaded by this destruction.
Our Father has been instructing us to expect this for a awhile. Perhaps we have not wanted to listen or prepare spiritually.

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