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Advance pro-life cause – call speaker Joe Straus February 21, 2011

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Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus is a troubling figure.  While purporting to be very conservative and pro-life,  in his previous terms as Speaker he has repeatedly blocked pro-life legislation which enjoys majority support from advancing to a vote.  He has developed ties with Planned Barrenhood, and that blood money tends to corrupt, absolutely.  So, a new bill has passed the Texas Senate, which requires all women seeking an abortion in this state to view, actually see, a sonogram of their child before having the abortion.  That bill will now go to the House, where Speaker Straus has the power to kill the bill by stonewalling it if he wants.  He faced a good deal of opposition from pro-life House members in seeking the Speaker’s post for this legislative session – but we need to pressure him to move this legislation forward.  Would you, in your charity, consider trying to reach him via the instructions below?  God bless you!

Please immediately call and urge Texas House Speaker Joe Straus to support the pro-life Patrick-Morrison Sonogram Bill, Senate Bill 16 / House Bill 201, and to allow it to move promptly through the committee process and onto the House floor.  

Senate Bill 16 and House Bill 201 are “companions.” They are really the same bill, and one can be substituted for the other at appropriate times. The Senate passed Senate Bill 16 last week. The House State Affairs Committee will consider House Bill 201 on Wednesday, February 23.
Your call is urgently needed. Every day of delay in passing this bill will means dozens of abortions will occur that might have been averted. That is because 220 abortions are performed each day in Texas (81,500 per year). We believe the Patrick-Morrison bill could reduce the abortions by 10-20% or more.

SAMPLE MESSAGES: Please call on Monday or Tuesday. Use your own words.

Phone — 512.463.1000 (Please call during business hours.)

“Hello, my name is (name) . I live at (address) . Please ask Speaker Straus to support the Patrick-Morrison Sonogram Bill, Senate Bill 16 and House Bill 201, and allow the bill to be considered promptly on the House floor. Each day of delay means dozens of abortions will occur that might have been averted if this bill is passed promptly. Thank you.”

Please let us know you’ve made your call.
Simply click -HERE-. Or send comments to info@texasallianceforlife.org

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