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Two lovely little things February 22, 2011

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One, a great little devotion I found on Fr. Loren Gonzales’ blog:

The Archconfraternity of the Three Hail Mary’s

In the morning:

In honor of God the Father and the privilege of power granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…
In honor of God the Son and the privilege of wisdom granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…
In honor of God the Holy Ghost and the privilege of love granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…

O my Mother, preserve me from mortal sin during this day.

In the evening:

In honor of God the Father and the privilege of power granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…
In honor of God the Son and the privilege of wisdom granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…
In honor of God the Holy Ghost and the privilege of love granted to the Mother of God.
Hail Mary…

O my Mother, preserve me from mortal sin during this night

I’ll be adding this devotion to my retinue!

The other thing – I found a great source for very high quality Catholic music, recordings of music for various Traditional Latin Mass settings.  I’ve heard some samples, and the music is superb.  It’s The Saint Gregory Society.  I highly recommend their offerings.  Check them out!

Pro-abort ‘catholic’ – we’re losing February 22, 2011

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Frances ‘Quisling?’ Kissling used to head the National Abortion Federation, and was the long-time president of ‘catholycs for choice’ up until a few years ago.  She penned a recent op-ed in the Washington Post where she stated that her side, the pro-abort side, is demonstratively losing the public debate.  While calling for a different approach by pro-aborts, she’s really just calling for more of the same – unrestricted late term abortions, unlimited contraception, and the unholy grail of pro-aborts – abortion enshrined as a permanent right under government funded health-insurance, Obamacare.  Jill Stanek reports:

In the nearly four decades since the Supreme Court ruled that women have a fundamental right to decide to have an abortion, the opposition to legal abortion has increased dramatically. Opponents use increasingly sophisticated arguments – focusing on advances in fetal medicine, stressing the rights of parents to have a say in their minor children’s health care, linking opposition to abortion with opposition to war and capital punishment, seeking to make abortion not illegal but increasingly unavailable – and have succeeded in swinging public opinion toward their side.

Meanwhile, those of us in the abortion-rights movement have barely changed our approach. We cling to the arguments that led to victory in Roe v. Wade. Abortion is a private decision, we say, and the state has no power over a woman’s body. Those arguments may have worked in the 1970s, but today, they are failing us, and focusing on them only risks all the gains we’ve made.

The “pro-choice” brand has eroded considerably. As recently as 1995 it was the preferred label of 56% of Americans; that dropped to 42% in 2009 and was 45% in 2010, according to Gallup polls. And abortion rights are under attack in Congress…. Meanwhile, 29 governors are solidly anti-abortion, while 15 states passed 39 laws, most of them restrictive, relating to abortion in 2010 alone….

[U]nfortunately we’re not going to regain the ground we have lost. What we must do is stop holding on to a strategy that isn’t working, and one that is making the legal right to abortion more vulnerable than ever before.

You can go to Stanek’s site to read her ‘prescriptions’ to make abortion more popular (the brand America loves!), but, as I said, they are the same, tired old shibolleths pro-aborts have been dragging out for decades.  They are beyond worn through with holes, they are danged near invisible.  Interestingly, in a sick sense, Quisling Kissling argues that pro-aborts need to stop pretending that an abortion at 30 weeks is the same as one at 10 weeks.  She thinks they need to make a ‘distinction,’ while still pressing for late term abortion (for the health of the mother!).  There is no distinction, except that its an even more evil thing to do.  Human life is human life, which is why abortifacient contraception is just as grave a matter.  But really, there is not much to see here, except someone on the pro-abort side belatedly stating the obvious – in terms of moral arguments and swaying opinion, they’re not just losing, they’re getting destroyed.

Underpopulation, not overpopulation, is the biggest threat facing the world today February 22, 2011

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What, am I high?  Have I fallen from almost 4 years of sobriety back into dropping pills and huffing spraypaint (never did that, but I could).   Nope.  I received a great e-mail from the Population Research Institute, announcing the soon to be birth of the 7 billionth human on this planet.  But in the midst of this e-mail, PRI notes that the population of the earth is likely to be the same – about 7 billion people, at the dawn of the 22nd Century, as it is here early in the 21st.  Why?   Because, through the massive use of artificial contraceptives and sterilization, not to mention abortion, the world’s birthrate has been falling steadily for several decades, and if this continues, world population will enter a steep decline later this century.  We will peak out at around 9 billion, if trends continue, and then head down……down……..down……..to who knows where.  Population growth has always been accompanied by economic prosperity.  When the population growth rate goes negative, or even flattens as it has in the US, severe economic problems, such as those we are facing right now in this country, will follow as surely as night follows day.  From Population Research Institute:

Sometime late this year a baby will emerge from the womb of its mother, draw its first breath, and announce its arrival into the world with a tiny cry. Thus will Baby Seven Billion be born.

Everyone agrees that Baby Seven Billion’s birthday—the day that our planet becomes home to seven billion human beings—marks an important milestone. But is it a milestone on humanity’s upward path that we should celebrate, or a warning sign of impending catastrophe?

The prophets of doom and gloom, of population bombs and the baby booms, would have preferred that Baby Seven Billion had never been born.

We at PRI have a different take on the matter. We believe that the birth of Baby Seven Billion is cause for celebration. He or she has been born into a world that is more prosperous than our forebears could have imagined.

As our numbers have climbed so has our well-being. In 1800, when there were only 1 billion people, per capita income was a mere $100. By 1900, as the population was closing in on 2 billion, it reached $500. Currently, with 7 billion people, per capita income has soared to over $5,000. In 2100, when the population is projected to be between 7 and 8 billion (and falling), it will be $30,000 in current dollars.

Driving the so-called “population explosion” has been a real explosion in health and longevity. As late as the 19th century, four out of every 10 children died before reaching age five. Today under-five mortality is under 7 percent. Two hundred years ago, human life expectancy was under 30 years. Today it is closer to 70 years…..

Enough grain is produced for every person on earth to consume 3,500 calories daily. There is no need for anyone to starve in the midst of this plenty……[and yet, out of terribly wrong-headed policies we are now diverting more and more of our food production to produce an inefficient, expensive, vehicle fuel.  And I own a farm and benefit from the higher grain prices materially, but even I can see that this is a disastrous concept – ED]

In fact, underpopulation, not overpopulation, is the biggest threat facing the world today. Over eighty countries representing well over half the world’s population will have below replacement fertility—defined as 2.1 children per woman.

The populations of the developed nations today are static or declining. The UN predicts that, by 2050, Russia’s population will have declined by 25 million people, Japan’s by 21 million, Italy’s by 16 million, and Germany’s and Spain’s by 9 million each. Europe and Japan will lose half their population by 2100.

Countries with below replacement rate fertility will eventually die out. It’s just a matter of time.

Even in the developing world family size has shrunk, from around 5 children per woman in 1900 to well under 3 today. And the decline continues.

By 2050, persons aged 65 and above will be almost twice as numerous as children 15 years and younger. The economic consequences of population aging will be closing schools, declining stock markets, and moribund economies.

Ignoring these facts, the population controllers continue to spread their myth of overpopulation.

The UNFPA and other population control organizations are loath to report the truth about falling fertility rates worldwide, since they raise funds by frightening people with the specter of overpopulation. They tell us that too many babies are being born to poor people in developing countries. This is tantamount to saying that only the wealthy should be allowed to have children, and is a new form of global racism.

We should stop funding population control programs, and instead turn our attention to real problems like malaria, typhus, and HIV/AIDS.

Let us also join together in celebrating the birth of Baby Seven Billion. He or she is a sign of our future, our hope and our prosperity.

There is something about socialism, and all pervasive big government societies, that renders people moribund to the point of not even being able to be bothered to reproduce.  THE most fundamental human drive is slowly being snuffed out through a combination of faulty (to the point of being evil) politico-economic systems, materialism, selfishness, and a general turning away from the sacred.   How long will this population disaster continue?  If we think we have “tough” economic times today, try the scene 50 years from now.  This is the fruit of leftism, and it will be misery.  No wonder the Church has always opposed radical leftism in all its hideous forms.

Fr. Larry Adamcyzk sez……. February 22, 2011

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……if you’re going to be a nun, BE A NUN, and perhaps not a pantsuited raging feminist living with your ……..???…….. in a condo somewhere (man, I am MEAN. Shame on me).  Then he posts a lovely video of some Norbertine nuns in rural Southern California (which is nothing like coastal California), who wear a habit and seem to keep a traditional religious lifestyle.  I don’t know much about Norbertine spirituality – their habits look kinda Dominican – but they seem to be doing all the right things.  Another group of nuns I get to pray for!  Woot!

Have I mentioned I love nuns?  I also love choir grilles!  And praying the Hours in Latin!  I love how cloistered nuns talk about the world……how the phrase ‘the world’ seems to roll of their lips – a mixture of dismay and sadness.  This looks like another place to take a pilgrimage to.  I’d really enjoy meditating in the midst of such profound spirituality and the beauty of the Tehachipis.  And maybe every once and a while spot some aircraft straying over from Edwards or China Lake!  Thanks to Fr. Adamcyzk for showing us another thriving community of traditional, cloistered religious!

True ecumenism succeeds where false has failed – Ordinariate expands February 22, 2011

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True ecumenism, according to William Cardinal Levada, means union with Rome, not prattling endlessly in pointless dialogue sessions in 5 star hotels for years on end, where everyone knows that nothing truly significant will ever happen (evidenced by the ridiculous Anglican-Roman Catholic “dialogue,” which will feature a female bishop on the Anglican side this year.  Now that’s progress!).  And it seems this sentiment is growing.  Via Steve K, it appears that the Ordinariate will now not be simply an Anglican Ordinariate, but also a Lutheran, or, at least, Anglo-Lutheran, one:

On May 13, 2009, The Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church (ALCC) mailed a letter to Walter Cardinal Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, stating the ALCC “desires to undo the mistakes of Father Martin Luther, and return to the One, Holy, and True Catholic Church established by our Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Saint Peter.” That letter was in turn forwarded to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) for consideration, and the CDF in June 2009 sent the ALCC a reply acknowledging receipt of the petition, with the assurance the request for full membership was being given serious attention.

However when the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI graciously released Anglicanorum coetibus in November that same year, the ALCC did not immediately respond as others did. Instead the ALCC, being of Lutheran heritage, praised God for the apostolic constitution and for the gift offered to our Anglican brothers and sisters; but continued to wait with the blessed hope that our petition too, would soon be granted.

Surprisingly, in October 2010 the ALCC received a letter from Archbishop Luis Ladaria, Secretary of the CDF, informing the ALCC that an Episcopal Delegate, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, had been appointed in the United States to assist the CDF with the implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus (Cardinal Wuerl was still an Archbishop at the time however). The letter further stated, “As we proceed toward the erection of Ordinariates we would invite you, therefore, to make contact directly with Archbishop Wuerl at the following address…” Humbly, the ALCC responded with a resounding “YES”, mailing a letter to Cardinal Wuerl in compliance with the correspondence received from the CDF, requesting to be a part of this wonderful reunification within the Body of Christ.

The above was relayed by good Fr. Christopher Phillips from Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio.  Some numbers would be in order.  At present, 36 Episcopal parishes in the US plan to join the Catholic Church.  That may not sound like much, but these tend to be some of the most vibrant, successful Episcopal parishes, so that, when the US Ordinariate is finally stood up, formally, it will have higher average Sunday attendance than 21 current Episcopal diocese.  In fact, should the trend continue as is forecast, before very long, the Ordinariate will be larger than any Episcopal diocese.  BTW, the data on Episcopal average Sunday attendance is shocking – only 1/3 of all Episcopal churches in the US have a Sunday attendance of more than 100 people!  Christ Anglican in Plano has the highest attendance of any Anglican/Episcopal Church in the US, and it has a Sunday attendance that would be seen as average, at best, by Catholic standards.  But the number of Episcopal churches that have Sunday attendance of 100 or less is simply staggering – I do not see how they survive.  I did not realize things were that bad. 

I watched A Man For All Seasons last night – fantastic movie.  When you found your religion on the cult of man, and not God, ultimately, that faith is doomed to fail, no matter how closely you try to model it on the Church Christ instituted.  And today is the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter – the Bishopric of Rome.  I love God.  I love His ways.  Amazing.