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The importance of the Sacramental life February 24, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, scandals.

Or, I should say, the absolute criticality of the Sacraments.  From the book This is the Faith by Canon Francis Ripley, p. 224:

The Sacraments are the official channels of grace to the souls of men.  We shoudl therefore be very grateful to God who has given them to us through His love, and we should prove our gratitude by making use of them.  The supernatureal life is our most precious treasure.  Every time we receive  a Sacrament, we nourish that life.  In addition, each of the Sacraments confers its own Grace, in accordance with its purpose.  It would be wicked pride to say that we do not need these Graces; it is criminal carelessness to try to live without them; it is black ingratitude to use thse priceless Gifts from the burning Heart of Christ.

I would add, it is the height of human folly to look so askance at the Sacraments, to be so blase’ about them, as to receive them unworthily, or in a manner ill-suited to their reception.  Do not approach the Blessed Sacrament distracted or absent-minded – go knowing you are about to receive the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord, with a trembling fear at your unworthiness to receive so august a Gift.  Be very thankful, and always have many prayers to offer at the Mass that will go up to Heaven and come back down as so many Graces at the reception of the Precious Body and Blood.  Do not be flippant in Confession.  Perform as honest and thorough examination of conscience as possible, and then have true sorrow for your sins.  Do not receive the Blessed Sacrament if you are in a state of grave sin, or even have doubt.  It is better not to receive Communion one day, than it is to “eat and drink condemnation” on yourself. 

I do not know how people like Cuomo sleep at night.  I guess they just. don’t. care.

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