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A massive scandal unfolding in Kansas…. February 25, 2011

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….involving corrupt democrat politicians protecting, yes, you guessed it!, Planned Barrenhood, and obstructing justice in defense of young girls being raped.  You can’t make this stuff up.  And the dirty little secret that has led to a good man being unfairly prosecuted, which I’ll reveal at the end, is so banal it’s staggering. 

First, some history.  A few years ago, the then Attorney General of Kansas, Phil Kline, filed suit against Planned Barrenhood in order to subpoena their records to follow up allegations of complicity in child sex abuse cases.  As a ‘mandatory notifier,’ any time a child under 14 is brought into a Planned Barrenhood for any treatment and evidence is found of abuse or pregnancy, they are required by law to report this fact.  But as Kline brought evidence to trial, it was sat on by then Governor Kathleed Seblius and she instead directed her government to begin an investigation of Kline, which put all his pending cases indicating Planned Barrenhood had deliberately withheld evidence of sex abuse or statuatory rape, on hold.  This wasn’t one or two cases – this was over 200 cases of failure to report sex abuse in just 2 years!   As events unfolded in this case, more and more of Kansas’ governing elite turned against Kline, until he was hounded from office and put up on ethics charges!  They claimed he was trying to reveal the names of all women who had abortions at the Johnson County Planned Barrenhood facility – not just abused kids.  And that is what totally freaked out the elite class. They claimed he had violated his oath of office by being a starry eyed pro-lifer and that it colored his judgement.  Which, I don’t believe, is any kind of breech of office, but, whatever.

So, this ethics complaint has now gone to court, and Kline has been able, finally, to release the evidence he accumulated about Planned Barrenhood, once again, deliberately covering up felonies being committed in order to advance the pro-abort cause.  This evidence shows he was not trying to uncover the names of women who had had abortion in Kansas, as has been falsely claimed (and is part of the secret mentioned above), but was investigating the systemic violations of the law by Planned Barrenhood regarding sexually abused girls.  But this was known all along, and the vociferous reaction of Sebelius’ government and others in Kansas governance went way, way beyond wanting to insure good ethics in government.  Why did they react so vociferously, so viciously, against Kline?  They were afraid the names of their daughters who had abortions would show up in his records, and sully the lily white reputations of the Johnson County elite (Johnson County being the most upscale locale in Kansas, which ain’t saying a whole lot).  These were not cases of rape or sexual assault – these were just the daughters of elites whose reputations would be ruined (or, was it the reputations of the parents?) if it were known they had abortions:

Nearly every abortion I’m aware of among my friends and acquaintances took place under solid pressure from parents – usually mom. These parents had no time, inclination or interest in raising their daughters to value chastity, however.

One friend had three abortions by the time she was a Freshman in college. She wrote me about it explaining that her mother dragged her to the clinic each time. I don’t know why she wrote, except to express pain. I was too young and stupid to offer any concrete help. The same mom had nothing to offer about her daughter’s sexuality.

An old girlfriend cajoled me to go to a clinic with her to rescue a friend. Her friend’s older sister had called to say her mother was dragging the younger sister down to the clinic and she didn’t want to go. The sister wouldn’t intervene because the father told her he’d kick her out of the house if she did – a nice, well-off, respectable suburban house. When we got there, mom and dad were on either arm of this hysterically crying young woman pulling her into the clinic. The dad, later that day, after coercing the abortion of his grandchild, kicked his elder daughter out of the house for alerting anyone.

Anybody who’s spent time outside an abortion clinic has witnessed that scene time and again.

Upward mobility and the creation of a respectable, suburban identity were the driving factors in these parents’ decision making, not morality. Threaten that carefully crafted identity with a pregnant daughter though, and it’s back to being trash – something that wouldn’t be tolerated. And in this is the kernel of why Kansas elites hate Phill Kline.

There are any number of anti-abortion politicians in Kansas and none of them are hated with the vehemence directed at Phill Kline. He didn’t propose pro-life legislation or prosecute a doctor without a license. There would have been no vendetta for that. I even suspect that if he’d somehow shut down Tiller’s Wichita practice, there would be less hatred toward him than for what he actually did.

What he actually did was to subpoena medical records at the Johnson County Planned Parenthood. He had reason to do so and the records suggest many violations of Kansas law.

But these were patient records, and even though the names were redacted, the barest chance that anyone, even just Phill Kline, might divine the identity of clients there sent chills down the spines of not a few well-off suburbanites desperate to defend a facade of respectability and propriety.

So, a very good man’s career was ruined, the law is in tatters, abuse has gone on unpunished (and unchecked), and a white hot viciousness has been stirred up, and for what?  To protect the good rich suburbanites of Johnson County from having their precious, precious reputations sullied.  To keep up the evil, false notion that abortion is ‘safe, legal, and rare.’  To keep up elite left wing appearances.  It’s easier to kill a grandchild than to build up that reputation, apparently.  This is so banal its vomitous.


1. Teresa - February 25, 2011

This is outrageous! These people would rather cover up the rampant sex abuse being committed at Planned Parenthood in order to save their reputations rather than intervening, caring about, and stopping the cases of sex abuse. Plus, now they’re persecuting Kline who stood up for the sexually abused. These people are sick and truly need our prayers. I hope Kline is cleared of the false allegations.

2. maizie - February 27, 2011

Wasn’t Dr. Tiller a Lutheran who was held in high esteem by church members?
The members of his church were horrified by Dr. Tiller’s death but apparently not by his murdering thousands of babies.
What sort of dominion or principality of darkness resides over the state of Kansas which has made the state an altar to the demonic with abortion as its blood sacrifice?

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