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REMINDER – TOMORROW another area pro-life issue – oppose the ‘Walk for Choice’ February 25, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, asshatery, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery, sickness, Society.

Boy, they’re creative, these pro-aborts!  In response to the thousands that participated in the March for Life here in Dallas, the pro-aborts are planning to host a ‘Walk for Choice’ this Saturday, Feb 26 in downtown Dallas at the JFK memorial.  It starts at noon.   I know I request my readers frequently to support pro-life activities, but would you consider participating in a counter-protest being organized to oppose the literally dozens who will be participating in this walk for murder?  Details are still being worked out, but I’ll update them as soon as I get them.  You can follow events at the prolifetexas blog.

Anyone want to bet concerning the level of news coverage compared to the 10,000 who were at the March for Life this year?   I’m guessing at least 3 of the local stations will give it prime time coverage on their broadcasts that night.  Let’s make them look bad!  Let us have 10 times the pro-life folks than there are pro-aborts!


1. stfu - February 24, 2011

No. I won’t help you limit my freedoms. Thanks though.

tantamergo - February 24, 2011

Freedom to kill……good for you.

2. M.E. - February 27, 2011

Looking at the pro-choice blogs this morning estimates range from 200 to 500 attendees. They don’t say so, but that has to be disappointing. One actually praised the large number of “older feminists” because they remember days before Roe v. Wade. Interesting way to put a positive spin on the graying of the pro-choice movement. Meanwhile pro-life is full of youth and life!

3. Mary - February 28, 2011

So they had a large number of ‘older feminists’. Interesting, when we had the pro-life march, the media tried to say we were all old people though the pictures showed young people everywhere.
I heard the pro-lifers kept the pro-choicers on their toes, giving them a tough time!

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[…] I blegged last week asking for folks to come down to the pro-abort ‘Walk for Choice’ that was held downtown this past Saturday to counter-protest, and none of you people showed up, so […]

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