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Highly effective pro-life ad February 28, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, awesomeness, General Catholic, sickness, Society.

Check this out, from American Life League an ad that puts the reality of abortion right up front, but without the ‘off-putting’ bloody images (which is such a sad joke – Americans can watch violent shoot ’em ups night after night but if you show them what a post abortive baby looks like, that’s totally unacceptable):

h/t culturewarnotes


1. Mary - February 28, 2011

WHAT WILL PETA DO NOW??? How many bunnies did they use in shooting their commercial??

That was quite the commercial, I thought. All th0se people who think animals are great; hopefully this will make them think about it in a different light. Especially those who are indifferent.

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