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Report on the ‘Walk for Choice’ February 28, 2011

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So, I blegged last week asking for folks to come down to the pro-abort ‘Walk for Choice’ that was held downtown this past Saturday to counter-protest, and none of you people showed up, so you’re all fired!  Get off my blog!

End of report.

Just kidding, actually, about 40 pro-lifers were there, to stand for life in opposition to the pro-aborts.  So, what was the pro-abort ‘walk’ like?  Well, it was nothing like the March for Life – first of all, there were only about 200-250 pro-aborts there, in comparison to the 10,000 at the latest March for Life.  There was a fairly interesting demographic breakdown – about 2/3 were college age folks who were very far on the radical side, as evidenced by the prevalence of very conformist expressions of rebellion – lots o’ tatoos, punky hairstyles, cigarette smoke, general lack of personal hygiene.  The youngsters were split about 70-30 female-male. There was another subset of middle aged to elderly women who were probably about 25% of the crowd, and then a smattering of pro-abort parents who brought their kids.  Some salient differences in the behavior of the respective crowds – at the March for Life, faith plays a huge role and the event is very ad hoc – in spite of the speeches and the Mass, it’s a mass of individuals marching, all kind of doing their own thing as they go.  In contrast, the pro-aborts, in typical leftist fashion, are very top-down directed, with a few people with bullhorns leading chants (and with printed pages handed out so everyone could be on board with the chants!) of simplistic messages that are repeated ad nauseum and betray in many cases a lack of deep understanding of just what they are marching for.  The entire event was scripted, excepting when the pro-lifers made that impossible, which I will address shortly. 

Since we were outnumbered 5 to 1, the pro-lifers initially kept a low profile, just witnessing and praying the Rosary while the pro-aborts did their thing.  At one point, the pro-aborts were in front of the JFK Memorial (what a catastrophe that is……), and we were across the street.  A black woman drove by in a minivan and was shouting something about Planned Parenthood out the window, but I couldn’t make it out.  The pro-aborts kept shifting their crowd so they wouldn’t have to see us pro-lifers, so we moved over nearer to the memorial to be in front of them again.  At this point, the black woman who had driven by came walking down the sidewalk, waving a Bible in the air and shouting “Abortion is murder of innocent children.”  Her two boys soon joined her.  They were shouting this at the top of their lungs, and the pro-aborts were very dismayed.  I joined in, and I’ve got a voice that can carry, so the scene devolved into rival groups shouting at each other.  They had bullhorns and scripts, but we had conviction and even though badly outnumbered, it was a fairly even contest. 

After that went on a few minutes, the pro-aborts decided to “march” again, which entailed their going around the block waving their banners and shouting their simple chants (pro lifers you all lie you don’t care if women die, etc).  But as they drifted off, I started asking, very loudly, if these pro-aborts felt they were alive when they were in utero, since they claim abortion is all about ‘choice’ and has nothing to do with life.  I also informed the young ladies that the men holding signs that demanded “free abortion on demand without apology,” meaning you and I get to pay for it, were acting out of narrow interest and had no concern for the women other than the brief pleasure they could provide them.  I think that stung a couple of the young women, I could see it in their reaction.

Some sad notes: a mom had brought her 5 1/2 y/o daughter to the pro-abort event.  I had my 9 y/o and 4 y/o with me, and that sweet little girl asked my daughters if they could play.  The mom had put a “I support reproductive rights” sticker on her little girl, and the little girl had a dolly.  It made me want to cry, because I had to say no, my daughters can not go over among the wastrel pro-abort college age types and play with you (I did not use those words).  And I wanted to ask THE QUESTION, which is, what do you think of the fact that if your mom had wanted to exercise her ‘choice’ with regard to you, you would not be here, but of course I did not.  The mom was terribly embarrassed, as well she should have been.  In the eyes of a child, such a ‘choice’ is indefensible. 

Then, there was the father of two young sons I engaged with as the pro-abort group left to go walk around the block.  I asked him if he was alive when he was a fetus.  He said no.  I said…..wasn’t your heart beating, didn’t you have brainwaves, didn’t your body grow – how were you not alive?  He didn’t say anything that I can recall, so I asked if he was not alive, was he dead?  Of course not, he answered.  So what was he…..then he changed the subject to contraception, and I talked about abortifacients, etc.  He didn’t have much answer, but he certainly thought he was very smart.  He oozed condescension.  Only a simpleton could be pro-life, obviously.  His two sons are named Abraham and Isaac, but he is not religious – I think he thought it was cute, ironic, to name them such.

We left a bit early, before the pro-aborts were done.  Perhaps Andrew or Kassi can fill in some more details from the conclusion of the ‘Walk,’ or send some pictures.  I found it very interesting, and revealing.  The pain of so many of the women ‘walking,’ who have had abortions themselves, is palpable, and colors every aspect of their personality.  They have to embrace abortion as a wonderful, empowering right, because to see it as horribly evil and wrong is too painful – they can’t live with what they’ve done, so they have to lie and turn it into something positive.  I pray for them.


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