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Photos from ‘walk for choice’ counter-protest March 1, 2011

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I wrote yesterday about the pro-abort ‘walk for choice’ and pro-life witness against the culture of death.  Now, Toby Marks has come through with photos of the event.  You can see all the pictures here.  A video of the ‘climax’ of the event is here, showing the pro-aborts getting all in a lather after being confronted with the simple statement: “abortion is murder of innocent children.”  A few photos and comments:

As I said, most of the pro-aborts were roughly college age, with a preponderance of questionable hygiene and lots o’ tattoos.  At similar events in the past, college students have literally been bussed in to flesh out the numbers; I do not know if that was the case in this instance.

There were many signs.  The left loves signs.  My favorite was: “free abortion on demand no apology” held by several young men college age boys.  Just a little bit of self-serving there……

A sign put together by the staff at ‘Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center,” the abortion mill on Greenville Ave.  I thought I also saw a sign from Routh St. mill.  Talk about self-aggrandizement.

A pretty good shot of the pro-life side, but that’s just a portion of the pro-life people.  We kind of spread out along the sidewalk opposite the pro-aborts.  I’m not sleeping, I’m praying. 

The opposite of abortion.  Little Elena Marie was a good sport.

This dude was definitely one of the leaders on the pro-abort side.  He had a bullhorn and would lead alot of the chants, in addition to strutting on top of benches like David Lee Roth.  He definitely has a Che complex.  Toby notes, he mispelled his web address.  When I say these people are leftist, I’m not taking shots – they’re proud of it.  Apparently, they haven’t studied much history.

So, this is the little girl that came up and asked my girls if they wanted to play.  She wanted to go over where the pro-aborts were.  We were getting ready to leave, and I didn’t really want my kids over in that crowd, anyway.  It was sad, though…..she had no clue what was going on, and yet her mom had put a ‘I support reproductive choice’ sticker on her.  And people say Sarah Palin uses her kids as a prop.  5 or 6 pro-aborts brought their kids.  A far, far lower ratio of children than at the March for Life.

This is the lady that stirred things up.  She had driven by shouting about Planned Barrenhood out her car window, then walked up waving a Bible and shouting “abortion is murder of innocent children.”  Then we got into a shouting contest. 

The shouting contest.

So, I kind of had a debate with this guy, who had two little boys.  He said he was glad to be pro-abort as his wife just had to have a ‘procedure’ performed.  I asked why, he didn’t say.  The debate consisted of him dismissing the concept that a pre-born baby is alive, then rolling his eyes and audibly sighing as I took apart his claim.  He switched the subject to contraception, asking if I supported it as an ‘alternative’ to abortion, but by the time I got to abstinence, he was walking away.

If they ever have an event like this again, which I doubt, because effort is, like hard and stuff, I’d love to see the pro-life side have about 4 times as many people.  I doubt the pro-aborts can get much above a few hundred.  Most people are ‘pro-choice’ by expedience, very few are passionate about it.  Those that are are mostly rationalizing their own involvement in this tragedy, I would guess.  So I doubt we’ll see 10,000 pro-aborts downtown anytime soon.  Whereas I fully expect to hit 15-20k for the March for Life in the next year or two, which the media will completely ignore.

Go see the rest of the photos that Toby has put together, and thanks very much Toby!

Texas abortion clinic violate numerous laws March 1, 2011

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Why, you’d almost think all these repeated scandals involving abortion mills indicate a systemic attempt to evade the law and insure the maximum number of abortions possible is performed, at any cost.  Undercover research performed by Operation Rescue, while I’m quite certain not morally impeccable, has revealed that Texas abortion mills, over a dozen of them investigated, are guilty of numerous violations of the law on issues ranging from record-keeping (it’s easier to perform abortions on 14  year olds if you don’t keep a record of it), to illegally dumping medical waste including unused, powerful narcotics and hypnotics, to ignoring mandatory 24 hour waiting periods and advising underage girls to go across state lines to get abortions without their parent’s knowledge.  

A three-month-long investigation conducted by a pro-life group into abortion centers in Texas reveals a pattern of evading parental consent laws and illegally dumping both medical records and hazardous waste

Operation Rescue today released the results of its probe on the widespread abortion abuses it uncovered during an investigation conducted from August 2010 through February 2011. The report contains evidence that crimes have been committed by a dozen abortion clinics throughout Texas.The pro-life group told LifeNews.com today it is in possession of the names and other medical information of hundreds of patients who obtained abortions during the time period because staff at the abortion centers illegally dumped the records outside the facilities in violation of the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The organization plans to turn over documents, photographs and other evidence of the crimes to the custody of the Texas Attorney General’s office tomorrow.

“This investigation shows that violations of the law at abortion clinics are a widespread crisis of epidemic proportions,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman.

“The evidence we uncovered of illegal activity reveals a systemic problem throughout Texas that is not confined to one particular clinic or group of clinics,” he explained. “These violations endanger the heath of women, violate the rights of women to be informed and have their medical records protected, and present health hazards to the general public.”The investigation also involved undercover calls and visits to the abortion centers that OR says revealed a pattern of willingness to help minors evade parental consent laws and ignore the mandatory reporting of child sex abuse. The calls found widespread abuses to the Texas-mandated informed consent laws, the 24-hour waiting period that requires abortion centers to give women information about abortion’s risks and alternatives prior to the procedure.

“We also found disturbing evidence of attempts to evade parental consent laws and child sex abuse reporting laws. This illegal activity endangers the safety and welfare of children throughout Texas,” Newman said.

It certainly does seem all of a pattern!  There have now been mills reported in 7 states that give specific guidance on how to avoid parental notification laws and also aid in covering up child abuse.  This is also hardly the first time abortion mills have been caught dumping medical waste in city trash bins.  As I’ve said before, none of this is very surprising, for once you’re willing to kill to make a few dollars, adhering to things like disposal standards or parental consent laws must seem like an onerous burden, and something that will negatively affect the bottom line.  And since abortion is nothing if not lucrative for the doctors involved, who, for all their high sounding rhetoric about ‘rights’ and ‘choice,’ don’t really give a flip about the women and are only concerned about increasing their profitability. 

These laws intended to limit abortion and make it less prone to being a haven for child abusers and other deviants do not work without effective enforcement.  And enforcement has been very badly lacking.  Abortion doctors have a great deal of disposable income, and they are willing to spread that around to various politicians.  These ‘doctor’s and other abortion advocates are some of the largest political contributors around.  It seems these contributions have achieved their intended purpose – to get the law to look the other way. 

Our current speaker of the Texas House, Joe Strauss, has long had a cozy relationship with Planned Barrenhood. Strauss has also blocked many pro-life initiatives, including things like the current sonogram bill pending in the House.  Perhaps we should let him know that we don’t approve of his relationship, and the dirty practices of abortion mills in Texas. Contact info below:

Capitol Address:

Room CAP 2W.13, Capitol
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-1000
(512) 463-0675 Fax

We should strive to assist at Mass every day March 1, 2011

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More gold from Bishop Bruskewitz, p. 302-303:

Our own prayer life should be centered in the Holy Eucharist.  The abiding presence of our Savior among us should give us a solid and continuous reason to make frequent visits to our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Attendance at daily Mass ought to be an ideal for which all Catholics strive. However, even when that proves impossible, a regular visit to Christ in the tabernacle should be part of a daily or, at least, weekly routine. 

Thoughtful genuflections that are genuine acts of latria (the worship or adoration due exclusively to God) should mark our comportment in entering and leaving Catholic churches or when passing in front of the tabernacle. Silence in Church when the Blessed Sacrament is present and bowing the head in reverence and tipping a hat whenever passing a Catholic church where the Holy Eucharist is reserved should be the type of behavior taught to children and practiced by all……

Many parishes in our Diocese are able to have hours of Eucharistic Adoration set aside each week or even each day.  Some of the larger parishes can have perpetual Adoration…..With what joy should parishioners “sign up” and participate in such Eucharistic Adoration when it is available [and it should be very available!]!  The Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest of all possible acts of latria [and our behavior before and after Mass should indicate the reverence in which we hold the Eucharist]. Our worship of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass must be seen as the “overflow” from the Adoration we give to God the Father in and through Christ at Mass…..

Christ continues to abide with us in a Sacramental way after we receive Him in Holy Communion, as long as the Species remain recognizable as “bread and wine” [about 15-20 minutes]This is why we must not neglect to remain for some time in prayer afer Mass, thanking and adoring Christ within us….

Perhaps some things for all of us to ponder.  There is always room to improve our comportment around the Blessed Sacrament, to show an even greater reverence for our Lord’s Eucharistic presence.  I know I can improve.  One thing I always forget to do is to cross myself when I drive past a Catholic church.  There are many little things we can do to both show reverence and help keep the Eucharist in the center of our lives.

The most important part of any church…. March 1, 2011

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….at least as far as any ‘furnishing’ goes, is the altar.  So says Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NE, in his book A Shepherd Speaks.  The altar is critical because it is upon its surface that the great, the miraculous, the incredible Sacrifice of the Mass takes place.  The Council of Trent stated “The Masas is a genuine Sacrifice and a propitatory one, altough it is nothing else than the Sacrifice of the Cross.  There is one and the same Victim in the Mass and on the Cross, and one aond the same Priest Who offers Himself through the ministry of [earthly, human] priests.”  Thus, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can not be offered by just anyone, it can only be celebrated by ordained ministers, by those who have received the Sacramental Grace that is conferred by Holy Orders, something far more than being a ‘minister’ ala the protestants.  It also points to the fact that the altars of our churches should be of such a quality, and of such a beauty, that they are both worthy of such an August Sacrament and convey some of the awesome majesty of this Sacrament. 

In times past, altars were made of marble or other fine stone, and were built into reredos that contained many alcoves for images of Saints and angels, those beings who we know are present at the celebration of every Mass from the twin pillars of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  Others were built of wood where resources did not allow the expense of fine stone, but, again, they were beautifully decorated with symbols that strengthened the Faith and highlighted the Sacrificial nature of the Mass.  It is important to remember, that even those that were very ornate and expensive, were often paid for by contributions from those who were of very modest means – they tended to give from their need, and not from their excess, due to their profound reverence for the Blessed Sacrament and love for God’s Holy Church. 

 To me, it is unfortunate that so many of our churches in the local area do not have altars even approaching the quality of those in the past.  After Vatican II, it was thought that instead of appearing as a ‘Church triumphant’ with such bold representations of the Faith, that churches should have very simple altars configured for versus poplorum worship that were more reminiscent of what was thought the earliest Church would have used.  There was a great interest in appearing as a simple, ‘pilgrim’ Church.  Another salient factor was the desire to highlight the Mass as a community meal, as a breaking of bread between friends, which unfortunately in practice has come at the expense of an understanding of the Mass as a Great Sacrifice, the Great Sacrifice, the once for all time Sacrifice that is the entire source of our salvation.  And so today we have a rather different kind of altar in almost all parishes, especially those built in the last 50 years, one that is more like a table and is made of variable materials, ranging from high quality (but rather common) stones like limestone, to concrete and pressboard.  

I know that some find these more simple altars fine, and that others worry about the expense of the  more elaborate altars (back in the day, before parishes had staff numbering several dozen, infrastructure made up a higher proportion of a Church’s budget), but I fell they miss a great deal.  Now, separately standing altars configured for versus poplorum worship can be fine, as witnessed by the example on the right, which goes a long way towards emphasizing that what occurs on it is sacred and holy (too bad that example is from a Church of Scotland parish, not a Catholic one).  But I’ve seen others that are equally fine, in Catholic parishes.  I think my main concern is that some of our churches, especially those built in the 60s and 70s, went rather too far in the minimalist approach and in economizing, and have altars that are built from unsuitable materials (concrete is not a natural material).  And since appreciation for Tradition is a growing phenomenon in the Church, I think it appropriate that in new churches or those being remodeled that great care be given towards design altars that are truly Catholic, that highlight the Sacrificial nature of the Mass, and that also draw upon our great Tradition of bold beauty and easily recognizable art (as opposed to needing a 2 page handout on the ‘meaning’ of a modernist approach).  I pray we see more churches that make me (and you, and everyone say) “now that’s an altar!” 

Or, I could just shut up and be happy with what we have.