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Next great protestant split? – young evangelicals pro gay marriage March 2, 2011

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Well, perhaps it will be less of a split, and more of a trend that will water down still further evangelical adherence to traditional morality (they’ve already accepted contraception, divorce, etc.) and accelerate the trend towards moral relativism.  An article from Pew indicates that most young, self-described evangelicals, now support gay marriage and see no reason to oppose it.  In fact, this support is leading evangelical oriented colleges towards changing policies on homosexual behavior among students and even admitting gay pressure groups to form on campus.  The article mentions several colleges joining this trend, with some opposed, but I’d like to unpack a couple of quotes from the article. First:

We can’t have the name of Jesus certainly associated with hatred or contempt for homosexuals,” Gushee said. “And in general we should be known by what we’re for rather than what we’re against”

That’s a neat rhetorical trick, there – aligning opposition to homosexual acts with hatred for homosexuals.   In fact, while some protestants have strayed into “gay-baiting” territory, the Church has always believed that homosexuals should be told  their acts are wrong and sinful, and encouraged to lead chaste lives, but not hated or despised.  And opposing homosexual fake marriage is made on a whole host of grounds that have nothing to do with hate.  But this is a typical tactic of ‘progressives,’ to mark any opposition as evil and beyond the pale of reasonable debate in order to shut down that debate.

A second comment, from the same individual, a director of the ‘Center for Theology and Public Life’ at Mercer University in Georgia:

“The possibility that the church has been wrong on the ethics of committed homosexual behavior — that’s a momentous question,” Gushee said. “It’s obviously one that people in the broader culture have determined a long time ago that the church was wrong about.

This is exactly what Christ and the Church have warned us about – seeking the approval of the world, allowing the ‘wisdom of the world’ to dictate what we regard as truth, which cuts us off from the real Truth, the Truth and Grace that comes only through Christ and His Church.  Now, of course, evangelicals are cut off from that Grace in its fullness (or its totality?) by their very status, being outside the Church, but we see again the fruit of a lack of Authority, of ecclesial groups that are more or less “anything goes,” where ‘truth’ is left up to the individual.  And I shudder to think that there are many Catholics, especially those of a certain age, who want the Church to be more like these ecclesial groups, where the ‘primacy of the individual conscience’ reigns supreme and Sacred Scripture and Tradition are jettisoned in a fruitless attempt at ‘accomodation’ or engagement with the world. 

We don’t have to guess where that leads.  We’re seeing examples all around, as protestant group after protestant group foregoes timeless Truth and seeks the accolades and approval of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Jesus said it would always be thus, and St. Paul confirmed, but it is still very sad to see.  We that adhere to that Truth will be more isolated in the future, more jeered at, more encouraged to give in.  “This kind can only be cast out through prayer and fasting,” [Mk 9:28] and we should prepare to do much more of both.

Related.  This gay marriage is a bridge to far for those who accept the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  I don’t know how far this issue could go – this guy in Denton thinks civil war.  I pray not.

My favorite thing – all night Adoration with the Carmelites! March 2, 2011

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The first Friday Adoration with the Carmelites is THIS FRIDAY.  The last time they held it (in January) was awesome – I will be there again!

All Night Adoration First Friday, March 4/5



Pray for Our COUNTRY and its future

Discalced Carmelite Nuns Invite YOU!!

Starts Friday night     come as early as 4 PM

Ends just before 7 AM Mass on Saturday, March 5


First Mass (prayed in Latin) 8:00 PM

there are English/Latin and Spanish/Latin red books at back of church to follow

Food & Drink available in the room next to the chapel.

 Please help yourself!

2nd Mass (in Latin)  3:00 AM

Leave your personal prayer requests

The Nuns will storm heaven!

The Monastery is at 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas, 75211, off of Jefferson. 

For more information, please see attached flyer or
call 214-704-4541
All night carmelites march april may 2011

A final follow up to the ‘walk for choice’ counter-protest March 2, 2011

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I can’t believe I had forgotten this until last night.  I’ve mentioned I had a debate with a father of (at least) 2 sons regarding abortion as the pro-abort effort sort of trailed off.  His entire argument consisted of special pleading (his wife had needed a ‘procedure,’ why, or what, he did not specify), and a claim that abortion was ‘settled law’ and that he supported the Constitution of the United States (which, I do, too, but probably differently from him).  By that I take it he means that since the Supreme Court made abortion legal through a judicial fiat that hinged on a previously unknown ‘right to privacy’ that ’emanated from the penumbras’, that abortion was the law of the land and opposing it was somehow unconstitutional.  That, is an interesting position to take.

In the runup to the civil war, the Southern states (and I am a very proud southerner by long familial history) used exactly the same kind of argument to support the then status quo, that of some human beings owning other human beings as slaves.  It was settled law.  Slavery had been taken into account in the writing of the Constitution.  The Dred Scott decision had confirmed, just 4 years before the outbreak of hostilities, that it was perfectly constitutional for one human being to own another, and that slaves and their descendants could not then, or ever be, citizens of this nation.  In short, they had no standing before the law, the simply did not exist.  It was settled law. To be on the other side, arguing that no human had the right to own another and completely dominate their life and destiny, was simply unconstitutional.

Later, settled law said that certain people could not attend the same schools as the dominant class.  They also could not use the same water fountains, stay in the same hotel rooms, and had to ride in the back of the bus.  This, too, was a completely ‘settled’ issue with regard to law and its constitutinonality, and led to the proliferation of Jim Crow laws throughout the South.  Thus, even after emancipation from slavery, blacks in the South (and many other parts of the country) had to continue suffering under the diktat of a manifestly unjust Supreme Court decision.  This ‘second class’ existence was finally undone by a series of Court decisions reversing Plessy vs. Ferguson which took apart the Jim Crow laws in existence.  But so much damage had been done

Essentially the same argument as was used by the southern jim dandy’s of the time was used on Saturday in defense of abortion.  Well, it’s ‘settled law.’  The Supreme Court said, and so it must be.  To oppose it is to be somehow against the US constitution.  I think it should be plain from the above that this line of reasoning is specious, dangerous, and is fatally flawed.  In the past, such reasoning has been used to try to justify grave injustice, frankly, evil.  The past horribly flawed Supreme Court decisions either upheld or caused horrible injustices to occur, just as they do today in the case of abortion.  Just as Dred Scott put the rights of slave owners completely over those of slaves, and made the slave a non-entity in the eyes of the law, today’s abortion laws do the same for abortive mothers, and reduce the pre-born infant to the same status.  Slave owners once argued that without their “loving care,” slaves would not be able to exist in US society because blacks were incapable of living on their own except at the most primitive, tribal level.  All kinds of ‘scientific’ evidence was produced that showed how blacks were inherently inferior to whites and closer to apes than humans, just as pro-aborts try to trot out ‘evidence’ that strives to make the murder of infants palatable.  It’s all a lie of monstrous proportions.

Abortion is the number 1 civil rights issue of our time.  The fact that Planned Barrenhood and other pro-abort groups were formed specifically to kill off ‘undesirable’ people (like blacks) through abortion, contraception, and sterilization further establishes the link between the horrors of the past and the horrors of today.  60% of black children in NYC are killed by abortion, and, nationwide, 40% of black babies are aborted.  The dream of the old South eugenicists has been fulfilled, by progressive elite whites arguing for…prevaricating for…..a choice that is in fact a hideous lie covered in the stench of death.

Related from CatholicVote – more on the eugenic history of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Barrenhood.

Adopt a womynpriestesseseses March 2, 2011

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LarryD has a great idea – with the recent conversion of a former fake woman priest back to the Church (and attending Traditional Latin Mass, no less), he is trying to arrange spiritual adoptions for all the current members of the “Roamin Catholyc” women priestesses group.  There are several dozen, so you can go over to his site and adopt a very confused woman, and pray for her conversion back to the Light of Truth.  Things are going pretty well, with about 40 adoptions already, but you might want to go over and offer to pray for one of these women just to make sure all are covered.  It wouldn’t hurt to have multiple people praying for each of these poor, mixed up souls. 

This is a beautiful idea, and I pray much good fruit of conversion comes from it.