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This is how you do a pro-life counterprotest March 3, 2011

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I’ve blogged a few times about our counter-protest efforts at the dubious ‘walk for choice’ held in Dallas.  Well, ‘walk for (no) choice’ was supposed to be a national event on a scale with ‘March for Life’ (they weren’t even close, March for Life is in hundreds of cities, while walk for (no) choice was in about 6), and Chicago was the ‘lead city’.  But even in Chicago, it looks like they got about 500 pro-aborts, and they were almost outnumbered by pro-lifers, who staged an absolutely beautiful defense of life by floating ‘life’ balloons in the air.  You may have seen this video before, but here it is, courtesy of CMR:

Brilliant!  I think this is a great idea!  We should come up with something like this if the pro-aborts ever decide to copy pro-lifers again!

It’s absolutely hilarious to me how the pro-aborts use the exact same lying chants everywhere – the same were used in Chicago as in Dallas.  So typical of the left.  True concern for women does not involve encouraging them to make amoral ‘choices,’ and especially not the psychologically devastating act of abortion.  True concern for women highlights their natural role as mothers and encourages them to choose life giving options that they will not regret in the future.  I don’t know of any woman who has really said “I sure regret not having that abortion,” whereas I know of many who have regretted it, terribly.  Not to mention the murder of an innocent life that abortion entails.

But such is the other side – the largest banner read “Life begins when you stand up to Christian fascists.”  What a joke.  These…….blankety blanks……..don’t know what fascism is.  And they will always steadfastly ignore that fascism is a far more common tool of the left than of any other political philosophy.

The best thing about the Chicago effort – there were many priests involved!  Priests in cassocks!  Cassocks rock!  Keep it up!

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