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Unbelievable March 7, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, foolishness, General Catholic, North Deanery, sadness.

As Steve K says, this is why the USCCB is essentially irrelevant when it comes to moral guidance:

As Lent begins with Ash Wednesday March 9, Dan Misleh wants to remind Catholics that it is not just about giving up chocolate or ice cream for 40 days.

Instead, the executive director of the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change would like to see Catholic families and individuals make some permanent sacrificial changes that will also contribute to a more sustainable and more just world.

“The whole issue of climate change is about consumption and lifestyle,” said Misleh of the changes the Washington-based coalition would like to see implemented far beyond the Lenten period.

“Lent is the perfect time to examine our lifestyles,” he added. Even giving up a food item like chocolate or ice cream “reminds us that we do need to live more within our means, more in touch with people who don’t have any of these things,” Misleh said.

Why do we need a ‘Catholic Coalition on Climate Change’?  Talk about a solution begging for a problem. Why do we need to make people think the main reasons for penance and sacrifice during Lent is to ‘live within our means’ and stand in ‘solidarity’ with the poor, rather than as a means of atoning for sins (ours and others) and imitating the sufferings of Christ?   I see the same line from CRS – Lent is all about solidarity with the poor.  What I fail to understand is this: how, with a Church in crisis in terms of formation, adherence to the Faith, Mass attendance, donations, vocations – name virtually any measure you want, how is it that every single year we see these same tired old ‘reasons for Lent’ trotted out that are neither core to the Sacraments nor core to Salvation.  They’re ancillary, at best.  Why don’t we see Bishop So-n-so highlighting how AWESOME it is to offer something up in imitation of Christ this time of year?  Talking about how personal sacrifice is a necessary part of the call to holiness?  Relating the individual penances we do to the Mass and the Eucharist?  Instead, it’s always the same, tired, LEFTish drivel that undermines USCCB credibility and convinces many faithful Catholics that the conference is not much more than a left wing advocacy group. 

Am I being too harsh?  Or has anyone else noticed this and concluded the same?  How about we get more Faith, and less ‘justice’…..just for a while.  It would be a nice change of pace.


1. Teresa - March 7, 2011

You are spot on! How about encouraging more adherence to Church teaching and the Magisterium and less ‘justice’? Even encouraging people to add a prayer to their daily schedules during Lent would be much better than this phooey.

2. Colleen Hammond - March 7, 2011

A friend of mine said that in order to honor the true meaning of ‘Catholic Coalition on Climate Change’, we ought to fill up the gas tanks of our SUV’s and then leave them running in the driveway all day long.

I suggest the members of the CC on CC to listen to this sermon: http://www.audiosancto.org/sermon/20110227-Lent-Fasting-and-Abstinence-in-the-Tradition-of-the-Church.html

3. Mary - March 7, 2011

I have to agree. I read the article – there was nothing about sacrificing for Christ.

In fact, they missed the boat entirely: “Even giving up a food item like chocolate or ice cream “reminds us that we do need to live more within our means, more in touch with people who don’t have any of these things,”
We don’t give up foods and such to get us in touch with those who live without, we do it as a sacrifice to grow closer to God.

And this group is supported by the bishops (USCCB) – I hate to say it, it’s difficult enough battling the externals (outside the Catholic Church), but we have a battle from within. The good priests have their hands tied, and a few good bishops are speaking out, but I’m afraid it’s time we as the laity must stand up and speak out!

tantamergo - March 7, 2011

Well, I don’t know that a sacrifice can’t be tied to someone else’s suffering somewhere, but is that really the primary end of penance and mortification during Lent, or any other time? Or is it the personal call to holiness and the need to grow closer to the Lord, with the Church’s incredibly rich history of suffering and self-denial as a wonderful set of examples to us of this? Look at the Saints! They carried huge crosses, some had incredible sufferings, and those sufferings are remembered in the Church today NOT because they helped the Saint be ‘in solidarity’ with the poor, but because the sufferings were united with those of Christ and were immensely appealing to God. They are vehicles of Grace!

And that is what is missing in the CRS story and this whole stupid Catholic climate pablum, and so much else. We, meaning our modern day Church, have lost sight of what suffering and self-denial are all about, I mean, their primary end. It’s about drawing closer to Christ, to emulating him, and all these stupid spoon-fed ideas about changing light bulbs or buying a Prius don’t get us to that end. In fact, they can be defeating of that end, they can lead to a smug moralism and sense that THIS world is the end to which we strive, that this world is somehow perfectable, which is a laugh. And it distracts people from the true end of life, which is dying to our fallen, selfish natures and living lives filled with Grace in accord with the Will of God. Care for the poor, being ‘good stewards of the environment,’ are worthy ends, but they are secondary. The primary end is to lead a life that is pleasing to God through an intimate union of wills, ours and His. I don’t think God cares which light bulb we buy, so long as we are living our lives in His Truth and filled with His Grace.

4. M.E. - March 8, 2011

What makes me especially nervous is that climate change types usually sneer not only at large families, but any families with more than 1.7 children.

tantamergo - March 8, 2011

And have a mentality very comfortable with using the power of the state to enforce their will on others. We don’t have to imagine – all we have to do is look at China to see what happens when leftists in the government determine for whatever reason that the state has a reason to force abortions on people (or any way to limit the number of children someone has).

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