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Voris on not losing Faith at Mass March 9, 2011

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This guy writes better than I do.  Such a blessing:

The protestantization of the Mass is an incredible scandal, by far the biggest, far bigger even than priest sexual abuse, because the very lifeblood of the Church and the very Body and Blood of our Lord are immeasurely diminished.  And, yes, a Mass that leads someone away from the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church is sinful, and it is beyond tragic…..I don’t think there are words……that this happens constantly around this country and the world.

Lord, forgive us.  We must pray that God will be merciful to those who have abused the Mass, and those who have allowed this abuse to occur.

Tell GOP no Planned Parenthood funding! March 9, 2011

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The GOPers are getting wobbly on Planned Parenthood.  Tell them no funding for Planned Parenthood!  Go sign the petition here!  We have some momentum, let’s keep it going!

Proposal for Lenten reparations March 9, 2011

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From Fr. Phillip Neri Powell, OP:

A suggestion for you Lenten penance. . .

Offer your Lenten sacrifices in reparation for the horrific damage done by the priests and bishops who abused children and covered-up the abuse. 
I believe that the Church is on the cusp of a revival and that this revival will be brought about by the willingness of God’s people to do penance for the sacrilege committed against those in most need of our protection. 
With the corrected translation of the Roman Missal on the way and hundreds of up and coming, faithful, young seminarians, religious, and priests, we are poised to exorcise the zeitgeist from the Church.  I’m not talking about a Rad Trad revolution, but rather a return to the simple, noble faith of the apostles and the reverent celebration of the Church’s sacraments. 
As a Body, if any one of us is sick, all of us are sick.  Penance and sacrifice for the sins of the few can bring us all to better health.
We’re not done with this abuse nightmare. Get ready for round 2 3 4.

Disappointing Dolan March 9, 2011

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Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York City, the recently elected head of the (absolutely unnecessary) USCCB, has some strong points.  I think.  But he also has disappointed quite a few times recently.  Last year, he participated in a Liturgy at a very gay friendly parish in New York and seemed to endorse parish ministries that promote the militant homosexual agenda.  Then, right before Thanksgiving, he engaged in a major exercise in religious indifference on the Fox News Channel.  Now, he’s informed us that in a recent private meeting with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the issue of Canon 915 and Cuomo’s blatant apostasy and publicly sinful actions was not discussed.  Apparently, as Phil Lawler stated on CatholicCulture, discussing Canon 915 with regard to powerful pro-abort democrats isn’t fit for public, or private, discussion. 

Look, I expect this from Howard Hubbard, long time disastrous bishop of Albany, who, along with Matthew Clark of Rochester has run upstate New York Catholicism absolutely into the ground.  But, we had thought, hoped, that Dolan might be made of more faithful stuff.  Apparently not, or at least not when it comes to the dread fear of a Catholic bishop – confronting a politician.  And I bet if there were a video available from the private meeting to discuss New York’s legislative agenda, we’d see lots of back-slappin’ and palling around with Dolan and Cuomo.  What is shocking, is that New York City has the highest abortion rate in the nation, with over 40% of all babies being aborted, and with New York City itself producing 15% of abortions nationwide.  Can Dolan not see the connection between tacitly endorsing Cuomo’s “faithful Catholic” status, the unwillingness to deny him Communion, and the fact that tens of thousands of babies are murdered in NYC every year?  Is that bit of logic just a bit too complex?

The USCCB wants, desperately, to be ‘relevant.’  They want to be influential.  But it seems these desires run one way – they want to be “in” with the politicians, they want to hobnob with them, to have private meetings and be influential and think, THINK, they are somehow contributing to crafting legislation, which, they might, to some small degree, occasionally, sort of kind of.  And so the it appears the greatest fear of some of our bishops is to offend a politician.  Forget Canon 915, which an eminent canon lawyer has already repeatedly made clear definitely DOES apply, forget the fact that these democrat politicians appear, from all that Scripture and Tradition reveals, to be placing their souls in grave jeopardy, forget the scandal to the faithful, the bishops want to play ball with the big boys, so they are going to conveniently, and constantly, look the other way. 

Does the fact these people may be damned to hell for all eternity mean anything?  Do these bishops not believe they will be held to account for the souls they refuse to correct, for the scandal that they allow to occur?

Texas sonogram bill passes March 9, 2011

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This is a major victory for the pro-life movement in Texas.  The Texas Senate and House (somebody got to Joe Strauss) have passed the bill that requires women seeking abortions to see a sonogram of the baby before they have their baby killed.  Pro-aborts are apopletic.  Now, let’s get some legislation that requires far higher operating standards of cleanliness and other considerations to make abortion far less profitable. 

The state house approved the anti-abortion measure in a 107-42 vote Monday. And state senators backed a similar proposal last month. After a conference committee hashes out the details, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will have the final say……

Perry praised lawmakers for their vote.

“I commend the Texas House for passing this legislation, which bolsters our efforts to protect life by ensuring Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision,” the governor said in a statement Monday. “The decision to choose life becomes clear when someone has access to all the information, and I look forward to this important legislation reaching my desk very soon.”

The House measure requires 24 hours to pass after the ultrasound before a woman can have an abortion, while the Senate version allows just two hours.

“A woman should have a day, at least, to think about the information she’s receiving about the abortion procedure,” anti-abortion advocate Joe Pojman told KVUE.

The Senate version also allows a woman to choose not to see the images or sounds if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if the fetus has an irreversible medical condition. The House version contains no such provisions, KVUE said.

The problem with the Senate provisions regarding rape and incest is that these scenarios account for less than 1% of abortions.  Yet, these extreme scenarios are frequently claimed, both by those seeking an abortion and pro-aborts in general, as justification for the most lax abortion laws possible.  In addition, allowing ‘health of the mother’ or the health of the baby to water down these provisions again, serves the pro-abort cause because such loopholes will become the standard as pro-aborts seek to avoid seeing their business drop. And drop it will, because numerous studies and much allegorical data show that women who see their child via sonogram are far, far less likely to have an abortion than those who do not.  The lie of a “blob of cells” is made plain on the sonogram screen.

I pray that the House bill is the one that eventually reaches Perry’s desk.  This holocaust must end.