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Anglicans mull ‘communion for all’ March 10, 2011

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There’s a bunch of sturm and drang about the Canadian Anglicans considering opening up communion to all, not just baptized Christians.  This rings kind of hollow for me, because from my days as an episcopal/Anglican I don’t recall there being any limits regarding reception of Anglican communion, certainly that I heard or read or saw.  I can’t recall any prohibition on receiving communion, and when I first started going to Mass, I could not understand the fuss about Communion and who could receive it.  In fact, I received unworthily many times when accompanying my wife, for which I am sorry, but I was in total ignorance of what the Eucharist is, coming from a protestant background.

I guess the Anglicans have felt that communion could be had by all baptized Christians, but the new deal is that absolutely anyone can walk in and receive.  Why not?  It’s just bread and wine.  There is no Anglican doctrine belief teaching kinda halfway shared opinion, so long as it offends no one! on the Real Presence, so what does it matter who receives?  Catholics worry about who receives the Blessed Sacrament because we have valid orders  and apostolic succession straight back to the original 12 apostles, and so our priests confect the Body and Blood of the Lord on the altar, whereas the last Anglican to possibly do so died almost five centuries ago. 

But, for those Anglicans who would like the Eucharist treated more reverently and truly desire to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord, this further retreat from tradition will likely drive even more into the arms of the Ordinariate.  And that will be a great, immense positive for those souls, and is good for Christ’s Church. 

One final note – you’ve got to love the reasoning for this purported change from Rev. Feelgood:

Rev. Gary Nicolosi said that if Jesus did not discriminate about who he invited to his table, then the Church should follow his lead.

“How, in our multicultural and pluralistic society, can our churches be places of hospitality if we exclude table fellowship with the non-baptized? This is not an academic question,” wrote Rev. Nicolosi, the pastor at St. James Westminster Anglican Church in London, Ont., and an official Church consultant on how to build membership.

The thing is, Jesus DID discriminate.  Sure, he invited tax collectors and harlots and Pharisees to dinners all the time, but when it came to the institution of the Eucharist, there were only the Twelve, those who belonged, who believed in Him and His Word and who would be His apostles.  Jesus did not give His body to women that night, nor did He give it to whoever was passing by – He gave it only to those who were called, just as only those who are called and become part of the Church can receive the Eucharist today.  I cannot believe how sophomoric such reasoning is – literally, my 9 y/0 could outwit this guy if that’s the best he has.

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