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My God – don’t let your kids see this March 11, 2011

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I don’t want my kids seeing it.  The UK, which is showing increasing signs of cultural insanity and evidencing, more and more, that it is the “epicenter of the culture of death” as an official with the Diocese of Westminster said last year, has determined that children as young as 5 need to be inculcated in that sex crazed death cult.  Now, this is from the Daily Mail, so Fr. Jordan may scoff, but the materials appear genuine, and show that children will be exposed to near-pornographic images and extremely adult terms at ridiculously tender ages.  The example below is apparently from a book intended for elementary school students:

OK, my kids don’t need this garbage, at 5 or 7 or whatever age the schools decide, at whtaever age some faceless bureaucrat decides.  My wife and I will decide when our kids need to know about this topic, based on their development and when we think they’re ready.  This is insanity. From my experience with kids, not only my own, they don’t have much in the way of ‘natural’ desires to learn about this stuff.   They are innocent.  They don’t need to know about this until they get much older than the ages planned in the UK.  I can’t see any reason to do this except to pursue the left’s family breaking agenda and to insure each successive generation is less moral, more perverse and promiscuous, and more likely to use provide future sacrifices to Moloch.  I don’t think that last bit is a conscious thought on the part of the purveyors of this kind of ‘educational material,’ but I think its proponents are so imbued with the contraceptive and abortive mentality, and have such severe sexual issues themselves, that they cannot help but to try to ‘normalize’ their own behavior by encouraging future generations to follow their path.  If you read about Kinsey, that was certainly his intent – he wanted to ‘normalize’ the perversions (homosexuality, group sex, infidelity, sado-masochism) that he himself practiced.  He is the very god-father of the left-liberal view on sexuality, and I think his perversions have permeated down through the Planned Parenthoods and other NGOs that argue for this kind of forced child sexualization.  I can’t imagine any parent wanting their 5 or 7 year old exposed to this kind of topic. 

Just a couple sanity check questions – why do children need to know this?  Where is the demand coming from to teach this, since it is not coming from the parents and the children themselves?  What agenda does it serve?  Who benefits from this (I don’t believe you can rationally argue that 5 year olds have a pressing need to know what an orgasm, or a prostitute, is). 

We live in a profoundly schizophrenic society.  We keep insisting that older and older kids simply MUST ride in a car seat, that all children playing outside on a scooter or skateboard must be covered head to foot in protective gear, and we hand out trophies for just showing up at athletic or other contests.   This culture simultaneously seeks to infantilize children while turning their sexual behaviors into that of a 40 year old deviant.   It makes me want to throw up.


1. Cori Hyland - March 12, 2011

Public school’s job is to fill kids’ heads with useless information so that they will NOT be able to think.

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