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Voris explains opposition to Summorum Pontificum and the coming ‘clarification’ March 15, 2011

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Voris explains the issues surrounding Summorum Pontificum and the roadblocks thrown up to its implementation in many dioceses; sadly, I think that Bishop Farrell’s own words regarding his reserving the right to determine whether any Mass in Latin is needed in this Diocese constitutes just such a roadblock.  There is a document coming soon that may help clear the way for more celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass.  We shall see.

I know I have a number of readers who have assisted at TLMs on numerous occasions.  Have any of you ever seen an abuse at a TLM?  I don’t mean that the priest did not have his maniple attached right – I mean an actual abuse.  I have not.  I think Voris, in trying to be conciliatory, perhaps went a bit far.  Many traditionalists, especially SSPX types, decry the Novus Ordo because they feel it is far more open to abuse than the TLM.  I’m not enough of an expert to know whether this claim is accurate, but all I can say is that those oriented towards Tradition are rarely the type to engage in purposeful abuse.

It is interesting how frequently Voris is in Rome.  I must wonder who he is meeting with, and who supports the efforts of RealCatholicTV.


1. LarryD - March 16, 2011

I must wonder who he is meeting with, and who supports the efforts of RealCatholicTV.

Oh, I know who he’s meeting with. It’s not the purpose for his visit, but I have it on excellent authority (I’ve known him and some on his staff for 4+ years) that every time Michael goes to Rome, he’s able to have a face-to-face with Cardinal Burke. 30-45 minute meetings. Burke has been a big supporter of Michael since his days as Archbishop of St Louis.

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