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Why “my body, my choice” is a lie March 15, 2011

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I posted a video yesterday of the sad ‘walk for choice’ held in Chicago recently.  I’m re-posting it below:

Please watch the video, even though it is annoying and painful.  One of the most stalwart arguments used by pro-aborts is that a woman should have ‘control’ over her body.  Thus, they claim, she has the right to kill her child at any point up to delivery.   Now, think about the video you just watched.  Did you hear any women talking about how they wanted to have an abortion so they wouldn’t get fat, so they wouldn’t have morning sickness, or so they could keep control of what happens inside their body?  I didn’t.  I heard talk about ‘rights,’ and wanting to kill a child so their career plans wouldn’t be affected, or so they could finish their college degree, etc.  But none of the women referenced their bodies, except as some instrument to advance a phantom “right.”  So, while making constant reference to their bodies as an emotional appeal to generate sympathy, what these women really mean is that they want the right to kill their child for various reasons that most people would find unacceptable.  Most reasonable people would not say it’s OK to kill a child so your career won’t be affected.  Or so you can keep partying in college.  Or so you can keep taking meth (I had a woman tell me that was the reason for her abortion, once). 

Really, all this talk about pro-abort women’s bodies, just like the talk about rape and incest, is nothing but a massive head fake thrown to keep the discussion away from the unalterable fact – that there is a living, developing baby in utero who has the same right to life as any one of us lucky enough to be born has.   The pro-abort side cares precious little about the effects abortion itself has on women’s bodies – profoundly negative effects, evidenced by the 400+% increase in breast cancer rates since Roe v. Wade passed into law.   In reality, pro-aborts care very little about the “rights” of women, either – some 2/3 of women who have aborted report being pressured into doing so, often by the man who impregnated them.  It’s all a hideous lie, a lie covered with the stench of death.

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