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North Dakota bishops – do not support these groups March 16, 2011

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday.  Two bishops, both of diocese in North Dakota, issued a document exhorting the faithful under their charge not to donate to certain organizations due to those organizations having philosophies that are antithetical to the Catholic Faith:

Here is the list of organizations they singled-out (see the reasons why here):

American Association of University Women
Amnesty International
Crop Walk/Church World Service
March of Dimes
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Why these groups – they are all pro-abort, or donate money to Planned Parenthood or pro-abort groups.  Some are also opposed to defending traditional marriage.  This is a short list.  There are many other groups that donate money to Planned Parenthood, unfortunately, including:

Girl Scouts USA
American Cancer Society
Easter Seals
Boys and Girls Clubs
CampFire Girls
Kiwanis Clubs
YMCA (formerly Young Men’s Christian Association)

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood has its fingers in many pies, and receives funding from hundreds of private sources.  These donations are usually small, but indicate an unwillingness to defend life and at least tacit support for the pro-abort cause on the part of the contributor.  There is a trend among charities to join large blocs of organizations that donate to one another.  That is why Planned Barrenhood receives funding from so many other charities.

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