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Half of Catholics support giving state recognition to same sex couples pretending to be married March 17, 2011

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……..followed by an assuredly egocentric exhortation for our priests.

Over at CatholicCulture, Dr. Jeff Mirus has an article discussing the latest Pew Poll that shows the trend towards acceptance of gay marriage accelerating in society.  Among Catholics, the data are as follows:

Among Catholics, the main determinant appears to be degree of commitment to the Faith, as one would expect. Overall, 49% of white Catholics favor same-sex marriage, with 41% opposed, a shift of about four percentage points in the past year or so. The numbers are a little lower and a little more stable for Hispanic Catholics (opposition has held steady at 43%, and approval has risen from 40 to 42%). But once you ask whether a Catholic attends church weekly or more, the numbers shift radically, with nearly 70% opposed to gay marriage and holding.

Dr. Mirus opines something I’ve said here before – that ‘acceptance’ of gays pretending to be married, and the state recognizing same, is less a sign of a true shift in people’s moral outlook, although, I think it does show that an understanding of what marriage truly is has all but collapsed in our society, and is more a sign of the fact that in our media saturated culture, few people are able to withstand the onslaught of what they are told they simply must accept as popular opinion, of what is only right and fair, for long.  Even twenty years ago, the idea of gays being given the same recognition under the law as married couples would have been completely laughable.   But under the concerted efforts of the extremely well funded gay lobby and their allies in academia and the media, a veritable constant onslaught of efforts to undermine traditional morality, acceptance of homosexuality as a normal thing, even a good thing, has skyrocketed.  There is not some fundamental right that is being denied homosexuals that can be likened to shifting opinion on civil rights issues in the past – marriage is not a ‘right’ conferred by God to those who, by choice or compulsion, engage in unnatural relationships.  It is not the same as denying political representation to a certain class.  Nor is it even remotely the same as the struggle to end segregation. 

I hear from priests periodically that it is impossible to get Catholics so comfortably esconced in the wisdom of the world to understand the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  When challenged to give sermons that represent ALL the Truths of the Faith more forcefully, to address these issues on which there is so much dissent and heresy in the Church, they claim that it is simply impossible to form people well who are so far gone, who embrace what the world tells them is good and right no matter how it conflicts with Church Doctrine.  I could not disagree more with this view.  How will the people be shaken out of their stupor unless they are presented the Truth, and all of it, in a bold and uncompromising way?!  I had a discussion with a priest I admire a great deal yesterday about Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV – the priest doesn’t like Voris, he feels he is too negative and focuses too much on the fallen nature of man and the problems in the Church.  Well, I’m glad someone is!  Look at the data – 1/3 of even those who attend Mass more than once a week “dissent” from a core Church Doctrine, a Doctrine that has been constant since the earliest days of the Church and which dates back to Divine Revelation many hundreds of years before Christ came!  This Doctrine is confirmed not only through repeated exhortations in the Old Testament, but also in the New.  This is not some minor point of ecclesiology – how one views marriage touches on core issues of the Sacraments, one’s vocation in life, the art of dying to self required of us all and a firm understanding of chastity.  Unless all these topics are touched on regularly by priests, with relation to gay marriage and the Church’s position on that topic, there is no way the people in the pews can be formed with a proper understanding of what the Church believes and why it believes it. 

In reality, the priests and bishops around the world have a grave responsibility to form the people in the Faith so that they can bend their will to the Will of God.  Human nature has always been the same – people always want to be selfish and to do their own thing.  They want to think what they want.  It is the responsibility of the priest and bishop to inform the people of the dead end nature of this selfishness, to inform them of the Truth, and to exhort them to live their lives in accordance with that great Truth Christ has revealed.  It used to be widely understood in the Church that all priests (and bishops) have a grave responsibility – that they are responsible for the sins of their people, and that if the priests don’t fight those sins with all their being and do all they can to denounce the sinful acts and beliefs of the people, those sins then become the priest’s, and bishop’s, and they will be held accountable for failing to form the Faithful at their individual judgement. 

I’m going to say something hard, for which I will apologize in advance – too many priests, even the good ones, want to put their heads in the sand and say it’s impossible to fight the culture, that the people are just too lost, too inured in the ways of the world and that we can’t expect to win them back very much.  We can’t challenge them too much, because they might leave, and then they’ll be even worse off, right?    So, rather than fight it, it’s better either to pretend everyone is doing fine and ignore those social issues from which so many Catholics dissent, or to simply adopt the wisdom of the world themselves and, openly or not, reject much of the Doctrine of the Faith.  So little faith!  Now, obviously, there are some good priests out there who are doing all they can to properly form the faithful, even on these “controversial” topics, but many do not.  Even some pretty good ones don’t want to fight, because they ‘count the cost.’

Very easy for me to say, I know.  I’m not the one whose career might be put on the line by saying inconvenient things.  But is a call to the priesthood really a career, or a vocation?  Can you really “do more good” by going along to get along or by unbendingly adhering to the Doctrine of the Faith, and constantly challenging and exhorting the faithful to do much, much better.  I say this in charity, because I truly love our priests and our Church, and I want, I crave, I beg for both to succeed.  I’m sure I sound very holier-than-thou…..I don’t intend it, and perhaps all this is just an exercise in wanting the Church to be what I want it to be, but I pray not.  I just pray that our priests, who are under such terrific pressures from innumerable sides, will give us that unvarnished Truth.  I know there will be a price to pay, but I think in the long run, if more priests did so, they would see such incredible benefits.  Look to the example of the great priest Saints of the past – they did not engage in happy-clappy feel good rhetoric, nor did they shy away from exhorting the faithful in the strongest terms.  St. John Chrysostom, St. Peter Canisius, St. Augustine, St. Athanasius, St. Padre Pio…..all priests, all greatly revered, and all willing, constantly, to present all the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church and to call out the people on their sins.  Such great examples.  I pray that God will bless His Church with many more such priests, today, right now.

Always pray for your priests, and pray specifically for their apostolates of Truth.


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