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Speaking of gay marriage….. March 17, 2011

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…..in the preceding post I had surmised that the generally increasing support for fake gay marriage among the populace as a whole and within the Church is the result of a co-ordinated PR campaign.  Providentially, Thomas Peters has a detailed post up explaining exactly how this effort works, and who is funding this PR campaign aimed at the Church.  Suffice it to say, millions of dollars are being spent specifically to try to separate Catholics from the Truth revealed by Christ through His Church.  Unfortunately, many poorly formed Catholics, or those of a certain political outlook, are very susceptible to these kinds of efforts.  We must pray for them, and redouble our efforts to proclaim the unchanging Truth revealed by Christ – homosexuality is an un-natural perversion of the natural order and as offensive to God as any other serious sin.  Please, please read all of Peter’s post, because it is full of extremely important information, but here’s the money paragraph:

[Three quick points: 1) Mark Stricherz pointed out today that the degree of religious observance among Christians correlates strongly to their support of natural marriage. This is why gay money first went after Christian denominations that are less observent. 2) For just one example of non-Catholics arguing for gay marriage from a biblical perspective (!), see this article by Rev. Douglas Long, a minister at Umstead Park United Church of Christ, just published this week. 3) To witness one of the first glimpses of “Catholic” outfits promoting the gay marriage agenda, look no further than this article published in the National Catholic Reporter (surprise!) which promotes New Ways’ Ministry booklet! [A booklet recently condemned by the Church -ED] A prominent gay blog picked up NCR’s story with the introduction: “[A] Refreshing admission from a Catholic news outlet” … see how it works? A soft “Catholic” outfit legitimizes a dissenting point of view and the gay community translates it as vindication that their viewpoint is winning out, while faithful Catholics in turn feel demoralized and marginalized. This sort of coordination is no accident.]

All of these seeemingly disparate events – a Catholic college hosting a “conversation” on gahy marriage intended to undermine Church Doctrine, a “ministry” that has been repeatedly comdemned by the Church launches a PR campaign, and a faux-catholic group announces a new effort to win Catholics over to their side.  All of these efforts are spurred by outside funding coming from radical gay activists, and these efforts are completely coordinated.  These activists desperately crave not just tolerance, but that society embrace their lifestyle and tell them how good and wonderful it is.  That is why they can’t stand the Church maintaining it’s 2000 year adherence to Truth – it is offensive to their craving for validation.  That, and power.

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