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In this life, we are bound to be disappointed March 28, 2011

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We know from Scripture that man is fallen.  We know that the Church is made up of men.  And so even though the Church is beautiful, the Bride of Christ, the Mystical Body, our great hope and the vehicle of our salvation, there will always be problems and disappointments because of the fallible men and women who make up the Church.

For quite some time, I have held a particular parish is high regard.  This parish is not in the Dallas Diocese, but I’ve been to it many times and it’s a very fine church in terms of art and architecture – everything so many Catholic parishes are not nowadays.  And the liturgy celebrated there is very reverent, the Sacrifice of the Mass seems to be focus of life there.  But, unfortunately, I have learned things about the operation of the parish, about the pastor and some of the deacons, etc., who make up the leadership, that are very troubling – inexcusable, in fact.  And I’ve learned that the highly touted school may not be uber-faithful institution of Catholic learning it purports itself to be. 

Suffice it to say, even among some priest pastors or others one would expect to really be really faithful and holy, one can find a worldliness, a willingness to accept what the world decrees as good and normal and a hostility to both the Truth, or some part of it, and our call to conduct our lives in a way radically different from what the world decrees.  One can find angry judgements directed at those who do not conform to the dictates of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  And in some cases, the actions of a priest can end a very strong call to the vocation of Holy Orders, and can play a major part in severe familial strife.  It is very discouraging. 

We have so very much to pray for.  Pray for good and holy priests whose private beliefs and actions match the high rhetoric evidenced in public.  Pray for a change in our culture.  Pray for strength for those who struggle to adhere to the Faith even in the midst of great disappointments and hostility.  I just pray for greater faith for everyone, for the whole Church, for many, many more Saints.

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