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Voris in high dudgeon March 29, 2011

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Picking up the theme from yesterday, Voris goes on to analyze the true nature of those who decry others with the term ‘taliban Catholics:’

That’s a pretty strong statement, but could it be likely?  Could it be that those who lash out at faithful Catholics are doing so based on an insecurity in their own faith?  I think the possibility exists, but it’s one of those “is it a mortal sin” kind of issues – we really can’t know the state of someone’s soul, or their relationship with God.  It seems reasonable, and could explain a great deal.  Are those who lash out at those defending the Faith as ‘taliban Catholics’ actually acting out of insecurity in their  own lack of faith – does that explain so many seemingly inexplicable actions with regard to the Mass, music, art, architecture, etc?

I could not agree more with the ‘loving relationship’ analogy Voris uses for our relationship with God.  I get alot of weird looks for always being in prayer, or spiritual reading, etc., even in public.  But that’s how I feel – I feel an irresistable urge to be closer to the Lord all the time!  Even some of my family doesn’t get it, and they get annoyed by it.  I think that, too, may be a reflection of a certain insecurity – why do you have to be so holy roller and make me feel bad?  I can’t help it – and we are called to have this kind of irresistable passion for our Lord.  I’m not saying I’m a particularly holy person – I still see many, many glaring deficiencies in my relationship with God and the Church, but I’m trying.  I do tend to put my faith in a box of my making.  But I do feel that great call, that urgency to be near the Lord.  That’s why I write this blog, even though at times I think it may not be the best path, spiritually.

Or, I could be a complete fool on all counts.  Tell my how wrong I am – I do try to change sometimes if someone sees a problem!


1. Caroline - March 30, 2011

I only know I have the same hunger and irresistible passion, and it’s the only reason I blog too. Whatever kind of fool that is…me too.
My prayer is that in seeking Him,I learn to love others as Christ has loved us, especially the ones that don’t get it.

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