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Catholic Relief Services refuses to evangelize March 30, 2011

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This should make Janet B unhappy – Catholic Relief Services has stated that as a matter of policy, they refuse to evangelize in any way – and will not even distribute Bibles.  This came up in relation to their work in Darfur, where CRS is likelyu doing very good work helping those who are starving due to muslim oppression and general political instability.  CRS was accused of proselytizing, and handing out Bibles in a region that has a relatively high number of Christians – who might even want a Bible.  But in response to the criticism of Bible distribution, CRS released this statement:

“This is completely wrong,” said a CRS representative. “It is against all our operating principles.”

As Al Lawler at Catholic Culture said…….really?  Evangelizing at all is totally against Catholic Relief Services operating principles?  We don’t even evangelize a little bit?  Well, given that, why should a Catholic give to CRS, when they can just as well give to a secular group, or even a generally Christian group that at least evangelizes some.  And which, by the way, may have substantially lower overhead than CRS, which spends about 90% of donations on actual help to people, unlike Christian Food for the Poor, whose ratio is over 98%?  What is the advantage of giving to CRS, then?  Why would anyone support this group – especially with some of that overhead going to foolishness like the Cathoilc Climate Covenant (a ‘climate change’ advocacy group)?

This is another reason why I don’t give to CRS or Cath0lic Charities.  They are fundamentally secular in behavior and too often socialist in outlook, and far too eager to be dependent on government handouts.


1. maizie - March 30, 2011

I was not raised Catholic. However, the Lord has used many things in my life as a means of teaching me. It wasn’t a man who spoke to me through the life of Edith Stein or Margery Kempe.
It was the Lord who showed me their life and burdens so I would have a deeper understanding of His love.
And it was the Lord who showed me over a 40 day period of travailing for my son what it was to have a heart like His mother, Mary.
One Christmas in the town in which I lived, the only church who had Christmas trees and gifts for the needy was a Catholic Church. They provided hope and love with their very presence in the community.
I am not advocating evangelizing or not evangelizing but just that God will provide the Spirit with which to draw all men to Him.

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