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Another nice church renovation March 31, 2011

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And it appears not to expensive, either!  Check out the pics from New Liturgical Movement of a sanctuary remodel done recently on a church in Louisiana:



Whoa, that’s quite a difference!  That’s lovely – and reverent and inspiring, to me.  I, of course, really like the addition of the altar rail and the changed altar position allowing celebration versus Dominum.  And the Benedictine altar arrangement.  Very nice!  I really like how the crucifix is highlighted and is predominant focus for the eyes, with the altar underneath the next point of focus.  And I bet it didn’t cost a tremendous amount, either!  This is the kind of sanctuary redesign I’d like to see more of!  Great work!

This parish, St. Peter the Apostle in Lake Charles, was largely destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005.  So, the ‘before’ is from a relatively recent church rebuild.  I am heartened they found the funding for a significant remodel so quickly!  God be praised, it may not be ideal but it’s a great improvement!

Am I the only one who would strongly support such a remodeling effort?



1. Evangeline P. Ordinario - April 5, 2011

We used to live in Lake Charles, LA. Yes, we saw this Church before the hurricane. Fr. Tolentino is
the Pastor of this Parish even before the hurricane hit the Church. He is a Priest who loves the Eucharist very much. What a soul searching renovation. It touches your heart and reflects on your life just by looking at the Crucifix in the middle of the Altar. He has done an excellent job.
Congratulations Fr. Tolentino and the Parishioners of Hackberry. How I wished and pray that most of us Catholics would support such a gesture for our Lord.

tantamergo - April 5, 2011

That was a beautiful comment! God bless you!

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