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First Friday today! April 1, 2011

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Today is First Friday, go earn yourself a plenary indulgence by engaging in Eucharistic Adoration, receiving Confession and Communion, and saying an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for the intentions of the Holy Father!  First Friday means party at the Carmelite Chapel!

First Friday All Night Vigil April 1/2 Stations of the Cross at 3:00 PM.  Adoration, Holy Masses (8PM – 3AM – 7AM), Confession & Rosaries Carmelite Monastery 600 Flowers Ave. Dallas, 75211

You can also attend Stations on Friday April 8 and 15 at the Carmelite Chapel! 

All the details on the chapel below!

All night carmelites april may June 2011

Get your Lent on with the Carmelites 2 nite!

Traditional altar fitted to a modernist, round chapel

Summorum Pontificum ‘clarification’ released – TLM required in every parish! April 1, 2011

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I’ll have to link to the story later, but the Italian newspaper column La Chiesa written by Sandro Magister has stated that the long awaited ‘clarification’ document on Summorum Pontificum was released today and includes some very surprising statements:

  • Every parish must have at least one Extraordinary Form, or Traditional Latin Mass, every Sunday
  • Traditional Latin Mass should be celebrated daily, if possible
  • Bishops are required to report on the implementation of these provisions by the end of the year, and will have to give a personal presentation to the Pope at the time of their next conclave
  • All seminaries must implement full courses of Latin, at least to provide an adequate formation for the celebration of the Liturgy, and have these programs in place by August 2013.  All seminarians must learn a working level of Latin
  • All Sacraments of Holy Orders must be conferred in Latin

On a related note, the document states that Bishop Bernard Fellay will be made the head of the Congregation for Divine Worship starting this June.  This is incredible!  I’ll have to post more later, I’m short on time now.

Just so everyone knows, this was a little April Fool’s joke.

Fr. Crisp sentenced April 1, 2011

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Last year I posted on the fact that Fr. Robert Crisp of Sacred Heart parish in Rowlett had been placed on leave due to allegations of weird behavior with a minor girl.  I don’t subscribe to the Dallas Morning News anymore, but 5 days a week they send us a free, much reduced content newspaper called Briefing.  It’s mostly ads, but it has some content.  I saw in a recent edition that Fr. Crisp has been sentenced to 6 months probation due to this inappropriate contact (I think the actual charge was assault of a minor), which involved him taking off his shoe and running his foot up the leg of a 14 year old girl (that’s just weird).  The short article didn’t have anything about his future in the Diocese, but I would imagine that public ministry is finished for him.

I don’t know what to think – I hate to see a career destroyed, but what he did is definitely odd and uncomfortable.  There have been, apparently, rumors or stories about this guy for years going back to his time in Duncanville, but little hard evidence or substantiated accusations.  Late middle age men can not go around rubbing their feet on 14 year old girl’s legs, however – it’s just inexcusable.  I pray he continues as a priest but in a private manner without public ministry – perhaps praying and meditating on the Divine mysteries and gaining a better understanding of chastity, modesty, and propriety.   I think prayer is in order all around – for Fr. Crisp, for Sacred Heart parish, for the Diocese, and for all our priests, that they will be formed with a genuine call to service and to act in the highest standards of their role in persona Christi.

I couldn’t find a link at DMN for this story.  If someone can help me out, I’ll update the post.

Excommunication works April 1, 2011

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As Kellmeyer says, excommunication works:

San Diego, Calif., Mar 31, 2011 / 01:55 am (CNA).- A former advocate of women’s ordination, who later renounced her attempt to be ordained as a deacon and declared her adherence to Church teaching, announced on March 25 that she has been fully reconciled with the Church following a decree from the Vatican.

“The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has lifted any canonical sanctions that I incurred by attempting ordination as a deacon,” wrote Dr. Norma Jean Coon, in an online update to an earlier letter in which she acknowledged that her actions had resulted in excommunication.

Dr. Coon said the bishop of her diocese, Bishop Robert H. Brom of San Diego, had written to inform her of the Vatican congregation’s decision that she “may now return to the full practice of our Catholic faith.” Under new rules established in July 2010, attempts to ordain women now fall under the jurisdiction of the doctrinal office, along with other offenses against the priesthood and sacraments.

“I have been very touched at the remarkable support of my actions and the prayers offered in my behalf during this trying time,” said Coon. “I wish to thank all those who have prayed for me and for my family.”

On July 22, 2007, Coon participated in an attempted ordination to the diaconate. The event was led by Patricia Fresen, a former Dominican sister from South Africa who claims to have been consecrated as a bishop.

The Catholic Church holds that Fresen – who has been excommunicated – is not a bishop, and that her attempts to ordain other women or men have no sacramental validity. [Yes, because Christ did not confer on His Church that capability.  You can whine and scream all you want that the Church is oppressive and patriarchal  because it “won’t ordain women”, but the one you really have a problem with is God/Holy Trinity.  The Church doesn’t “make up” Doctrine (although there are many who would like it to. The Church tries to convey, clarify, and develop Doctrine that has been revealed – revealed by Christ. – ED]

In her earlier letter renouncing her “alleged ordination” [pretty good term, although I prefer to be more clear that it is impossible for any to institute the Sacrament of Holy Orders on a female – Christ simply did not intend that. -ED] to the diaconate, Coon said she acknowledged “the authority of the Holy Father on these issues of ordination,” including the judgment that Pope John Paul II confirmed in his encyclical “Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.” [Still have to be careful here – all Pope JPII did in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is repeat, for the umpteenth time, the timeless Doctrine Christ has revealed through His Church, that the Church has no facility to ordain women.  That’s all – it’s not a “judgement call,” it’s revealed Truth.  He did give it perhaps more Magisterial weight, but this doctrine has been part of the Sacred Tradition of the Church from the beginning, paeans to ‘women deacons’ in the earliest Church notwithstanding, as they had no role beyond helping women be baptized since it was done nude with full immersion at that time].

The main point is this – excommunication is not a draconian punishment imposed by a cruel, heartless Church on poor souls who are just perhaps a bit misguided, or are perhaps bold innovators for a great new future Church being sung into being <cough>.  No, it is a remedy for wayward souls, a sort of final intervention intended, with charity, to “shock” the soul back into union with the Church through a strong canonical penalty. It also serves to protect the sacred deposit of Faith from attack from heretical influences by placing those influences outside the bounds of Catholic discourse.  In so doing, it helps protect the faithful from the scandal of seeing these heresies go unchecked, with seemingly no penalty.  Such scandals have been horrifically numerous in the Church in the past several decades.  And the scandal and confusion they have caused have been a significant influence in the general collapse of the practice of the faith – which is precisely why the Church, in former times, made use of excommunication more freely, and protected the Deposit of Faith more forcefully.

Misguided notions of “pastoral” practice have led to an unfortunate tendency to view excommunication as too extreme, as too “judging.”  I pray this trend reverses, hard and fast. Excommunication is, unfortunately, a necessary tool.  Until the second coming and men no longer feel the need to chafe at divinely instituted Authority, it will be necessary.

Thank God this woman is back in the Grace of Sacramental life.