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The Diary of Anne Rice April 2, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, Basics, blogfoolery, General Catholic, sickness, Society.
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Technically, I’m blog whoring.  I know it is likely that if I attack Anne Rice, and her google bot finds it, I’m sure to get a huge number of hits when she directs her flaming anti-Catholicism my way.  But, in truth, the reason I’m bringing up the incredibly boring Rice is that you should read some posts at Ignatius Insight which cover some outrageous statements she recently made, as well as the comments where her fanatics engage in the timeless tradition of Church bashing.  Not so much because the exercise is edifying (it is difficult to find much edifying in an individual who has written on subjects as diverse as vampires, bestiality, and bondage and domination), but merely to gain an understanding for how the very very wordly view the Church nowadays.

The basic crux of the Ignatius posts is that Rice has likened the Church to the Mafia or other organized crime and feels that any Catholic who doesn’t just completely lambast the Church over the abuse scandals is nothing but an unthinking minion, a corrupted contributor to the abuse.  But there’s a catch – even if you complain about the abuse, you have to do it on her terms to meet her approval – that means being opposed to Church Doctrine on sexuality, especially homosexuality, as well as supporting impossibilities like women’s ordination.  Because the complaints about the abuse are really nothing but a smokescreen, or a convenient club with which to beat the Church.  It’s really about Rice’s anger at the Church for not changing its doctrine to suit her personal whim. That homosexuality on the part of the priests has played an overwhelming role in the abuse is one of those little caveats she has seemed to have conveniently forgotten.

A little background – Rice has been known to make dozens of comments, personally, in posts on faithful Catholic blogs like NCR, in the course of a few hours.  She also has a habit of directing her followers to do the same, or at least getting them sufficiently frothed up to go and do so on their own volition.

I’m off to do some woodwork.  Who knows, when I come back, maybe I’ll have set a record for hits on a Saturday?