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$1.3 Billion in federal funds to Planned Parenthood unaccounted for April 6, 2011

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Hey, a billion here, a billion there, it starts to add up.  They must have spent the money on invisible mammogram machines

Last June, we broke the story titled “Planned Parenthood’s missing millions” that fo- cused on $1.3 billion of government money received by Planned Parenthood from 2003 to 2008, which was left unaccounted for when the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report on the expenditures of federal funds by the abortion giant.

Our question to Planned Parenthood was: Where are those missing millions?…………

If the Government Accountability Office doesn’t know how much federal money Planned Parenthood has been given, how in the world can the taxpayers know? If Planned Parenthood is not held accountable to 32 members of Congress requesting information from the GAO about its income and expenditure of federal funds, how can we taxpayers ever hope to know to what extent Planned Parenthood is fleecing us? Is Planned Parenthood really going to be allowed to ingest almost $1 million of taxpayer money every day (according to its annual report) and not be held accountable for how it spends it, then justify its lack of accountability by saying the Government Accountability Office doesn’t know how much federal money the abortion giant received?

So Planned Parenthood, which doesn’t perform any services other than performing abortions, handing out contraceptives, striving to infect the youth of this country with a decadent, sex is for my pleasure only mentality, and lobbying, can’t account for hundreds of millions of federal dollars given to it over the past several years?  An organization totally opposed to morality and with absolutely no qualms about killing innocent children by the millions also plays fast and loose with federal funds?  I’m shocked!  But then I remember……..everything Planned Parenthood says is a lie.

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