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The walking of a pure soul with God April 6, 2011

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Vera Sapientia, or True Wisdom, Thomas a Kempis, Book IV Chapter XIII:

Walk whilst you have light – John 12

He walks with God in light who desires to have nothing of this world, but has his heart fixed on God in heaven; for there is the hidden treasure of his soul, the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom all things are contained.

He is always miserable and in want, whatever he may have, who has not God for his Friend. He has God who keeps His Word and loves Him. He truly keeps the word of God who never says an idle word, who shows by his works what he says in words [doh! – ED], who seeks not his own glory, but entirely refers to the glory of God all the good he does or sees in others. [I have a propensity to want to give credit for my good works, or even those of others, to myself, often forgetting to render thanks to God for the Grace to perform the work, whatever it may be – ED]

He who pleases himself pleases a fool, and displeases God.  [I, am a fool – ED]. Therefore in all the good that you say or do study to please God, that you may receive from Him greater graces. Why do you glory in the gifts of nature, when you are mortal, and shortly to be the food of worms? Young man, hear the aged. Withdraw yourself from things which distract you, because you shall not find rest, unless you enter into yourself, seek God, and fervently love Him in preference to every good.

And a little bit on finding peace, from Book IV Chapter XIV:

Who is in good peace? He who is meek and humble of heart.

The better one knows how to humble himself and to suffer for God, the greater is his peace. Every burden is light to him on account of God, whom he has in his heart.

Blessed is he who speaks with God in prayer, meditation, singing, and reading, and is silent of what is done in the world.

Wherever you are, your thoughts accompany you.  Good thoughts give joy, bad ones bring sorrow, anger disturbs, envy blinds, and hatred kills. Pious reading instructs, prayer ascends to Heaven, and works fulfill the Word.  A good word purifies the heart, a vain one defiles it, an idle one scandalizes it, a hard one grieves it, a pious one pacifies it, a moral one edifies it, a learned one strengthens faith, and a heavenly one raises the  mind to God.

Cleanse, therefore, my heart from all evil, and it will be in peace.  There is no true peace unless in God and with the virtuous., who do everything for God, whom they love. Remain in silence, and put up with a little for God, and He will free you from all burden and unrest.

A virtuous life and a good conscience give confidence with God in tribulation and death…….

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