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We are the debtors of those who have gone before us April 7, 2011

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I have no real comment on this, but it is exactly, precisely correct:

The Church has not been, and will not be, a plaything for each generation to blow up and recreate as they see fit.  It is the timeless Body of Christ that is a gift, and it has been paid for dearly.  I pray that more people will come to recognize this.  And I hate the use of the term ‘church’ without ‘the’ definite article.  ‘We are church’ is grammatically incorrect and historically nonsensical.

On the dignity and duties of a priest April 7, 2011

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By Fr. Larry Adamcyzk, quoting St. Alphonse Liguori (Fr. Larry in red):

Chapter 2: part II. What is the end of the Priesthood?And Jesus Christ himself said to his disciples: As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you. I leave you to perform the very office for which I came into the world; that is, to make known to men the name of my Father.

Chapter 2: part III. Principal Duties of the Priest.
The Lord separates His priests from the rest of His people in order to unite them entirely to Himself. Is it a small thing unto you that the God of Israel hath separated you from all the people, and joined you to Himself? (Numbers 16:9)
In every government ministers are appointed to enforce the observance of the laws, to remove scandals, to repress the seditious, and to defend the honor of the king. For all these ends the Lord has constituted priests the officers of His court. Hence St. Paul has said: Let us exhibit ourselves as the ministers of God. (2 Cor. 6:4) [And yet when priests try to do this they are called uncharitable and asked “What would Jesus do?”]
Hence the theologian Habert has written that the essence of the priesthood consists in seeking ardently to procure first the glory of God, and then the salvation of souls. [He doesn’t say the priest is to raise money, increase the size of the parish, solve the material problems of the world]
The business, then, of every priest is to attend, not to the things of the world, but to the things of God: He is ordained in the things that appertain to God. Hence St. Silvester ordained that for ecclesiastics the days of the week should be called Feria, or vacant or free days; and he says: “It is every day that the priest, free from earthly occupations, should occupy himself entirely with God.”

      St. Antonine says that the meaning of sacerdos is sacra docens, one that teaches sacred things. [How many priests actually teach the faith of the Church. One reason why I became a priest was because I asked the Lord why can’t I learn something from the homilies I hear. And I heard an inner voice say to me, “If you think you can do better, why don’t you go ahead and try.]
       After being appointed by God to attend only to the advancement of his glory, Moses spent his time in settling the disputes of the people. Jethro rebuked him for his conduct, saying: Thou art spent with foolish labor. . . . Be thou to the people in the things that pertain to God. (Exodus 18:18)
         “What a misery,” says St. Gregory, ” to see so many priests seeking, not the merits of virtue, but the goods of this life !” [Archbishop Fulton Sheen writes “If the shepherd is not willing to be a victim for his sheep, the wolves come and devour them. Each morning, we priests hold in our hands the Christ who shed Blood from His veins, tears from His eyes, and sweat from His Body to sanctify us. How we should be on fire with that love, that we may enkindle it in others.” Elsewhere, he writes, “Could it be that one reason for the lack of vocations is our failure to stress sacrifice? The young . . .want a mission, a challenge! When we follow the type of advertising campaign used by Madison Avenue to sell toothpaste, when we use commercial techniques in our vocation literature, do not the hearts of the young spurn our distance from the Cross]
This is something I pray for constantly – that our priests will be less middle managers of a multinational corporation and more the priest of the great Sacrifice of God they are called to be.  I don’t think many priests today spend more time in prayer and pious reading than they do attending to the affairs of their parish, with most pastors being in charge of several dozen employees and constantly having meetings, reviewing the budget, etc.  The first calling for a priest is to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass, then all the other Sacraments, and then to pray – for his own holiness, for that of his people, etc.  It’s distressing to me that parishes do not have Adoration every day, and that if they do, one rarely sees the priest in there, adoring our Lord.  In fact, I almost never see a priest in Adoration, and I know few rectories are allowed to have the Blessed Sacrament reserved (it is not allowed in this Diocese).  Mother Therese said that any priest that does not spend an hour is Adoration every day is not praying enough.  Prayer and Adoration must come first for all priests – it is the engine that powers their apostolate. 
Pray that your priest will do both what they are required to do – pray the Hours, Rosary, Angelus, etc, but will also spend time in Adoration of the Lord.  If they are too busy for that, then they are too busy, and need to drop some responsibilities. 

Episcopal church likens littering to crucifixion April 7, 2011

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The cult of man is an insidious thing.  The cult of man seeks to replace the cult of God, and is a fundamental tenet of modernism.  In the cult of man, churches are reduced to caring about earthly matters, seeking the creation of paradise on earth, and attempting to elevate man and his concerns to the level of God.  Via CMR, the episcopal church USA has issued a press release noting that “Earth Day” falls on Good Friday this year.  They go on to describe the earth as holy (shades of Manicheanism), and compare littering to re-crucifying Christ:

The Episcopal Church’s office of Economic and Environmental Affairs released a statement urging followers to stay mindful of global warming, recycling and reducing carbon dioxide emissions while celebrating the ancient Christian holiday in 2011.

“This year Earth Day falls within Holy Week, specifically on Good Friday, a profound coincidence,” said Mike Schut, a church spokesman. “To fully honor Earth Day, we need to reclaim the theology that knows Earth is ‘very good,’ is holy. When we fully recognize that, our actions just may begin to create a more sustainable, compassionate economy and way of life.”…

Schut continued: “On Good Friday, the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, God in the flesh, might we suggest that when Earth is degraded, when species go extinct, that another part of God’s body experiences yet another sort of crucifixion — that another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished?” [This isn’t sort of Manicheanism, this is totally Manicheanism.  The earth is holy, we are not – ED]

The church set up a website for the celebration of Earth Day, complete with links to resources on how to best get involved on the extra special day.

I went to the website of the episcopal church USA, and looked to see what else they had planned for Good Friday.  Aside from a special collection, nothing, aside from this paean to environmentalism.  In and of itself, caring for the environment can be a good thing, but conflating one of the very holiest days of the year with this modern day of political agitation is ridiculously diminishing the holy nature of the day and is right in line with the cult of man.  The episcopal church is not encouraging fasting or other mortification, or extra prayer, or attending their services, on the day Christ died for our sins – no, they want their members to buy a Prius and compact flourescent light bulbs – that’s how one really honors the Passion and death of our Lord!  Likening the once for all time Sacrifice that Christ made on calvary for our salvation to littering is beyond silly – it reveals a gross distortion of the Gospel message and the purpose of the Church that Christ instituted. 

The cult of man would reduce that church to one solely concerned with temporal affairs, a sort of do-good society always in tune with ‘progressive’ views.  This is the path the episcopalians have chosen, and is the main reason why their church is in such dire straits.  Only a Church oriented towards serving God first, always, will be sustained by His Grace.  Unfortunately, too many Catholics have also fallen in with the cult of man.  They, too, seek to orient the Church towards a sort of social service society where the sacred shibolleths are not the constant Truth that Christ has revaled through His Church, but the vagaries of inconstant, fallen man.   

Come home to the Church Christ founded when he said to Peter “Thou are Cephas, and upon this rock I will build my Church.” (Matt 16:18)

Texas bishops – exhaust emergency fund and raise taxes April 7, 2011

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When I see a Catholic bishop calling for reducing the amount of money the government confiscates from citizens, I will know the Church shall have really changed. That moment won’t be anytime soon

 Thousands of protesters converged on the Texas Capitol on Wednesday as senators work to craft a budget plan that will likely soften severe cuts to state services approved earlier this week in a House budget.The demonstrators held dueling protests, with some opposing the House cuts and others calling on the Senate to make even deeper ones.

Much of the strife has been over funding for public schools. The House budget that did not raise taxes or use the Rainy Day Fund leaves schools nearly $8 billion short of what state law requires and underfunds Medicaid by more than $4 billion. Teachers across the state have already seen a wave of pink slips and nursing homes warn that they won’t be able to sustain such massive cuts.

“We want to see a balanced approach [watch this rhetorical trick] with a clear priority for vulnerable citizens and new sources of revenue, [meaning, new taxes]” said Rev. Michael Mulvey, bishop of the diocese of Corpus Christi. “We are disappointed in the House budget and call on the Senate to use all of the Rainy Day Fund and create new sources of revenue.” [so the ‘balanced approach’ is to exhaust the emergency fund and raise taxes tens of billions of dollars to avoid ANY cuts, because I have not seen Texas Catholic Conference spell out any they would accept]

Is Bishop Mulvey and the Texas Catholic Conference plan even sensible – exhaust the emergency fund that took many years to build up AND raise taxes in a down economy? That’s a “balanced approach” – fund everything exactly how we want it, or we’re going to scream? Do they have any other answer?  How about, economize severely, see where that gets us, and then see how much we need to go into the emergency fund? 

I don’t think people like Bishop Mulvey and even Cardinal DiNardo and Bishop Farrell get it – this is not the 1960s or 80s or even 90s anymore.  WE CANNOT AFFORD IT.  The federal government is facing so much debt it looks poised to collapse the entire economy if we don’t radically change spending.  Numerous states around the union – Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Washington, and especially California, face unsustainable debt because of ridiculously high levels of government spending – the California economy, in particular, is imploding because of government debt and a heinous regulatory environment.  Just yesterday, an analysis lauded Texas for keeping taxes low and the regulatory environment friendly to business – that is what has kept Texas’ economy just about the healthiest in the nation, but even we are going to have to change they expectations people have of the wealth transfers the government will send their way. 

I’m not saying none of the rainy day fund can be used, or that there aren’t some areas where taxes could be raised to fund critical needs (I’m not talking about public or Catholic ed here), it’s just the so very tired, reflexive approach of the bishops – don’t touch our programs!  don’t hurt our funding! – that I find annoying and unacceptable.  It’s that kind of selfish parochial approach that has gotten this country into the mess it’s in, and it can’t go on -it is unsustainable.

Sensitive, or emasculated? April 7, 2011

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I found this on a totally secular site (Aceo’Spades), but it made me want to go put in a giant dip, change the oil, and gut a deer on my front yard.  All at the same time:

I am so shackled in an unconscious prison of anger and shame.

This obviously has profound new age overtones.  No wonder so many of our female parish power brokers are attracted to new age.  Is this what new age is morphing into – female worship?  I know the new age/pagan earth mother/wicca axis has a very strong female as power goddess orientation, with subsequent domination of males – is this just a group of neutered guys sucking up pathetically or are we seeing these movements morph into their final state -the female as god?   Interesting how even in their blatant sycophancy, it’s still all about the guys.  The heartless patriarchal bastards!

So….. are these male worshipers of the female as god (how many references were there to divinity in there?), or the ultimate descent of the beta male?

This inspires me to go get a pedicure.  And shave my legs.

PS – You think these guys get the natural law ‘he created them male and female’ concept?

PPS – I’ve had my fun.  Seriously, I think it is very possible to be quite respectful of women without being a self-loathing eunuch.  If this wasn’t such a naked attempt to get laid I probably wouldn’t have been so hard on these guys, but I have a hard time accepting they actually believe half of this crap.  That, and the definite new agey feel rather turns my stomach, given all the battles I’ve had with new agers in this diocese (mostly among women on parish and chancery staffs).  And those battles have left me so very, very scarred.  I need a bubble bath…….

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter for correcting my horrendous spelling mistake.  I should have more charity for these guys, but I was wondering – what woman would find this kind of groveling/worship attractive?