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Michael Voris banned from Scanton PA Diocese – UPDATED April 8, 2011

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Well, this is rich – Michael Voris has been banned from speaking in the Scranton, Pennsylvania Diocese for being too Catholic:

The Diocese of Scranton has determined that Mr. Voris will not be allowed to speak in a Diocesan or parish facility. After these engagements were scheduled, the Diocese became aware of concerns about this individual’s views regarding other religious groups. In videos posted on the Internet, Mr. Voris makes comments that certainly can be interpreted as being insensitive to people of other faiths. The Catholic Church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition.

Although the Diocese shares Mr. Voris’ support of efforts to protect human life, his extreme positions on other faiths are not appropriate and therefore the Diocese cannot host him.

Voris’ “extreme position” was the default position for the Church a few decades ago.  False ecumenism implies equivalence where there is none –  but I doubt this is actually about Voris’ comments with regard to other faiths, this is about Voris’ challenging statement regarding the state of the Church in this country.  Remember, Scranton is the Diocese where the very orthodox Joseph Martino was forced to step down as bishop due to a threat of schism eminating from the Call to Action types there.  Almost unheard of nowadays, the Vatican accepted his resignation – and a more “moderate” man took Martino’s place as bishop.

I don’t think Voris would have been banned had  Martino remained in place.  And Martino was driven out due to having offended his brother bishops, and possibly more importantly, the demonrat party hierarchy, with his unremitting orthodoxy. All the other reasons stated were just smokescreen.

And the stated reasons for Voris being banned from Scranton are equally smokescreen – he is banned because of his recent attacks on the institutional Church in the United States.  That is my opinion, anyway.

Be careful, Michael.  This is how they get you declared persona non grata, and a tremendous amount of trouble for your apostolate can flow from that.

UPDATE: I don’t think I have to note the extreme irony that the completely, 100% orthodox Mr. Voris is now officially banned from a diocese, which will make future engagements more difficult from him anywhere he is engaged to appear, while known, ahem, <cough> dissenters <gag> ranging from women’s fake ordination proponents to those who reject Church doctrine on homosexuality or abortion or contraception or fornication or whatever groinal issue is at stake still not only have free reign to speak anywhere they please, many even have letters of recommendation from bishops in various places that serve as a kind of key, that grants instant approval to speak in virtually any diocese.  Does anyone else see anything wrong with that state of affairs?



1. George - April 8, 2011

The diocese of Scranton might as well sing “Peace and Justice for us all” as their theme song. Typically when progressives do not like something they simply have it cut off or silenced. That is not democratic. Catholics committed to the true faith must fight back. Send a letter of displeasure to Bishop of the Scranton Diocese

Ed - April 8, 2011

Anyone sending an email to the Bishop of Scranton should include a copy to the VATICAN.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Otherwise the notice may not get passed the Diocese Staff.

2. Diane - April 8, 2011

How very sad that the Bishop is listening to his minion, Teresa Osborne. She gave a speech at Marywood University and spoke about zen and the autumn equinox and even mentioned Mr. pro-abortion president, Obama in her speech. The “real” Catholics in the diocese had better start praying harder for this woman who holds a high post in their diocese. God bless the Scranton Diocese and give them true Catholics who uphold the teachings of the Church.

tantamergo - April 8, 2011

Seems a bit odd that a county social services administrator with no previous experience of Church adminsitration would be named chancellor of the diocese, doesn’t it? Mentioning Obama could be OK in a speech, depending on the context, but the zen and autumn equinox starts getting pretty odd.

Are you from that diocese? Any reports on what has changed since Martino was forced out?

3. DIANE - April 8, 2011

Wanted to add that Ms. Osborne is the Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer for the Diocese recently appointed by Bishop Bambera.

4. Kristen Ciaccia - April 8, 2011

Response to Diocese of Scranton’s Banning of Michael Voris:

As faithful Catholics who respect and value Church authority and the virtue of obedience, we are both shocked and saddened that such a short-sighted mindset has afflicted our local Church leadership. In a day when diversity is prized above all, we stand in stunned amazement that our leaders cannot read the signs of the times and would not extend a pastoral welcome of tolerance, inclusiveness and justice to Mr. Voris.

Michael Voris is an accomplished Catholic layman, a multiple Emmy Award winning journalist who is confident and comfortable in communicating the truths of our Catholic Faith. He has spoken in dozens and dozens of Church locations all around the world, where he has been warmly received by both bishops and laity alike.

Our events were open to all as we simply wanted to celebrate our Catholic Faith. Now, because of a refusal on the part of Catholic College Marywood to subscribe to the tenets of academic freedom, and a glaring amount of intolerance and prejudice on the part of diocesan leaders, we are being forced to abandon our Catholic “home” properties, not to mention the injustice done to Michael Voris’ character. We ask Bishop Bambera to enter into dialogue with us regarding this matter.

Because Michael Voris is an orthodox Catholic, faithful to the Magesterium and all the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, it would be a shame for us to re-schedule our events at a secular site. However, thanks to the publicity being generated by the actions of those who operate out of fear and rash judgments, we would look forward to an even more successful event with larger crowds than originally planned.

The re-scheduled events will be posted as soon as they are finalized. For more information and questions you may contact Paul and Kristen Ciaccia at 570-814-1863 or learnthefaith@yahoo.com.

5. Diane - April 8, 2011

Obama was quoted in her speech, but the name “JESUS” was NEVER mentioned!!!!

Rather strange, wouldn’t you say?????

6. Ann - April 8, 2011

Michael Voris is a very faithful Catholic who stands with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and he is not allowed to speak but Sara Bendoraitis, the director of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally Resource Center at American University was allowed to speak at the Univ. of Scranton. The President, Rev. Pilarz, assured Bishop Bambera that he would attend the evening’s event “to ensure that the principles of Catholic teaching were upheld.”

Well I am sure you can guess what actually happened. She pushed her agenda and the Preaident said absolutely nothing. Quote from the local newspaper, “Rev. Pilarz never interceded during the presentation.”

7. Tess - April 8, 2011

Faithful Catholics in our area are wondering just exactly why every diverse and perverse persuasion in society must be dealt with “respect” at the very same time that we are unable to have our clergy acknowledge what the magisterium has continually instructed as mortally wrong. Perhaps the magisterium were just kidding-ya think? Maybe the magisterium is just for us, or maybe the clergy and nuns are exempt if they dance, or allowed to obey only on the second Tuesday of the week if puppets and fire are involved. Hummmmm, perhaps the Bishop will clarify.

8. JS - April 8, 2011

It’s simply amazing to me, the cowardice of Catholic Bishops, in not welcoming opposing and constructive views, other than the “milktoast” Catholicism being currently offered to the laity. This is one major reason, why so many Catholics, are leaving the faith. When hiearchy in the Catholic church, continue to “kiss the ass” of Protestantism and call it ecumenism, what can you expect?

9. The Rockin Traddy - April 8, 2011

JS, when your new Bishop is the former head of Ecumenism for the Diocese, what do you expect?

To some in the Diocese of Scranton, the Catholic Church was founded in 1962 during some meeting in Rome, and anything prior to that has been precisely excised.

10. Paul - April 12, 2011

“Living the Faith Radically”

Michael Voris to Speak in the Diocese of Scranton
Yes, really…

The gifted catechist and RealCatholicTV.com personality, Mr. Micheal Voris S.T.B., is coming to Scranton, despite the controversial efforts of Bishop Bambera and his associates to discredit him.

We decided last Thursday to cancel all of the events surrounding Mr. Voris’ visit to our region out of obedience and respect for Bishop Bambera.

However, it has come to light that this demand to ban Mr. Voris from speaking on diocesan property is not only insensitive but belies deeper inconsistencies in Diocesan policy that may express a vulnerability to certain influences.

While we respect our Bishop’s divinely appointed office and honor his responsibility to safeguard the teachings of the Catholic Church, it seems appropriate that the Bishop of Scranton has an opportunity to evaluate Mr. Voris’ knowledge of the Faith, free from opinions formed by others.

Our bishop and all the faithful of our diocese will have the opportunity to hear Mr. Voris for themselves at the following time and location:

April 16, 2011
Best Western Genetti Hotel and Conference Center
77 East Market Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

Michael Voris S.T.B. is an Emmy award winning writer and television producer. He is also the founder and executive producer of Saint Michael’s Media and RealCatholicTV.com, an internet television station that strives to accurately teach the Roman Catholic Faith worldwide through emerging media.

RealCatholicTV.com welcomes the interest of all men and women seeking Christ through the Truth of the Catholic Church. To learn more, point your web browser at RealCatholicTV.com

For more information regarding this weekend’s event contact Paul and Kristen Ciaccia @ 570-814-1863 or http://www.learnthefaith.org

11. Joseph - April 15, 2011

The Diocese was 100% correct in banning this man from Scranton. I applaud Bishop Bambara for taking the initiative in denying entrance of this ignorant man.

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