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This little girl desperately needs your prayers April 11, 2011

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Her name is Emily G., she is 6 years old, and she’s very very sick.  Would you, in your charity, please pray for this little girl?  She has had a long and troubled medical history, much more than a 6 year old should have to bear, so please pray for her full and total recovery. 

I’ve had sick little girls in the hospital, and this makes me so sad.  All we can do is cling to Jesus and pray.

Oh Mary, my mother, please wrap this child in your protective mantle.  Please spare her and her family any more suffering, please intercede with your Son and ask for His healing touch.  All it would take is a glance, a breath, from Jesus, and she would be completely healed.  From the Gospel, we know that your son even healed a little girl who had died and returned her to life. For nothing is impossible for God.  We pray for your continued intercession on behalf of young Emily.

Please, Lord Jesus, I know Your Father’s Will must be done, but if it be possible please let this little girl be healed.  But in all, we thank you, for the gift of life, for all children, and for every second of each day that your Grace, and that of Your Father, sustains us.  Oh my God, you are so great.  Even in the midst of our tears, we must praise You, and thank you for the inestimable miracle that is this young girl’s life.  We beg your mercy for this girl and her family. 

Please, Lord Jesus, heal her. Amen.

The time to veil…….. April 11, 2011

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…..started yesterday.  Passiontide traditionally begins on the 5th Sunday of Lent, what is called in the 1962 calendar Passion Sunday.  In years past, in every Catholic church sanctuary, the crucifix and statues would have been covered in a purple veil, showing the mourning of the Church over the pains Christ had to endure in order to satisfy the demands of God’s Justice and earn our salvation.  Today, few parishes veil at all, and those that do generally only do so perhaps during Holy Week, from Holy Wednesday until just prior to the vigil Mass on Easter.

I haven’t done a poll in a long time, so here’s one – did your church veil anything, yet?  Have they veiled the crucifix at any time in the past?

Am I the only one who sees great benefit from the symbolism of veiling even the crucifix?

Another example – Saint Charles Borromeo parish in Peoria, Arizona, Fr. Loren Gonzales:

Fr. Gonzales notes:

The veiling of the statues stems from the Gospel of John (8:46-59), at the end of which the Jews take up stones to cast at Jesus, Who hides Himself away. The veiling also symbolizes the fact that Christ’s Divinity was hidden at the time of His Passion and death, the very essence of Passiontide.

Almost all US ‘Catholic’ colleges have strong links to Planned Parenthood April 11, 2011

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One of the disturbing characteristics of Planned Parenthood is how insidious it is – the number of organizations that have been corrupted by its diseased tentacles is maddening.  Many groups one would expect to have no call to do business with or give money to Planned Parenthood do so.  And so, the Cardinal Newman Society has compiled a long list of Catholic colleges and their ties to Planned Parenthood.  The report is more than disturbing – it is heartbreaking.  Dozens of Catholic colleges in the US have some form of business dealings with Planned Parenthood:

At least 150 Catholic colleges and universities in the US have provided some support for Planned Parenthood, the Cardinal Newman Society has disclosed.

In a detailed new report, the Cardinal Newman Society shows how Catholic schools have given Planned Parenthood opportunities to provide counseling and referrals, to recruit interns and offer fellows, to participate in campus events, and to make presentations to student audiences.

The Cardinal Newman Society shows connections between Planned Parenthood and such prominent Catholic institutions as Notre Dame, Georgetown, Boston College, Marquette, and many others.

The findings of the report run a wide gamut, from direct business relationships to the activities of students and alumni with Planned Parenthood being highlighted as a sort of ‘good work.’  What the findings reveal most of all, however, is an institutional outlook at huge number of Catholic schools that sees little, if anything, wrong with Planned Parenthood as an organization.  The findings reveal little care, at the general, workaday level of college life, for the Church’s Doctrine on the sanctity of life and unalterable opposition to procured abortion.  It is a microcosm for how many Catholic colleges have become distant from the Faith, and stand more as secular institutions than as beacons of Catholic thought and morality.

In short, they mirror the direction of the Church in this country as a whole.

Voris discusses the situation in Scranton April 11, 2011

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I posted on Friday that Michael Voris has been banned from the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Apparently, the Archdiocese of Detroit played a key role in getting Voris banned:

There have been many concerns regarding the direction of the Faith in Detroit for many years.  Starting with the infamous Call to Action conference held there in 1976, an event intended towards ‘renewal’ that was completely hijacked by leftists (and I mean, far out radical leftists), there has been a steady trend towards heterodoxy and dissolution in the Faith.  The relatively new Archbishop Vigneron has ostensibly taken a few steps to try to improve things, but he is, we are told, hamstrung by a thoroughly heterodox chancery staff and a number of very poorly formed priests.  But, certainly, no one put a gun to the Archbishop’s head and told him to denounce Voris, so……….

Voris rightly notes that heterodox speakers seem to have little difficulty securing speaking engagements on Church property in many dioceses, including this one.  It seems some animals are more equal than others.

Does the routine snubbing of traditional, orthodox Catholics, and seeming ‘tolerance,’ if not outright endorsement, of dissenting, heterodox, or heretical Catholics, reveal anything about the Church in the United States?  Why does it seem that there is one set of rules for the orthodox, and another for the heterodox?

Repubnikans cave, Planned Parenthood will be funded April 11, 2011

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Well, this is the shock of the century.  When the chips were down, when it came down to either shutting down a portion of the federal government (oh noes, not that!), or standing by their alleged principles and insisting that Planned Parenthood be de-funded, the Repubnikans did what they always do, they caved.  After all, if they had shut down government, they might have gotten blamed, and not gotten invited out to a $1000 lunch with a lobbyist!  And, good Lord, while it’s all fine to be pro-life, missing out on caviar, canapes, and a $300 bottle of wine is just a sacrifice too far for our congressional betters leadership.

The brave republicans did manage to extract a ‘promise’ from Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to vote on the Planned Parenthood defunding issue, but given that already several Repubnikans have promised to vote to continue funding Planned Barrenhood, the likelihood of de-funding is extremely remote.  A likely once in a lifetime opportunity has been squandered.

For the pro-life but also ivory tower theoreticians who just could not stomach LiveActions horrid, atrocious tactics, used throughout the Church for centuries for many reasons, congratulations!    I know LiveAction had additional videos showing Planned Parenthood criminal activities, but chose to sit on them when the controversy over the morality of their undercover reports.  I pray these additional videos would not have played a decisive role in the backlash against PP.  We will of course never know, but I’m glad I don’t have this issue on my conscience [I replaced  previous, pretty harsh statements that were in this paragraph previously.  Because I’m mean and spiteful and have little virtue in me, but occasionally have a nagging conscience, praise be to God – ED]

How  wedded are democrats to Planned Barrenhood?  They would have made virtually any deal to keep Planned Parenthood funding intact – it’s shocking the Repubnikans could not get more spending cuts. 

In lieu of the Planned Parenthood rider, Carl Cameron of Fox News reports that Senate Democrats have agreed to allow a separate vote on the organization’s funding, as well as a vote to defund the health care reform law. The deal also reportedly mandates several audits of Obama administration policies.

Speaker Boehner also won significant gains in cutting spending, with the administration agreeing to nearly $40 billion in cuts – a number the National Journal reported the administration conceded to as part of a deal to take Planned Parenthood off the table.

According to the Washington Times, the GOP managed to swing the largest ever non-defense spending cuts in a Congressional budget, according to dollar amount. Some conservative Republicans in the House nonetheless criticized the amount as too far below their $61 billion goal.

To put things in perspective, the United States federal government is presently running a deficit of almost $60 billion per week.  So the almost $40 billion in total cuts is not terribly impressive. 

The Republicans did get the Obama Admnistration and congressional dems to agree not to federally fund abortion in DC, reinstating a long term ban on federal funding of abortion in the capitol region that was overturned by Obama 2 years ago. 

So…….there are our pro-life heroes.  Who can we vote for next?