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Remember April 15, 2011

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I can’t believe I didn’t post this all Lent until now!

What do you think of this? April 15, 2011

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A vocation video produced by a group called whynotpriest.org.  What do you think of this?  Effective?  I think it’s a good effort, I hope it has some success.  I like the band of priests, only, they need cassocks and at least one biretta!  Well, I mean, to make it like…..perfect.

Greatest pic I’ve seen all week April 15, 2011

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We have a priest in the Diocese, a good, young priest, who wears the Cappa Romano from time to time.  I need to buy him a flintlock, to complete the ensemble.

Voris takes some hits – UPDATED! April 15, 2011

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I don’t normally do the blogfoolery thing, taking issue with what some other Catholic blog said about this or that or someone, and potentially raising up hackles of disapprobation.  But I did want to note that since this issue with the Scranton Diocese broke last week, criticisms of Michael Voris and his work at St. Michael Media seems to have increased a great deal.  In response to a video Mr. Voris posted a few days ago regarding the trend in the Church, among some, seeking to tie Earth Day with Easter or Good Friday or some other holy day, many are claiming that he has gone too far in recommending that people leave parishes if the priest/pastor seems to be hijacking the celebration of Good Friday for an exhortation to environmentalist dogoodery.  I hadn’t intended to post this particular video, but I’ll include it so you can see what he says:

The main complaints seem to be 1) that Voris is setting himself up as some kind of Pope, THE authority on all things Catholic, and 2) that he is advising people to even leave the Church.  Well, I think that second accusation is ridiculous, but I have known for some time that Voris rubs many people the wrong way.  Voris’ presentations in the Vortex series and many others (so many people seem to forget that the Vortex videos represent a small part of his overall video work on Church matters) generally align pretty well with my thoughts on the Faith, and I see him as a needed voice representing the Doctrine of the Church with a great deal of clarity and fervor.  Sorry to say, there are not enough such voices in the Church today.  In fact, his is rather lonely.  Please note, Voris is supported by high, HIGH elements in the Church, and more than just a few (way more so than his ‘conservative’ critics).  He is not some completely loose cannon.

Looking at some of the individual complaints – I do not think it out of bounds to recommend that people consider leaving a parish that is full of abuse and heterodox views of the Faith.  To continue to participate in the life of such a parish, and to support it financially, is to endorse, at least tacitly, these views.  Such a parish may have many other wonderful qualitities, the people may be great, etc., but if  a pastor or priest is not faithfully transmitting the Faith, or if he is even endorsing things directly counter to it, I think it acceptable to advise Catholics in good conscience to look for a parish that will provide their needed spiritual sustenance in a manner more consonant with the Faith. 

I am also tired of reading that someone who looks at the Church and sees a number of problems, both structurally and with specific individuals, as setting themselves up to be more Catholic than the Pope.  That is a foolish, unthinking, uncharitable statement to make in the first place, whose application I think is unapplicable perhaps outside a narrow range of sedevacantists.  Voris repeatedly states his love for the Pope and the Church and its authentic Doctrine – that he is very critical of those who, to him, don’t live or transmit that Doctrine faithfully is a measure of that love.  I don’t see this as being a reasonable criticism, and I think his clarity on the Faith makes many uncomfortable, but it’s the same kind of clarity that was once very widespread in the Church. 

There are also intimations that Voris feels the Church is some kind of democracy?  Both Shea and Scalia make this accusation – I don’t know how they determined that, but I think they are very off base.  If you look at the 700 odd videos St. Michael Media has produced over the years, I don’t believe one will find much support for that accusation. 

Some final notes:

1. I doubt am curious as to whether the timing of this criticism is merely happenstance.  Remember the ongoing situation in Scranton.

2. Voris produces hundreds of videos.  He has a pretty big audience, relatively speaking.  These videos are produced in a day.  While I am certain a great deal of effort and care goes into each one, I don’t know that he should be castigated for one turn of phrase in one video.  It is easy to start down a rhetorical path and perhaps use a turn of phrase that may come off as too strong.  I don’t think an individual should be pounded by some of the biggest names in the Catholic blogosphere as a self-stylized messiah for one turn of phrase.

3.  But that’s not really what this is about.  See item 1 above.  And, many, even those who appear ‘conservative’ Catholics, just don’t like the Faith presented in such a cut and dried manner.  I can only guess why that is, it could have something to do with all of us having imbibed much of the polluted, relativistic waters of this culture, but I think there is a general aversion among virtually all people today to truly black and white interpretations of things (probably including myself).  But much of the Faith is black and white.  Jesus said “He that is not with Me is against Me,” (Matt 12:30) and “….my brethren are they who hear the Word of God and do it.” (Lk 8:21), and he also said that those who refuse his Truth are doomed to fiery Gehenna.  While one may take issue with Voris’ specific phrases or demeanor at times (and only to an extent, IMO), his intent is one of Truth and serving God. 

As I said earlier, there are not many voices like Voris’ in the Church today, voices that boldly proclaim the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church and our need to hear it and adhere to it with all our being.  I know what his intent is with his apostolate, and I think he merits a wide latitude. 

There is some irony in finding more ire directed at Mr. Voris, whose love for the Church and its Truth is unquestionable, than at those who seek to undermine that Truth and change the cult of God to the cult of man.

And, boy has The Anchoress changed over the last 6-12 months, since she got a job with the Diocese of Brooklyn and started writing for Patheos.  Much less political, much less conservative, much less interesting.  Time to update the blogroll.

Oh, and Larry D notes an attack from the other side – Michael Sean Winters at the Distorter finds that the antichrist has come, and his name is Voris.

UPDATE: This is why I hate situations like this.  Now I’m making people I didn’t even know mad at me.  Makes me very tired.  Sorry, I knew I should not have said anything.  Another item for Confession later today.  Time for woodwork.