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Holy Week hiatus April 19, 2011

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I probably won’t be blogging much for the next several days.  Have a blessed Holy Week, and do try to really get into the spirit of this holiest of Holy Days in the Church!  I pray for all of you!  May God bless us abundantly!

Kneeling for Communion April 19, 2011

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I’ve blogged in the past about kneeling for Communion.  I can think of no single action that can be taken by those who want to “witness” to a perhaps not fully orthodox parish to effect change, because receiving the Blessed Sacrament kneeling and on the tongue shows extreme reverence for our Eucharistic Lord, it highlights our unworthiness to receive it, and it strengthens the concept of the Mass as Sacrifice, and less as community meal.  Since I’m in all Voris all the time mode, here is today’s video, on this very subject. 

There has been much discussion about whether one should leave a parish where abuses and even outright heresy are present.  Some say one should definitely leave, others are opposed.  Again, for those who wish to remain and witness to their fellow parishioners, I suggest receiving Communion kneeling and on the tongue as a definite, concrete action that can be taken to, with God’s Will, improve reverence for the Mass and the Eucharist at their parish.  This one simple step could have many spiritual fruits.  And no, it is not misplaced pride or making a spectacle of oneself to kneel, it is an act of deep humility and love for the Lord, present Body and Soul, Blood and Divinity in the Blessed Sacrament.

We have been kneeling to receive Communion at all parishes for the last 3 years.  Even at a ‘large suburban parish’ we frequent, more and more individuals are, slowly, beginning to share our practice of kneeling.  I pray that more and more people will do so.  It is every Catholic’s right to kneel for Communion, the “directives” from the USCCB are meaningless.  The Holy Father has shown by word and example that he desires all Catholics to kneel for Communion.  This is the direction the Church is headed – this form of reception will become more frequent.  If you feel you just can’t perform this beautiful witness until it becomes more “normal,” fine, but a quiet word of encouragement for those that do would also be very beneficial, and, I think, pleasing to the Lord.  There is a growing cohort of parishes where kneeling for reception IS the norm, and I pray this trend continues, and accelerates.

Voris mentions the hostility of some clergy towards those who kneel.  He is right that many of the reasons cited for this opposition are false.  Some also complain about the added time it would take if everyone knelt for Communion – oh, what a blessed problem to have?  Mass is 3 minutes longer because people are exhibiting great reverence and love for our Blessed Lord!  What a catastrophe, how will we survive!?!? 

I love these Voris videos, they make blogging so quick!  And I’m about to be on vacation for the rest of Holy Week, so I don’t and won’t have much time, so these are great!  Because it’s all about ME and MY needs, see!  Woo-hoo, yay me!

See why I need frequent confession?

All Voris all the time! April 19, 2011

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Voris explains the dichotomy in the Church – how some seemingly faithful Catholics appear very content to go along to get along, and how this present crisis in the Church (recognized and talked about frequently by the Holy Father – happy anniversary of your pontificate, Benedict XVI!) is perhaps the worst the Church has ever experienced, save, perhaps, for the Arian heresy.  And possibly the biggest threat from this present day crisis is the unwillingness of many in the Church, even many faithful Catholics, and even many priests and bishops, to recognize that their is a crisis.   Well, there is one, and times like these do not call for oh-so0-sensitive consensus building or meekly making mild suggestions for changes – they require bold and concrete action, like St. Teresa of Jesus and St. John of the Cross worked on the Church in Spain during the protestant revolt – actions that largely preserved the Faith in Spain for a further 4 centuries (until the modernist/leftist heresy came along to undermine the Faith in that once most Catholic of countries).  This is not a time to be overly charitable, in a weak sense – now is a time for boldly and uncompromisingly proclaiming the One True Faith instituted by Jesus Christ, and vociferously demanding that the standards of worship, music, art and architecture, and especially formation in our parishes dramatically improve. If they will not, we must find communities that will improve:

Contrary to his critics, every video this man produces is worth watching.  I may not fully endorse every single thing he says, but I agree with almost all, and his videos always inspire much thought.

Now, where’s my check from RealCatholicTV?

Voris and the feminization of the Church April 19, 2011

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No matter how hard I try, I may never grow out of my background.  You know – protestant, WASPy, and all that.  So maybe it’s my protestant background talking, but……the Catholic Church really seems to be – today – a chick’s Church.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the Church and know it is the eternal, mystical Body of Christ.  I know all that.  But, for various reasons, what was once a Church dominated by masculine personalities is increasingly becoming dominated by feminine ones.  Some reasons for this include the dozens of women who work at every parish/chancery, typically outnumbering the men 10 to 1, gay clergy, straight but not really masculine clergy, the larger percentage of women who assist at Mass/receive the Sacraments regularly, etc. 

So, Pat Archbold views the Voris situation somewhat in this lens, although, he just sees the wussification of the Church in general, he does not see a sexual dimension.  I think there is one.  I think this Voris flap reveals the increasing feminization of the Church – and I think this feminization has been disastrous for the Church on many levels.

I will be generalizing from now on, but from a standpoint of temperment, women are much more oriented towards building consensus, asking questions rather than making declarative statements, and in general attempting to not offend anyone’s feelings.  Two of the most vociferous critics of Voris’ recent video were women – with the Anchoress describing Voris as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and claiming that he was trying to declare himself ‘more Catholic than the Pope.’ (this thoughtless criticism is, to me, an ender.  When I see someone write that, I have a hard time taking anything else seriously, because it’s such a cheap, false, throw away kind of shot).  Certainly, Voris has had other critics, but most all of that criticism is directed at Voris’ style, not substance.  In fact, Voris is very difficult to criticize on substance, because he is unfailingly loyal to the Magisterium and, I think, strives to align his views with the Doctrine of the Faith.  But his presentation drives many people, especially many women, crazy.  Why?

Because Voris is direct.  He’s confrontational.  He’s not trying to delicately build a consensus, all the while making certain he’s not offending anyone.  Voris presents the Truths of the Faith in a clear, no nonsense style.  For many formed in a Church dominated by women and too many nebbish milquetoast men, his presentation is shocking.  It seems, somehow, un-Catholic.  Which reveals the extent to which a feminine mentality has been inculcated in the Church.  That is one reason I like some of the FSSP and other priests I know – they are unabashedly masculine.  I’m not saying the Church should not have a feminine dimension, but it should not be dominated by a feminine outlook, and I feel that in recent decades, that feminine outlook has dominated.   It feels different from many protestant churches, which are largely still ‘run’, if you will, by men.  It feels very soft and friendly and inviting, which are good things, but it’s also mushy and uncertain and unclear at times, which are bad things, very bad things for a Church to be.   I think many of the problems we have with doctrinal clarity in the Church today stem, in part, from this domination of the feminine view that all points of view should be respected, that all should be heard and no one excluded, etc.  That is certainly the view that has become predominant in the Church over the last few decades, and the result has been doctrinal chaos.

Voris approaches the Faith differently, and his approach resonates profoundly with me.  He is clear.  He is unapologetic.  He’s even angry at times, because we have much, as Catholics, to be angry about.  He presents the Faith in a “here it is, the ONE TRUE FAITH instituted by Jesus Christ, you can take it or leave it, but if you leave it, you’ll be damning yourself for all eternity.”  And I think we need to recognize that RIGHTEOUS ANGER IS NO SIN. In fact, if we see an abuse or heresy going on and do not confront it, with charity at first but having recourse to anger if necessary, the sins we tolerate become our sins.  The first spiritual work of mercy is CORRECTION.  There is very, very much to correct in the Church today.  Truth must be defended.   And righteous anger has a long history of use in the Church, from Christ’s overturning of the moneychanger’s tables in the temple to John the Baptist castigating the hypocrisy of he Pharisees to St. Jerome calling an associate a ‘spawn of satan’ and St. John Crysostom attacking in very harsh terms the heresies emanating from the court of Constantinople.  More recent examples abound, as well. 

It is interesting how many of the most well known, orthodox, masculine defenders of the Faith have faring of late.  Not well.  Fr. Euteneuer will likely never have a public ministry again.  Fr. Corapi’s future is uncertain.  And Michael Voris has been declared persona non grata by the Detroit and Scranton Dioceses, and now we get these attacks on his person.  I would say that satan is not pleased with these orthodox voices, and is using any and all means at his disposal to attack them and damage or eliminate their apostolates.  Obviously, prayer is much needed, prayer for more such voices and prayers for a greater understanding of Truth in the Church. And especially prayers that we will have more priests and bishops who will constantly, uncompromisingly, present all the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church to the people. 

But it’s Holy Week – you needed something to do.