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1-2 BILLION babies killed by abortion April 20, 2011

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I got an e-mail from the excellent Population Research Institute discussing the great sturm and drang being kicked up by the institutional left concerning the fact that the world’s population will soon reach 7 billion individuals.  That is 7 billion miracles, 7 billion creatures made in the image and likeness of God, completely different from any animal or plant or any other creature in that they have an immortal soul.  Nothing else does, or will.  Only human beings are endowed with this infinitely precious gift.

But to the left, 7 billion people is a disaster, a terrible burden, a vicious assault on our sweet earth mother goddess gaia, and a likely portent of doom, doom, DOOM for us all!  This has been a constant theme of the left’s for nearly a century, first starting out with eugenics, insisting that only the right kind of people had a right to be born, and then transmogrifying through the general misanthropy of socialism into the ridiculous, totally discredited Malthusian fantasies of Paul Erlich and others prognosticating massive suffering in the late 20th and early 21st centuries due to overpopulation-related effects.  Not much faith in God to provide in this crowd.  But, unfortunately, due to a sympathetic, credulous media always hungry for a headline grabbing story no matter how unfounded or far-fetched, this myth of disastrous pending (always pending!) overpopulation has become predominant, especially among the cultural elites.  Unfortunately, through the constant drumbeat of the media, this myth has also gradually been absorbed by the public at large.

And so, ideologues in academia and their allies in the media created a “crisis” where there was none, and with their basis in the eugenics movement, had a ready solution – procured abortion.  The eugenicists wanted to kill off the non-European people of the world, and the overpopulation fanatics wanted a quick and “easy” way to decrease birth rates, so they created an imaginary right – a woman’s “right” to kill her child.  Now, in 7000 years of recorded history, no one had ever dreamed of such a “right” before, because on its very face it is so offensive to the fundamental natural law and morality written on every human being’s heart.  But, through their allies in the media (and Madison Ave., I should not underestimate their contribution), the population alarmists were able to propagate a myth of a right where none had ever existed, and convinced many women that the only way to be free was to violate the very essence of their being and kill their offspring (perhaps in pursuit of a career, or to get an education, or for whatever other reason).  And through the magical media of TV and radio (among others), they have been staggeringly successful – PRI estimates that at least 1 billion babies worldwide have been aborted in the last 4 decades, and even as many as 2 billion – BILLION, with a B, two thousand million children  have been sacrificed on the altar of personal convenience, a false “choice,” an imaginary “right,” and the sick visions of “scienticians” like Erlich who became quite rich selling their deranged fantasies.

Soon, their wish will be fulfilled.  If current trends hold, and there is no reason to believe it will not, for the first time in a millenium the world’s human population will begin to drop.  You see, through contraception, sterilization, and abortion, the world’s collective birth rate is falling very fast, and will soon drop below replacement level.  The world’s population is forecast to peak at around 8 billion in 2050.  After that it will begin a long decline.  What then?  Well, for starters, all these social welfare ponzi schemes for the elderly will have to be eliminated, because there won’t be enough young people to pay for them.  In general, economic conditions will decline, and markedly, because a young and growing population is key for economic vitality.  There will be many unpredictable consequences – I’m sure there will be a huge push for euthanasia, there will be many other restrictions on freedoms as well as all the drab dreariness that comes from long term economic decline.  It is a very bleak picture.  And it is all completely avoidable, if only we will stop listening to the false prophets of doom.

Two final thoughts.  Alduous Huxley had no idea how right he could be – it is very likely most of the major elements of Brave New World will be a reality, or something close to it, very soon.  Secondly, when the archeaologists of the future look back at this period of the world, they will point to population decline as a the prime reason for the present day culture’s collapse – it’s happened many times before – Carthage, Rome, China, the Incas.

My God, what are we doing?  It’s almost as if man cannot be too comfortable, too successful, economically, like we have a built in death wish when things become too nice. Suffering is the way to salvation.  Without the cross, there can be no eternal crown.  Perhaps this is an aspect of God’s eternal law, written on our hearts, playing itself out before our very eyes.

Disappearing comments April 20, 2011

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I apologize to the kind individuals who left comments in the ‘Voris and the feminization of Church‘ post.  They appear to have disappeared.  I had nothing to do with this – it must be a WordPress problem.  I’ll try to contact them to see if they can be restored.  My apologies for this occurrence.  I did not have anything to do with it.