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We must cast all our cares upon God April 28, 2011

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The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis, Book III Chapter 17:


Son, suffer Me to do with thee what I will; I know what is best for thee.

Thou thinkest as man; thou judgest in  many things as human affection suggests.


Lord, what Thou sayest is true;  Thy care over me is greater than all the care I can take of myself.

For he stands at too great a hazard that does not cast his whole care on Thee (1 Pet 5:7)

Lord, provided that my will remain but right and firm towards Thee, do with me whatsoever it shall please Thee.  For it cannot but be good whatever Thou shalt do with me.

If Thou wilt have me to be in darkness, be Thou blessed, and if Thou wilt have me to be in light, be Thou again blessed; if Thou vouchsafe to comfort me, be Thou blessed, and if Thou will that I be afflicted, be Thou always equally blessed.


Son, it is in this manner thou must stand affected if thou desire to walk with me.  Thou must be as ready to suffer as to rejoice. Thou must be as willing to be poor and needy as to be full and rich.


Lord, I will suffer willingly for Thee whatsoever Thou art pleased should befall me. I will receive with indifference from Thy hand joy and sorrow, sweet and bitter, and will give Thee thanks for all that happens to me (Job 2:10).

Keep me only from all sin and I will fear neither death nor hell.  Cast me not off forever, nor blot me out of the Book fo Life, and what tribulation soever befalleth me shall not hurt me. (Apoc 3:5)

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