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Voris on the feminization of the Church, Mk. II May 3, 2011

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Michael Voris tends to engender strong reactions.  A couple of weeks ago, there were many hostile reactions to one of his videos.  I found it interesting that some of the strongest reactions came from female bloggers.  I then went to comment on my perception of the feminization of the Church.  Voris, who is actually me, and I he*, has some similar thoughts:

I agree that altar girls are not a good practice for many reasons, including those Voris cites.  What concerns me more is the domination of Chancery and parish staffs by women.  In some cases, this staff acts like a praetorian guard, insulating the priest or bishop from the people.  At times, these staff can be rather nasty, and enjoy exercising their notion of power or control.  No, certainly not all, but I have definitely met a few.  At one time in the Church, most parishes had a staff of 2 or 3, aside from clergy.  In some cases, there was no other staff besides clergy.  Nowadays, our priests are outnumbered 10 or 15 to 1 by staff, and while much good is done by these folks, I wonder if this is the best direction for the Church, to act as a sort of social service organization employing dozens.  In this environment, I get worried about division of effort, and I know there are some priests out there who are very good at the ‘church craft’ and social service side, but who are weaker in their proclamation of the Gospel, their celebration of the Sacraments, and their desire to save immortal souls.  Certainly, the Church needs both, but just like the feminization aspect, it seems the Church has skewed too far to one side.  I believe there is a connection between this ‘social service’ role and the feminization of the Church.

*not really!


1. Bob M. - May 4, 2011

Blessed JohnPaul II opened altar service to girls, much to the dismay of Blessed Mother Theresa.

2. Mary - May 4, 2011

When I watch the altar boys where only boys are allowed, I notice a great respect for their position and for the priest, when I see a mixed crew, I detect boredom and thus, a lack of respect.
Voris is right, girls should not be on the altar. I think if we return to only boys/men, we’ll see many more vocations. Perhaps our prayer for more priests will in effect eliminate girls and women from the altar.

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