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Genius!! May 5, 2011

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Way to go Fr. Adamcyzk! (he didn’t produce it, but he did post it, and isn’t that enough?!?)

Kid warning – too advanced for those under 18! 

That was some refreshing honesty!  Thanks to whomever put this together!

We must orient the Faith towards the service of God…. May 5, 2011

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……not the service of man.  I think that is what Michael Voris is saying below in a nutshell:

And I think that was much of the point from the excerpts from Vera Sapientia I posted earlier – a faith that has moveable ‘truth,’ which seeks to be current with the times, is not a true faith, it is a faith oriented towards the whims and fancies of every changing, ever fallen man.  There is one Truth and it has been revealed by Christ through His Church.  It is one of the hardest of things to say…..to offend…….someone you like or know or even love that they are conducting their life in a way God finds abhorrent.  It is hard to tell a whole group of people that their beliefs are wrong, that they at best have access to only some of the Faith of Jesus Christ.  And so, many (myself included) fall into the trap of the cult of man, of seeking to please our fellow men instead of upholding the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  Sadly, this is especially prevalent in many of those involved in ecumenism from the Catholic side, where an erroneous interpretation of Vatican II (that ‘spirit’ again) has led many to fall into indifferentism, to feel that basically any religion is as good as another and all are equally valid paths to Salvation.  As Voris said in the video, not only is this wrong, it is the most egregious of heresies, for it re-crucifies Christ and makes his Sacrifice, God literally coming down from Heaven to spill his Divine Blood for our sins, into nothing, a waste.  This indifferentism inevitably reduces Jesus Christ to just a man, who happened to say a bunch of really great things.  The old Arianism, again. 

Satan, and our own fallen natures, shall always tempt us in this regard.  That fallen angel will always try to fool us into thinking that we must orient the Faith towards the pleasing of man, and not God, and this can evidence itself in innumerable ways – from focusing inordinately on ‘social justice’ issues at the expense of reverent and frequent Sacraments, to softening the Doctrine of the Faith just a bit to make it seem more palatable to today’s poorly formed Catholics.  It is not always the outright heretic that does the most damage, but it is often the creeping indifference of each of us wimping out when we have a chance to proclaim the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church, and not doing so out of fear of offending.  I know I have failed in this regard many times.

So, I pray for the Grace that I may always be as forthright (and energetic, and full of love, and on fire, etc) as possible in spreading the great, glorious, unchanging Truths that Jesus Christ has made known to us through His Bride, the Holy Catholic Church.

A determined fight is to be carried on against vice…… May 5, 2011

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……after the example of the Saints.  Vera Sapientia, True Wisdom, Book I Chapter 10:

As we learn to bear adversity from the Passion and Cross of Jesus, and from the sufferings of the holy martyrs, so we also learn to overcome carnal vices, to despise riches, to flee honors, to treat with contempt all wordly things, and to seek and love Heavenly, after the example of the Blessed Virgin, of other virgins, holy widows, and chaste servants of God.  Study, O servant of God, to imitate the unconquerable patience of brave men, to reach the devil and his wiles, to despise and cast away from you all pleasures of the flesh, with all other vices.

If God in His goodness has given to you temproal goods, do not, miserable man, be puffed up with them. Do not foolishly set your heart on them, for you do not know how long you shall be here to enjoy them.  Do not desire a long life, but a goood one, for a good conscience is better than all the treaserus of the world.  The more you have of earthly goods, the more severely you shall be judged. [Yikes!]

Oh the deceitful favour and short glory of the world!  How happy the men and prudent the virgins who left all for Chirst, and studied to reach their eternal country by the narrow path.

Know, therefore, you faithful and devoted servants of Jesus Chirst, that so long as you live it is necessary for you to watch and pray, to fast and labour, and to fight against various carnal and spiritual temptations. It is necessary to chastise the flesh, and to repress its risings against the spirit, in order that it may not deceive and prevail against the soul, and lead it to hell.  What does it profit to nourish the flesh delicately here, and afterwards to be grievously tortured in hell? [Physical mortification was once a common practice among religious, and even laity.  It is rarely practiced today.  One should never begin physical mortifications without the guidance of a spiritual adviser, but I wonder, if, again, something has been lost in this tendency to cherish and even coddle our flesh – ED]

What advantage is it to be praised here and honoured by men, and afterwards to be put to shame and condemned with the wicked and devils? Those who are esteemed learned and great in this world, but who are not found among the elect, shall suffer confusion an shame before God and His Saints; but to suffer and to be despised for Christ by evil-doers is the greatest honour, praise, and glory with God and His saints. [This is one of the most difficult mortifications, to fly from the approval of others, and even ourselves.  We all like to be told we’re doing good, but Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and all her fellow Discalced Carmelites referred to themselves as “wretched Carmelite religious.”  All good comes from God alone.  The best we can do is to co-operate with His Grace.]

Hence He gives consolation to His disciples, and to all the faithful who suffer injuries and opressions for His name , saying, ‘Blessed shall you be when men shall hate you and reproach  you for My Name. Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in Heaven.’

So, what this all comes down to, since it’s all about ME!!!!, is that when I bug or disturb or otherwise gripe at a priest about something, it’s really just my little contribution towards their attaining the reward of the Glories of Heaven.  So, it’s really a good thing, see?!  Ha ha ha!

Back from my narcissistic dreamland to reality, here is a bit more from Chapter XI on suffering:

I feel ashamed, O Lord, that I suffer so little for Thee.  I make many promises, but I scarcely keep one out of ten.  Many are my words, but few my works. I am entirely in fault and without excuse, for my sloth and negligence increase my sins.  What, therefore, should I think or say but to ask pardon for these things, and pray – I have sinned, O Lord: have mercy on me! 

St. John of Avila to be next Doctor of the Church? May 5, 2011

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I love Spanish Saints – why don’t I know much about this great man?

Pope Benedict may soon name St. John of Avila (1499-1569), as the 34th Doctor of the Church, according to the I-Media news agency. Known as the Apostle of Andalusia, the saint helped develop the theology of the priesthood and is the patron saint of the Spanish secular clergy.

“At a historical moment full of controversies and profound changes, John of Avila was able to face the great challenges of his era with fortitude, in a way known only to men of God: by relying unconditionally on Christ, full of love for his brethren and impatient to bring them the light of the Gospel,” Blessed John Paul II wrote in 2000. “This was the mystery of his extensive apostolic work, his vast literary output and his creativity in the task of evangelizing all areas of society.”

St. John of Avila evangelized the southern portion of Spain, which had been in muslim hands for 700 years, shortly after the Reconquista.  I wonder if this elevation to the highest and greatest of the Heavenly Thrones (aside from Mary and the Apostles!) has anything to do with that aspect of his great apostolate.  He was thrown before the Inquisition for being too hard on the rich, but he so impressed the Inquisitorial court that he was invited to preach a sermon to it! 

Dominus vobiscum!

Mother’s Day pro-life effort May 5, 2011

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Well, actually, not on Mother’s Day itself, but the day before, Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 am, a group of us (including me, your noble, nearly patrician blogger) will be gathering outside the Routh Street abortion mill to stand for life and honor motherhood, in opposition to the complete antithesis of motherhood that takes place within the confines of all abortion mills.  This is a private event, not being put on by the Dallas Catholic Pro-Life Committee, but all are invited.  We know of several folks coming to join us, and there are always regular prayer warriors there at the mill on Saturdays, the sad day of the week on which most babies are brutally murdered.

If you want to come, know that Routh Street is located on the southbound side of Central Expressway south of Knox-Henderson.  Drive past the mill and turn right on Lee Street- you’ll probably need to park on the street.  You can, theoretically, park at the White Rose Women’s Center next door, but their parking lot is small and needed for those who have rejected abortion and all of its lies and false promises (that is, women who have chosen life), so please park on the street if you can.

Please come and stand for life and motherhood!  We will be praying and liberally assaulting the mill with Holy Water and blessed salt!  We will pray that those mother’s considering having their babies lives ended in what should be the safest place in the world will change their minds and embrace life!  We’ll probably stay until around noon, and the weather should be nice, so come out!

Urgent prayer request May 5, 2011

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Many who belong to Mater Dei parish have an association with the Carmelite monastery in Oak Cliff.  The Reverend Mother of that monastery has just been diagnosed with a virulent form of cancer.  Please see prayer request below:

I am asking you to please pray for our dear Reverend Mother Juanita Marie at the Discalced Carmelite Monastery of the Infant of Prague and St. Joseph.  She was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer for which she will have surgery on May 17th.  She would really appreciate all of you praying for her strength and healing, for her physicians to be guided by God with her care, and for a positive outcome of her surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers now and especially on May 17th around ten o’clock in the morning.  Thank you in advance.

Start Novena on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 8

http://www.ewtn.com/therese/novena.htm  (longer novena)

My Novena Rose Prayer (shorter)

O Little Therese of the Child Jesus
Please pick for me a rose
from the heavenly gardens
and send it to me
as a message of love.

O Little Flower of Jesus,
ask God to grant the favors
I now place with confidence
in you hands. That all cancerous and pre-cancerous stem cells in Rev. Mother Mary Juanita be quickly removed, never to return. (add your own personal intentions)

St. Therese, help to always believe
as you did
in God’s great love for me,
so that I may imitate
your “Little Way” each day.