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Many thanks for your prayers!…….and……….. May 13, 2011

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We’re home, the boy is recovering.  He’s doing pretty well, all things considered. He was having serious sleep apnea and is not even 2, so the doctors wanted to take out his enormous tonsils and investigate some other things in his throat.  Sort of a tonsillectomy+exploratory surgery.  He’s sleeping better already.  He had a nice long nap today.

Since I know many of my readers are attached to the Traditional Latin Mass, I wondered what your reactions were to the new clarification of the Motu Proprio?  I think it’s pretty good – I vacillated with Fr. Z’s poll deciding whether the clarification was okay or very good – I think it’s better than ok, but not sure about ‘very good.’ It doesn’t put real enforcement into provisions requiring priests and bishops meeting requests for the TLM, but it does tighten things up a fair amount.  I thought the provisions for seminarians, absolutely critical to a broad based return to the TLM (while having the NO around, yes) were pretty soft, still.  I think it will take still a third pronouncement t get that guidance in place.

What do you think? The above is based on a quick first pass review of the documents, I havent’ studied them in detail, but I know you guys love my uninformed opinions, so I went ahead and fired.  Ready, fire, aim, that’s me!

Many thanks again for your prayers. Surely they have aided the process tremendously.