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I almost hate to pick on them….. May 20, 2011

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…. I used to be episcopalian, so this actually sort of pains me, and I know I’ve picked on them in the past, but good gried – muslim call to prayer and koran readings at an Episcopal church in upscale Montclair, NJ?  Why?  Oh……because the rector of the episcopal church is concerned about demonization of muslims in the US.

I find that rather ironic. For in Iran, if you are caught with a Bible, you are liable to be executed.  If you are caught evangelizing, you could spend the rest of your life in jail.  In Egypt, you can have a Coptic Church, but in many places you have to put a sign on the door that says “there is but one god allah and muhammad is his prophet.  Jesus was also his prophet, but god was not begot and he does not beget.”  So everytime a Copt walks into his church, he gets to see a nice message of the cultural supremacy of Islam.  Funny, when our 5 year old white little girls are being felt up in airport security lines, I don’t see a great deal of repression or demonization of muslims.  To compare the very mild security many Americans hold regarding muslims to true cultural repression or demonization is ludicrous.  I do not know what infects the minds of individuals to always want to hold this country to an infinitely high standard while giving others a 100% total pass.

In fact, this country has bent over backwards to NOT offend or annoy muslims in any way since 9/11, to the extent that we have ridiculous policies in place that permit the feeling up of small children at airports just so long as we avoid the heinous crime of ‘profiling.’  And yet, we are told by those who always blame this nation for everything that there is a ‘growing climate of demonization.’  Give me a break. 

All of this is definitely a sign of a massive lack of faith. 

The Pope really needs to visit the US again! And a poll! May 20, 2011

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Because it appears his visit to England is yielding impressive fruit!  First, the Ordinariate, which is really only up and functioning in the UK.  Then, English bishops reinstate Friday abstinence from meat (welcome back to the fish on Friday club!).  Now, the English bishops are considering returning to the traditional Holy Days of Ascension Thursday and Epiphany instead of rolling them into the nearest Sunday, as also occurs in the US:

The bishops of England and Wales will decide at their November meeting whether to reverse a 2006 decision and transfer the celebration of the Epiphany and the Ascension from Sunday back to their traditional days. If the transfer is approved, January 6 and Ascension Thursday will again become holy days of obligation.

“The Epiphany and the Ascension are still part of the rhythm of many people’s lives in this country, and so we are weighing up how we stand,” said Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster. “Bishops have gone away [from their May meeting] ready to listen to their priests and their people as to what is to be best gained, either by marking those two days in the rhythm of the calendar or with the advantages of an easier and fuller liturgical celebration of them on a Sunday,”

Way to go!  Restoring Holy Days to their proper days is a prime means of re-establishing our unique Catholic identity!  Let us have more of this!  At one time, there were over 40 Holy Days of obligation, outside of Sunday, in the English Church!  We may not need to reach that level, yet, but for very important days let us have our Holy Days back!  We love them, and they mark us out as different from other Christian sects.

I even have a fun poll for you to fill out!  Determine what to think based on the opinions of others! :p

I want a royalty! May 20, 2011

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Voris is ripping me off!  I demand 20% of his, uh……..$$dozens. 

Just kidding!   Further reinforcing that Michael Voris and I were separated at birth, his latest Vortex video concerns an issue I blogged on yesterday – the few who will be saved.  I swear there is no co-ordination going on.  I can only attribute our frequent coverage of the same topics to some action of Providence.  Perhaps the Lord wants this message to get out.  Many of the same quotes as I had, but some new ones, and the same concern – we must strive with all our might to shuck off our fallen natures and change our lives to be pleasing to God.  Prayer, penance, mortification, and a will to suffer.

Blasphemous nun speaks at ‘catholic’ university May 20, 2011

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Several months ago, the ‘Arcus Foundation,’ a radical pro-homosexualist lobby (Arcus meaning rainbow), donated several hundred thousand dollars to fund seminars at various “catholic’ colleges with the express intent of trying to shape Catholic thought on the issue of homosexuality.  In short, they are trying to “peel away” as many Catholics as possible from the authentic dogma of the Church, and have unfortunately found willing accomplices at a number of ‘catholic’ universities. 

To give you a feel for the direction these seminars take, TFP has a report regarding the upcoming seminar at Fairfield University which will be a part of this effort to peel away Catholics.  The star speaker?  Sr. Jeanine Gramick, founder of the very heterodox New Ways Ministry and an individual who is supposed to be under a ban from the Vatican to speak on the subject of homosexuality in a public setting:

Dissident nun, Sr. Jeannine Gramick, who blasphemed Our Lord Jesus and Saint John as homosexuals is scheduled to lecture at Catholic Fairfield University.

Sr. Jeannine Gramick is scheduled to lecture at Catholic Fairfield University about The Care of Souls: Sexual Diversity, Celibacy, and Ministry. She is co-founder of New Ways Ministry and was permanently forbidden by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith from doing any ministry work involving homosexuality.

So this lecture at Fairfield is a direct disobedience to a formal directive from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Shocking: Sr. Gramick blasphemed the holy friendship between Our Lord and Saint John saying it was “for lesbian and gay people a hope for a blessing for same-sex relationships…”

Moreover, that Sr. Gramick, who is forbidden to be involved in any pastoral work with homosexuals, is publicly invited to lecture to Catholic students at an officially Catholic University defies understanding.

As lay Catholics, we must offer our most fervent act of reparation to Our Lord Jesus Christ for this sin.

Obviously, one of the biggest problems afflicting the Church in these days is an unwillingness to enforce discipline.  Although the Vatican has specifically barred Sr. Gramick, who is a long time homosexualist activist, from serving in ‘gay ministry’ or expounding on the topic public, apparently, the Bishop of Bridgeport, Bishop Lori (who is also the “Supreme Chaplain” of the Knights of Columbus!) hasn’t seen fit to put a stop to this abomination.  How can a woman who has repeatedly apostasized be allowed to influence the minds of any Catholics, let alone, young, impressionable Catholics, those most likely to be seduced by the wiles of the world and its prince?  How can we have yet another radical, heretical nun (in this case, she goes way beyond mere “dissent”) being allowed to speak in a Catholic forum with the tacit approval of the local Church leadership?  Isn’t this a sign of being more concerned about the opinions of men, and especially, influential cultural elites who have gone all in on this “homosexuality as a civil right” issue, that serving God and His Holy Church?

Of course, Gramick’s statements regarding Jesus and St. John are way, way beyond the pale, have absolutely no basis in Scripture or Tradition, and reflect the twisted visions of a desperately sick woman.  But there have always been crazy people in the Church who have said outrageous, offensive things.  What was different in the past is that we had episcopal leadership that took very seriously their job to defend the Faith.  I would like to say that the leadership of the Church still takes that role seriously.  I pray that Bishop Lori will act to stop this conference. 

You can voice your concern here to the university.  Perhaps it may make sense to send a polite but firm e-mail to Bishop Lori, as well.  You can do that here.

Here is an article delving into Gramick’s very troubling history.