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Bah! My limited blog capabilities! June 1, 2011

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Go to NCR and check out an awesome vid highlighting the differences between pro-life Texas (or at least University Park, which is but isn’t representative) and not so pro-life Jersey.  Seriously, almost no one referenced their faith in Jersey, but everyone in Texas did. 

I can’t embed the ABC video, dangit!

A bishop warns about Girl Scouts June 1, 2011

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The auxiliary bishop of Denver, James Conley, wrote a piece on the Archdiocese of Denver website concerning Girl Scouts.  It has all the right language concerning all the good scouting does, the long association between many parishes and scouting, etc, but Bishop Conley notes that there are also very serious reasons for concern regarding the Girl Scouts USA:

Over the past year though, a growing number of Catholic parents and youth ministers have shared a concern with me.  And it deserves some discussion.

Their unease involves the Girl Scouts, and especially the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)…….

 …what happens at the international and national levels of Scouting has an important trickle-down effect. This is exactly why “pro-choice” organizations have worked to develop connections with the Scouting movement. 

Parents would be wise to spend some serious time browsing the WAGGGS (www.wagggsworld.org) and GSUSA websites, following the links they find there, and examining for themselves how these organizations deal with sexuality, “choice” and reproductive issues. It may be a sobering experience.

As one youth minister recently wrote:

It’s hard to imagine that a girl who remains involved with Girl Scouts into young adulthood won’t eventually learn of the connections her organization has with ‘pro-choice’, pro-contraception and ‘reproductive freedom’ groups

Having been influenced by GSUSA, she’ll be more receptive to this agenda.  And if she was introduced to GSUSA through her parents and her local parish, then that will inevitably create contradictions between her Catholic faith and her Scouting experience.”

The many good things offered by Girl Scouting in Colorado deserve praise from the Catholic community. Scouting and the Church have always had, and hopefully will continue to have for many years, a very positive relationship.

Parents need to remain alert to the content of their daughters’ activities. And Catholics involved in the Girl Scouting movement should m

But parents, as the primary educators of their children, have every right to insist that their beliefs, especially their moral and religious beliefs, be respected—not undermined—by the organizations to which they entrust their children. 

Parents need to remain alert to the content of their daughters’ activities. And Catholics involved in the Girl Scouting movement should make it clear to leadership that Scouting is only a means to an end—the proper formation of young character.

It’s not an end in itself; and should Scouting ever fail in that proper formation, other groups can be found or formed to take its place.

I’d say that’s at least something of a threat, and well it should be.  While I’m certain most local Girl Scout troops are just made up of moms and daughters trying to bond and develop some skills, the national and international Girl Scouts organizations have severely lost their way, and become dominated by radical feminist agendas, especially supporting all the sacred sexual shibolleths of the left – abortion, contraception, deviant sexuality, etc.  As the good bishop points out, there are many other organizations that fulfill similar roles to Girl Scouts, without agendas contrary to the Faith.  I especially like the Little Flowers girls club, named after God’s own Little Flower.  I strongly question whether Catholic parishes should continue in their relations with the Girl Scouts, for all the good they do, because of the increasing antipathy of the national and international organizations to the morality of the Faith.

The moral collapse of the culture…..UPDATED! June 1, 2011

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……as indicated by polls.  Now, this is Gallup, so it could be a ‘push’ poll – taking a skewed sample in order to try to drive public opinion while claiming to report on it in an unbiased manner, but the data are disconcerting nonetheless.  America is becoming an increasingly amoral nation:

According to the poll, 69 percent of the nation’s citizens view divorce as permissible while just 31 percent are morally opposed to it. [Well, given the number of divorced people in this country…….]

Additionally, 60 percent of respondents found premarital sex as morally acceptable and 36 percent viewed it as wrong. [I’m surprised it’s not higher!  If it feels good, do it, right?!]

On the topic of the stem cell research, 62 percent Americans approved of harvesting cells from human embryos while just 30 percent opposed it. [This is very bad.  This is judging human life on a basis of utilitarianism.  This leads down a very dark path, trod heretofore by marxists and Nazis.]

Doctor-assisted suicide proved to be the most controversial issue with 45 percent of Americans finding it acceptable versus 48 percent who believe it to be morally wrong. [Once again, utilitarianism.  It’s a short stride from doctor ‘assisted’ to doctor forced suicide.  Ask the Netherlands]

Having a baby out of wedlock also closely divided Americans, with 54 percent viewing it as acceptable and 41 percent opposing it. [Well, it’s much better to have the baby rather than abort, but the act that precipitated the pregnancy was immoral.]

Abortion was supported by 39 percent of respondents while 51 percent stated that they viewed it to be morally wrong. [Data like this make me think this is not a ‘push’ poll.  If it were, it’s likely those finding abortion morally acceptable would be higher.  Still, it’s stunning to think that millions of Americans (and others) think killing a completely innocent child largely for the sake of convenience is a moral act]

The future does not look much better, in fact, it’s likely to be much, much worse:

“The largest generational difference is seen for pornography, something 42 percent of young adults consider morally acceptable, versus 19 percent of those 55 and older,” she wrote. [If you grow up in a sewer and never know any different, you’re likely to think the sewer is alright]

Adults 18 to 34 are also more supportive than older Americans of gay and lesbian relations, premarital sex, out-of-wedlock births, gambling, polygamy, abortion and cloning humans. However, this demographic proved to be less supportive of the death penalty and medical testing on animals. [so, in general, they’re lefties.  Great!!  How deeply consumed by sin does one have to be to support polygamy?]

Despite Americans increasing acceptance of issues such as divorce, premarital sex and embryonic stem cell research, the poll showed the vast majority of people as morally opposed to extramarital affairs, polygamy, cloning humans, and suicide. [Thank goodness for that.]

UPDATE!!: Apparently, this same survey also showed that US adults estimate that 25% of the US population is gay!  More gays that Catholics, or blacks, or hispanics!  Hah! The actual figure is 1 or 2%!  Read the link for some analysis for why Americans may have gotten this number so wrong.  I will say this – people have no idea how propagandized they are by TV, constantly – commercials, news programs, sit-coms, dramas – you name it, you are being propagandized.

Has this ever happened to you? June 1, 2011

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Have you ever been in the Confessional, and been told something by a priest that you know runs counter to the professed Doctrine of the Church?  Perhaps a priest has said that using artificial contraception is OK?  Or that masturbation or looking at porn isn’t really a big deal, and you don’t need to confess it?  Canon lawyer Ed Peters has an article in Homiletics and Pastoral Review that highlights the fact that these priests are in violation of Canon 1387, and be encouraging others to sin, are committing a grave sin themselves.  Canon 1387 states:

can. 1387 –  A priest who in the act, on the occasion, or under the pretext of confession solicits [sollicitat] a penitent to sin against the sixth commandment of the Decalogue is to be punished, according to the gravity of the delict, by suspension, prohibitions, and privations; in graver cases he is to be dismissed from the clerical state.

Fr. Z has some commentary on this, which many have already seen, but it bears repeating:

A great deal here turns on the meaning of “sollicitat“.  Sollicito means a range of things from “stir up, tempt, induce” to “incite one to do something”, often something wrong.  “To urge to wrong-doing”.

When I read that canon in the past, what always occurred to me is the situation in which some bottom-feeder of a priest might solicit something for himself from the penitent.  The more common notion of a “crime of solicitation”.

It didn’t occur to me that this canon could apply to a priest who has given advice leading the penitent to sin against the Sixth Commandment in some other way.

Imagine – or perhaps you don’t have to imagine – some priest saying that it is okay to use contraception for the purpose of avoiding pregnancy, that it is okay to masturbate, that it is okay to have homosexual sex, that it is okay to marry or remarry when not free to do so, etc.

It seems that can. 1387 applies to a priest who gives really bad advice in the confessional, saying or suggesting or proposing that the penitent do something or can do something against the Sixth commandment, that doesn’t involve himself at all.

There have always been some dodgy confessors and dirt-bag priests who think they know better than the Church, or to give some benefit of doubt, priests who through a misplaced “compassion” tell penitents things that are not true and thus endanger both their souls.

There have always been that sort of priest.

But the number of that sort of priest rose sharply in the chaotic wake of Vatican II.

Who knows how many people’s lives were screwed up as a result?

Unfortunately, there are a wide range of subjects related to the 6th Commandment that today are somehow controversial in the Church – at least in the sense that there are many, even among priests, who do not agree with established Church Doctrine.  These subjects include gay relationships, the aforementioned masturbation, porn use, divorce and remarriage, extra-marital sex, and especially contraception.  We have, in our family, received ‘advice’ in the Confessional that after a certain number of kids, or in certain broad situations, the use of artificial contraception is OK.  That is an incitement to sin, and a grevious moral error on the part of the priest.  These ‘sexual’ issues are at the forefront of dissent in the Church – our current culture, especially among those of a certain moral/political persuasion, constantly encourages sins against chastity and modesty.  And it is sad to say that there are some priests who have come to accept the cultural view of these sexual issues, rather than Church Doctrine.  I think  many of us have had experiences of that sad trend.

But, I think things are getting better.  I think many priests do a very good job, and believe that most younger priests are even more solid in this area.  I have prayed, and will continue to pray over this.  I know some souls who have been led astray by perhaps well meaning but very poor direction of this kind.

WHO – Oral Contraception Group 1 Carcinogen June 1, 2011

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Would you drink a nice cup of benzene for breakfast, every day?  No?  Well, if you take artificial, oral contraception (the pill), you may as well – it has a similar cancer potential as benzene, arsenic, and asbestos – it is a group 1 carcinogen, the most potent type of carcinogen:

Perhaps the best-kept secret of modern medicine is the link between oral contraceptives and increased breast cancer risk.

While combined oral contraceptives, better known as The Pill, rank as Group I carcinogens according to a 2005 report released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization, doctors continue to routinely prescribe the pill for a variety of conditions, ranging from acne to birth control (American Cancer Society, 2008)….

Among pro-lifers and faithful Catholics who have an interest in the subject, this is not exactly a new revelation, but it is interesting to see confirmation from the World Health Organization that the pill poses a severe cancer risk.  Breast cancer rates have exploded over the past 40 years, beginning a rapid increase a decade or so after the pill became widely available. 

Looking over the list of Group 1 carcinogens, the estrogen and progesterone that make up the pill are striking in being about the only ‘pharmaceuticals’ on the list.  The vast majority are heavy industrial chemicals.  It is amazing to me that doctors prescribe these very powerful drugs like they’re handing out candy.  It’s amazing that women take them for years on end, with the vast majority having no idea of their great cancer potential.  This truly putting money ahead of patient care, isn’t it?  Are we really willing to poison ourselves (because the estrogen and progesterone are finding their way into our water supplies in disturbing quantities) for the sake of convenience, to have that frightening, powerful control over such an intimate aspect of our bodies?  What are we willing to sacrifice, collectively, to be as fecund as possible while having the immense power to limit the number of children to the perfect two, or one, or zero? 

Apparently, a great deal.  I remind all that God will not be mocked.

UPDATE: Related.  FDA orders safety review of birth control pills due to deaths from blood clots.