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A bishop warns about Girl Scouts June 1, 2011

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The auxiliary bishop of Denver, James Conley, wrote a piece on the Archdiocese of Denver website concerning Girl Scouts.  It has all the right language concerning all the good scouting does, the long association between many parishes and scouting, etc, but Bishop Conley notes that there are also very serious reasons for concern regarding the Girl Scouts USA:

Over the past year though, a growing number of Catholic parents and youth ministers have shared a concern with me.  And it deserves some discussion.

Their unease involves the Girl Scouts, and especially the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)…….

 …what happens at the international and national levels of Scouting has an important trickle-down effect. This is exactly why “pro-choice” organizations have worked to develop connections with the Scouting movement. 

Parents would be wise to spend some serious time browsing the WAGGGS (www.wagggsworld.org) and GSUSA websites, following the links they find there, and examining for themselves how these organizations deal with sexuality, “choice” and reproductive issues. It may be a sobering experience.

As one youth minister recently wrote:

It’s hard to imagine that a girl who remains involved with Girl Scouts into young adulthood won’t eventually learn of the connections her organization has with ‘pro-choice’, pro-contraception and ‘reproductive freedom’ groups

Having been influenced by GSUSA, she’ll be more receptive to this agenda.  And if she was introduced to GSUSA through her parents and her local parish, then that will inevitably create contradictions between her Catholic faith and her Scouting experience.”

The many good things offered by Girl Scouting in Colorado deserve praise from the Catholic community. Scouting and the Church have always had, and hopefully will continue to have for many years, a very positive relationship.

Parents need to remain alert to the content of their daughters’ activities. And Catholics involved in the Girl Scouting movement should m

But parents, as the primary educators of their children, have every right to insist that their beliefs, especially their moral and religious beliefs, be respected—not undermined—by the organizations to which they entrust their children. 

Parents need to remain alert to the content of their daughters’ activities. And Catholics involved in the Girl Scouting movement should make it clear to leadership that Scouting is only a means to an end—the proper formation of young character.

It’s not an end in itself; and should Scouting ever fail in that proper formation, other groups can be found or formed to take its place.

I’d say that’s at least something of a threat, and well it should be.  While I’m certain most local Girl Scout troops are just made up of moms and daughters trying to bond and develop some skills, the national and international Girl Scouts organizations have severely lost their way, and become dominated by radical feminist agendas, especially supporting all the sacred sexual shibolleths of the left – abortion, contraception, deviant sexuality, etc.  As the good bishop points out, there are many other organizations that fulfill similar roles to Girl Scouts, without agendas contrary to the Faith.  I especially like the Little Flowers girls club, named after God’s own Little Flower.  I strongly question whether Catholic parishes should continue in their relations with the Girl Scouts, for all the good they do, because of the increasing antipathy of the national and international organizations to the morality of the Faith.


1. KathiBee - June 2, 2011

I was a GS since 2nd grade & an early recipient of the then relatively new Gold Award – the highest award in GS. I stayed in all through high school & was a leader in college. I became a leader again when our eldest was old enough to enter. Unfortunately, I handed over $100 20 years ago to become a lifetime member.

It is gravely disappointing to me that the organization that did much to develop my leadership abilities & taught me a wide-variety of things from how to canoe, identify poisonous plants & plan a party to the strategies of working well as a group & organizing a state-wide event, has sunk to the depths it has.

I am loathe to buy a box of cookies (& will only buy them from a niece) & pulled our daughters out back when the PP controversy came out. Our daughters now do Little Flowers, which is, in my estimation, a better program for the basic fact that it teaches our daughters about strong women of the Faith, who flowered b/c of their femininity, not despite it. And more importantly, listened to God’s calling & followed His will for their lives — not their own.

GS is beholden to the secular, PC gods. It pushes working, political, math/science/sports & powerful womanhood. A perusal through the website of the international group, WAGGS, will show you exactly what their agenda is. I am woman – see me take over the world w/my liberated sexuality & barren womb.

I would surmise they would not see someone as myself – stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of a larger family – a testimony to what they desire for the young women they are influencing.

I am so glad to see a Bishop write what I’m sure will be a very controversial letter. It’s time that the GS agenda be brought to light to the hundreds of parishes/parish schools who have troops meeting under their roofs. I don’t deny their is good that GS troops & girls do, but I just don’t see how you can separate the GS program from the national & international headquarters & their agenda & assume one involved in the program won’t be affected by it.

tantamergo - June 2, 2011

It would greatly annoy me if the Boy Scouts started doing the same kinds of things the Girl Scouts are doing, and I only made it to Star. I can’t imagine how a Gold/Eagle Scout would feel.

I wish it weren’t so! I’d love to buy bunches of cookies and encourage girls to join and parishes to have troops and all that! Why do they have to go adopt an anti-life agenda?

Why does seemingly almost EVERY SINGLE organization that is not specifically, by design, pro-life or conservative/traditional seem to wander down this path of radicalism? (Actually, the reasons are known, but don’t make it any less exasperating)

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