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Dodge hates them some kids June 3, 2011

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A number of other sites have blasted Dodge’s commercial for their minivans, in which the growing societal trend towards child-avoidance is touted:

but Jay at Pro Ecclesia is taking matters a bit further:

Dear Dodge,

I am a loyal Dodge customer whose 2 most recent vehicle purchases were Dodge Grand Caravans, including one in 2010. I recently viewed with horror your ad that depicts having children as something to be avoided. Just who do you think buys minivans anyway (clue: people with children). Which raises the question of why you feel the need to go out of your way to insult them? Is it going to help you sell these family vehicles by making families feel like personae non gratae?

Do you REALLY believe the childless and cynical Daily Show “smart set” to whom the commercial was obviously geared is going to buy a vehicle that averages around 20 mpg? Does it make you feel better about selling a vehicle that gets comparatively crummy gas mileage and thereby pollutes the environment more than other cars if you can make common cause with the sorts of people who view children as just another pollutant with a set of carbon footprints? Although the “smart set” may concur with the sentiment of the ad, they’ll be laughing on their way to buying a Prius.

Meanwhile, you’ve just angered a loyal customer who, although considering buying a Sienna last year, instead relied on my good experience with the Grand Caravan I purchased in 2002 (and still drive) and decided to buy another one. In making that decision, my wife and I took our kids with us to the dealership – they, like the children you disparage in the ad, crawled in and out and all over the interior of the vehicle (and, gasp, may have been a little loud), but I’m sure the salesperson and the dealership were more than happy to have sold the vehicle, which we bought due in no small part to our kids’ enthusiasm for it.

Well, I won’t be making that mistake again, unless I receive a written formal apology and Dodge makes a public statement of regret for running this abysmal ad. Believe me when I tell you that I am NOT the only parent who feels this way. You WILL lose customers over this unless you act to repair the damage you have done by gratuitously insulting those most likely to buy a Dodge minivan

I told you they were going to do it June 3, 2011

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There is nothing the present day democrat party holds more sacrosanct than the false, evil, ‘right’ of abortion on demand.  The democrat claims to be a party of many things, and especially relies on its repeated claims to be the party of benefits for the poor in order to win elections, but ultimately, when choices have to be made and its do or die time, the democrat party is the party of death, the party of abortion.  Last week, I blogged that the federal government had threatened to withhold ALL Medicaid monies from Indiana if it did not rescind a law that banned all Medicaid funding of Planned Barrenhood. Yesterday, the Obama Administration made good on that threat – they wil now withhold all that money unless the law is changed:

The Obama administration today denied Indiana’s use of its new state law that would deny millions in taxpayer dollars to the Indiana affiliate of the nation’s largest abortion business.

Governor Mitch Daniels signed the law, which would cut off anywhere from $2 million to $3 million the Planned Parenthood abortion business receives in federal funds via the Indiana government through Medicaid.

However, the Obama administration has told the state it can’t implement the new law, with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Donald Berwick denying a request to deny funds saying the federal Medicaid law stipulates that states can’t exclude providers based on the services they provide.

“Medicaid programs may not exclude qualified health care providers from providing services that are funded under the program because of a provider’s scope of practice,” Berwick wrote, according to National Journal. “We assume this decision is not unexpected.”

Berwick also said the law makes it so states can’t prohibit access to family planning, which is provided under federal law. His department released a memo advising states that they can’t exclude abortion providers from receiving taxpayer funds via Medicaid.

Mike Fichter, the director of Indiana Right to Life, responded to the decision in comments to LifeNews.

“The Obama administration appears to be intent on trying to force Indiana to subsidize the business of abortion in direct contrast to the desires of the state legislature and the people of Indiana.  Indiana must refuse to be bullied by the federal government and must challenge this politically-charged determination with full vigor.  The state of Indiana has a right to determine how it will manage its Medicaid program and to select the providers it will partner with.  Planned Parenthood is not entitled to public funding,” he said.

Well of course in light of the Constitution, Indiana has a right to determine how to manage its Medicaid program, but to the Obama Administration and much of the democrat party, ALL rights are subordinated to a woman’s “right to choose” – to have her child killed (they always leave that part out).  Planned Barrenhood has also filed suit against the state, claiming to have a ‘right’ to be funded under Medicaid provisions.  It is truly bizaare witnessing private entities claim they have a right to federal funding at the levels they demand.  It is also completely plain to anyone with a brain that Planned Parenthood’s claim to ‘sequestor’ money it receives from the government in separate accounts from abortion money is patently ridiculous – as has been stated many times by many people (smarter’n me), money is fungible, and money paid into one account for one purpose frees up other money for other purposes.  So, yes Virginia, federal dollars do pay for abortions, every day of the week.  I can’t tell you the number of people entering Routh Street who have said paying for their abortion is no problem, because if you get the doctor to say it’s “medically necessary,” Medicaid will pay for it. 

It’s a giant scam.  You and I have been paying for Planned Barrenhood to kill children ever since the monstrous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.  The only way to insure that doesn’t happen is to totally defund Planned Barrenhood.

Blog format problems! June 3, 2011

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I don’t know what’s up!  WordPress is screwing around again!  I’m getting sick of WordPress releasing code that’s not tested, and then wreaking havoc with people’s blogs!  If I weren’t so lazy, I’d move my blog!

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Experience indicates the problem will likely resolve itself within 24 hours.

69 years ago today….. June 3, 2011

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….one of the most decisive naval battles in history began in and around Midway Atoll in the central Pacific.  The decisive strategic and tactical victory reduced the Japanese fleet to parity with the USN in the Pacific, and paved the way for the wresting of strategic initiative from the Japanese in the hellish Solomon Islands campaign.  The attrition warfare in the Solomon Islands doomed any chance for Japanese victory, and paved the way for the runaway string of dominance from early 1943 on for US forces in the Pacific.

The best book to read on the Battle of Midway is Shattered Sword by Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully.

Midway Atoll 1942SBD Dauntless dive bombers from CV-8 HornetSBD Dauntless dive bombers from CV-8 Hornet


The Japanese Combined Fleet, Nihon Kaigun, lost 4 carriers at Midway – Akagi, Soryu, Hiryu, and Kaga.  The USN lost the great USS Yorktown (CV-5), which had been badly damaged at Coral Sea, miraculously patched back together at Pearl Harbor, and then hit once, put out of commission, fought back to full fighting trim, and finally hit again, put out of commission, almost saved, only to be sunk by a submarine torpedo.  Her wreck was found in 1998.

Every once in a while I like to rant on naval history!  Sue me!

Reminder – Pill Kills Seminar at St. Patrick’s tomorrow! June 3, 2011

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Tomorrow, June 4 starting at 8:45 am, the Pill Kills seminar will start with a prayer vigil outside the Planned Barrenhood abortuary in Dallas.  This will be followed by a presentation from National Right to Life and other groups at St. Patrick’s parish in Dallas on the grave dangers posed by oral contraceptives. 

For more info see my original post here and the flyer below.


Some thoughts on the Ascension June 3, 2011

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While historically, and still in a few locales, the Ascension of the Lord was and is always celebrated on a Thursday, 40 days after Easter, in most parishes in the US that great Feast will have to wait until Sunday of this week.  With that in mind, I thought I would post some further thoughts on the Ascension from Fr. Alban Butler’s great Lives of the Saints:

…..He ascends thither as our High Priest, in order to offer unceasingly to God the blood which He has shed for us in HIs character of man, and to obtain for us through the merits of His Sacrifice the remission of our sins.

Let us, then, by means of faith, follow Him in His Ascension to Heaven, and abide there henceforth in heart and spirit.  Let us rememberf that Heaven is wholly ours, as our inheritence; and amid the temptations and miseries of this life, let us think often of this home of peace, of glory, and of bliss eternal. 

We must not flatter ourselves, however, that without earnest efforts on our part we shall have any share in the kingdom of Jesus ChristThere are many mansions in the house of our Heavenly Father, but there are not many roads leading there.  Jesus Christ has traced out for us the way of humiliation and suffering, and it is the only one that conducts to eternal peace. If the hardships of the journey and the sight of our own weakness strike us with dread, we should gather energy by leaning on the promises of the God-man. He will be with us even unto the end, and if we love Him all will become easy. 

Let us cherish hope: “Christ being come, a High Priest of the good things to come, hath entered in to the Holy of Holies, by His own Blood having obtained eternal redemption.”