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Some stats from the ‘American Catholyc Conference’ June 11, 2011

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Some stats on the huge, enormous, earth shaking and Church-defining ‘American Catholyc Conference:’

About 1,000 in attendance tonight.[this is very low attendance for a conference so heavily promoted.  The Distorter has been screaming about this for months.  All of the many Fullness of Truth conferences I’ve attended have had 2500-3000 in attendance, not counting many, many kids, and there are several of those every year.  This is a once in a decade kind of conference for the dissent crowd.]  By their own stats in the program:
65% are women
94% are Caucasian
97% are over 45 years old [so…….essentially no young families there]
63 % are over 65 years old [My parents are of the ‘silent generation.’  I’ve always thought rather well of that demographic group.  I wonder why they so dominate this heterodox gathering?]
75% attend Mass weekly [1/4 cannot be bothered to meet this most basic commitment]
3% accept all of the Church’s teachings [Is this bad catechesis, bull-headed obstinatism, or both?]
90% say the ordination of women is “very” or “critically” important [90% prefer the ‘wisdom of the world to that of the Church?]

I think it important to note the fact that the large majority of folks in attendance at this conference are not, in fact, in that demographic group commonly called the ‘baby boomers.’  They are actually older than that.  Having said that,  a number of folks from my parents generation sort of glommed onto or got sucked into – or provided the early impetus to – the craziness that emerged in the culture in the 60s.  But enough pseud0-sociology.

Here are some of their ‘laments’ from their Mass (if it was, indeed, a valid, licit Mass):

Angered by Church leaders who protect pedophiles and persecute prophets, we cry…[Funny how these folks act like should Rome have ‘all the power’ when it comes to abuse, but none whatsoever in any other regard]

Denied Eucharist because of failure to address the priest shortage, we cry…[It should read…..’Denied priests by watered down catechesis and rank heresy, making no one interested in taking on a huge cross of sacrifice for others, we cry…….]

Aching for the Eucharist to be nourishment for sinners, not a reward for good behavior, we cry…[Seeking to deny the validity of Sacred Scripture and millenia of Tradition, we cry……]

Wondering why we are closing parishes rather than opening ordination , we cry…[Uh, because folks like you have helped contribute to a dry, withered Faith which produced little or no vocations?  Oh no, I was just clericalist!  Dear me!]

Longing to celebrate creative theology rather than mourn their marginalization, we cry…[Longing to make sure Dr. Rick Gaillardetz is not censured, we cry…….]

Oppressed by rigid structures of racism, we cry…[Does this even make sense in the context of their problems with the Church?  This seems just stock leftist filler….]

Blind to the beauty of God’s image in gay and lesbian people, we cry…[Sure they’re beautiful, but their acts are inherently sinful and disordered.  Why don’t they have a prayer for the beauty of alcoholism, or adultery?]

Betrayed by Church structures that promote sexism and misogyny, we cry…[Constantly on our high horse regarding the impossibility of women’s ordination, we cry……]

Do you think many of these folks pray much, fast, or take the discipline to advance their agenda?  How devout are they really?  We shall likely never know in this life.  But heterodoxy rarely leads to a passionate faith, a faith willing to make great sacrifices.  That is why heresies have a tendency to die out.  Eventually, their compromises with the world kill whatever passion they have, and they just sort of melt away.  Ask the Arians.  Or the Nestorians, or Albengensians.

h/t Larry D