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REMINDER – Novus Ordo Latin Mass St. Mark tonight! June 13, 2011

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The Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. Mark in Plano begin tonight (Monday, June 13) at 7pm.  There will be Latin/English Missals.  A local schola will add Chant to the Mass celebration.  Fr. Jack Hopka is celebrant. 

Come get your Latin on!

Many thanks to Bishop Farrell for responding favorably to the several requests for this form of the Mass he has received.

Praise the Lord!  I thank thee Lord for thy greatness, for hearing the many prayers that have been raised up to you, imploring a return to the universal language of the Church, linking us to the Catholics of the past who suffered so much that this Faith should carry on, enriching the lives of millions and bringing untold numbers to Salvation through Your son, Jesus Christ.  I cannot thank thee, enough, Lord.  I pray this Mass will be the beginning of many such Masses in this Diocese of your glorious Church.


1. Andrew - June 13, 2011

What?! And miss game 6 of the Stanley Cup, or the latest Republican Debate?! You must have your priorities out of whack!

2. lilyrose - June 13, 2011

joyous day at last!

thanking God!

3. Dave Dlg - June 13, 2011


4. Mary - June 14, 2011

DEO GRATIAS!!! The Mass was awesome, the attendance was awesome.

5. KathiBee - June 14, 2011

What a beautiful Mass – thank you Bishop Farrell, Fr. Smith & Fr. Hopka for letting this happen. I was very surprised at the number in attendance, and hope the numbers remain high & word gets out. Hopefully this is the beginning of a ripple effect throughout the diocese.

Thank you Larry, also, for your part in getting the word out. I was wondering how many people were in attendance b/c of your blog.

6. JenZ - June 14, 2011

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to make it last night, but I plan to be there in future weeks!

7. Steve B - June 14, 2011


Thanks for your magnanimous lobbying and promotion efforts in helping to make this very reverent Latin Mass a reality, and so well attended.

Bishop Farrell, Father Smith, and Father Hopka, we send our heartfelt appreciation to each of you for accommodating our request for such a beautiful and reverent Liturgy!

Pax et benedictiones tibi, per Christum Dominum nostrum,

Steve B
Plano, TX

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