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Fr. Michael Rodriguez continues his lonely struggle……. June 20, 2011

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…….against the advance of the chimera of ‘gay rights.’  Out in El Paso, he has suffered greatly for the Truth Christ has revealed through his Church.  Below is a video of a speech he made before the El Paso city council, which is trying again to extend health care and other benefits to ‘domestic partners,’ especially the lovers of homosexual city employees.  There is great confusion in El Paso on what the Church believes with regard to homosexuality, apparently – city council members have claimed they have been told ‘by the Diocese’ that the ‘Diocese’ favors gay partner benefits.  It is very likely some source within the Diocese has said such things, and I am sad to report that even many priests, apparently, share this view.  But Fr. Rodriguez makes plain the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church – that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered and that homosexual acts are always sinful, and that Catholics cannot support anything that would help promote either the disordered lifestyle or the sin. 

As you can see, there appears to be a great deal of confusion in El Paso about what the Church believes with regard to homosexuality.  It appears that there are some in the Church there, perhaps even many, who have substituted cultural mores or a certain political view of homosexuality for what the Church believes.  It is a great blessing to have such a defender of the Faith.  On a side note, I always find it inspiring to see priests dressed in traditional clerical garb in public, especially the cassock!  It shows a willingness to live the Faith at all times, and even put up with societal hostility towards Jesus Christ and His Church.

I love it when he says that Western Civilization has only flourished insofar as it has upheld the beliefs of the Church.

His reply to the hostile city councilmember, who invoked the usual clubs with which to beat the Church, was masterful.  Many people, including those within the Church, like to point to the individual failures of many within the Church as evidence of the Church’s corruption.  Such could be said of any organization, of course, but even the examples speak to the moral authority of the Church – the failures of individual priests are shocking precisely because of the moral authority the Church holds.  I found the reference to the Pope’s correct statement that condoms do not help prevent the spread of HIV (a sacred shibolleth of the religion of leftism) very distasteful. 

It is a great shame that Fr. Rodriguez was NOT present as an official spokesman for the Diocese. 

From a Mass celebrated by Fr. Rodriguez:

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