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Planned Parenthood CEO funding ‘Catholics for Choice’ June 22, 2011

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A stunning report from LiveAction indicates that Planned Parenthood CEO may be using her poistion on the board of a very progressive, Church-hating philanthropical foundation to steer funding to Catholics for Choice, a group constantly hostile to Church Doctrine on the sanctity of life. 

Catholics for Choice is an organization that advocates for the right to abort one’s child — against established Catholic church teaching. While the organization has twice been condemned as a fraud by U.S. Catholics bishops but they boast a significant budget funded mostly by a select group of foundations. This year, the Ford Foundation gave Catholics for Choice a $300,000 grant as seen below:

Ford Foundation Donations to Catholics for ChoiceFord Foundation Donation to Catholics for Choice

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is a trustee of the Ford Foundation and chairs the board’s Finance Committee. Ford Foundation documents show that the Finance Committee holds major sway over where fund go

The Ford Foundation, like many ‘philanthropical’ organizations, has a profound left wing bias and supports all manner of population control schemes.  But this is more than a slight conflict of interest.  Cecile Richards, the public face of the monstrous entity known as Planned Parenthood, is directing funding to a group that seeks to subvert the beliefs of her organization’s archnemesis – the Catholic Church.  If the Church were a government agency, there would be no question that her actions would constitute a violation of the law.  As it is, it is still incredibly unseemly, and further establishes that Catholics for Choice has absolutely no credibility – it is nothing more than a lobby group for Planned Parenthood.  I’m sure that $300k goes far to pay the expenses of the 2 people who belong to that misbegotten group.


Let us have more men such as this! June 22, 2011

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Today, in the calendar of the 1970 Missal, is the Feast of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More.  St. Thomas More being more well known, I want to focus a bit of St. John Fisher.  Fr. Hopka gave a brilliant homily on both Saints earlier today, but I Fisher excites my interest a bit more at present as his suffering and martyrdom are so very applicable to our time.  In fact, they are applicable to all times. 

I highly encourage you to read the Saint’s biography at the great Catholic Encyclopedia.  St. John Fisher, like St. Thomas a’ Becket before him and St. Thomas More contemporaneously, earned the martyr’s crown through their refusal to bend to the authority of man at the expense of the Authority of God.  The case of King Henry VIII is particularly tragic, for a young king who had previously been a stalwart defender of the Faith, and had in fact been awarded the title ‘Defender of the Faith’ by the Pope, for his treatises against Lutheran heresies, fell into lust and pride and died a hideously disfigured, diseased man (diseased in body, mind, and soul).  His fall into sin presaged a reign of terror that Fr. Hopka likened to Stalinism.  King Henry substituted the cult of man for the cult of God.

And the result?  The Church he founded is likely in its death throes, because anything founded by man, and focused on man, is doomed to all men’s eventual destiny – death.  Only what stems from God is eternal. 

But for St. John Fisher, we have an example of brilliant episcopal leadership.  Would that more bishops of England at that time had followed his example, Henry might have been stopped and who knows how many souls saved!  But far too many went along.  I pray for St. John Fisher’s intercession for all leaders in the Church, everywhere, that they may always have his fortitude, his love for Truth, his desire to suffer if necessary, and his love of Church!  O glorious St. John Fisher, pray for your Church, pray for our bishops, that they may always guide the Church with the eternal Wisdom of Christ and serve the Church so well, they, too, will be remembered by countless Catholics for endless ages as stalwart and true Defenders of the Faith. 

Does college always make economic sense? June 22, 2011

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I’ve blogged before about skyrocketing college education costs, the well known collapse of moral standards at virtually all universities, and the few choices available for faithful Catholics in the realm of ‘higher’ education.  Many believe we are in a higher education ‘bubble,’ caused by excessive federal spending in college education, creating an artifically high demand and ever rising costs.  I think it advisable for people to consider the necessity of ‘going off to college,’ and whether that is really the best choice for themselves or their child.  There is a growing cadre of non-traditional ways to obtain a college degree, including ‘commuter’ type universities like the University of Phoenix and, now, the availability of college-level courses on the internet for extremely low prices.  Some data from the Chronicle of Higher Education may be helpful.  It shows the ‘value,’ I think in terms of median salary, in various degrees.  If you go to the link, the graph is interactive and contains more detail:

There are certainly many career fields for which a college education is absolutely necessary, and makes great financial sense.  Engineering (yay me!), computer science, business, many health professions, natural sciences, etc.   Many others may not make so much sense.  But, having said that, I know there are many sales positions that require a college degree (any kind, essentially), and I know some folks who have made a killing in sales with a BA.  So, your mileage may vary.  But if you have your heart set on being a social worker, do you need to go to Notre Dame and spend $50k a year to get that degree?  The return on investment calculation for such a path would be pretty horrendous. 

I know it has been a shibolleth of our culture, especially among the ‘middle class,’ that one simply MUST get a college degree.  I think that trend may change – we’ll see what happens if or when the college education bubble bursts.  For now, get your tiger mother on and force your kids to be petroleum engineers.  For the environment!

I will NOT vote for this man June 22, 2011

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Don’t do it, establishment Repubnikans.  He’s a pro-abort, and a total squish.  His only tightly held value is whatever is good for him, he’ll do.  He’ll be worse than Bush, possibly worse than McCain. 

I would vote for her, but it’s hard for a House Representative to build a national organization and get to the front of the pack, but she seems to be doing pretty well early on.  She’s as pro-life as they come:

Or him.  Interesting guy, great story, but he may need to be a little more careful with what he says:

I’d even vote for this guy, although I think he’s a squish in some areas, and will largely be Bush redux:

He did use to be a demonrat, albeit a conservative one.  He supported Algore in 1988 – 23 years ago, and Al Gore was one of the most conservative democrats in the Senate at that time.  Remember that, back when Al Gore was known for a very conservative record and long boring policy speeches?  He was known as one of the driest, most straight shooting members of the Senate, back then.  But that was before he literally lost his mind after the 2000 election.