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Woot! Texas votes to de-fund Planned Barrenhood June 28, 2011

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Senate Bill 7, defunding Planned Barenthood, passed, and Perry will sign, so Texas joins 6 other states in de-funding Planned Parenthood, with many more considering legislation to do so.  I’m sure Obama will thrash earth and sky to try to save his most valued constituency, but this trend is showing some staying power.  Let us pray!  Great graphic below from Susan B. Anthony list – let this list grow much longer!


1. Colleen Hammond - June 28, 2011

$47 million from Texas…?

2. Mary - June 28, 2011

praise God!!!

that’s a lot of money,

3. Jeannon Kralj - June 28, 2011

I would hold off on exuberance on this matter. I will call the bill’s sponsor and get more information tomorrow. I just read SB 7 and it appears to do nothing to close the loopholes that had developed from the enacted 2005 law.

We have had a law on the books since September of 2005 (Section 32.0248 of the Human Resources Code) and this prohibits Women’s Health Program (WHP) funds from being paid (reimbursed) to an abortion provider for an abortion performed.

Planned Parenthood abortion providers have created loopholes in this current law. Apparently they have learned to requests grants from several agencies for the purpose of providing “Family Planning” services, not specifically to perform the abortion procedure. So Planned Parenthood is still receiving large grants and state funds that support that entities overall goals and operations, though purportedly are no longer receiving state WHP funds for the provision of an abortion procedure.

SB 7
CSSB 7 would require DSHS to ensure that money spent for the Women’s Health Program not be used to perform or promote abortions or to contract with entities that performed or promoted abortions or affiliated with entities that did so.

I am very concerned about the ENFORCEMENT of this provision. Who is going to identify those possible payees of state moneys that do perform and promote abortions or identify entities that are affiliated with entities that perform or promote abortions.

I can see that there will be no more state agency checks paid to Planned Parenthood, even for Family Planning services only because PP is definitely and abortion provider. But doctors and other entities that refer patients to Planned Parenthood have to be identified by name and agencies and the Comptroller need to make sure no state payment ever goes to these doctors.

I just doubt the 47 million dollar amount and I know that PP slipped by and got 20 million through loopholes since 2005 and much of that money in reality funded abortions. What are we doing to really enforce this law? That is my question.

I will report back what I find out but I have serious reservations about this law because I see several bill co-authors that have a strong voting record in favor of abortion.

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