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Whatever happened with the Fr. Euteneuer imbroglio? June 29, 2011

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, General Catholic.

Remember back during the Fr. Euteneuer resignation/takedown/whatever situation, how we were told there were going to be many other people coming forward publicly with allegations?  Has that happened?   I haven’t heard anything in months.  It seems some of those claiming evidence of further allegations have moved on to bigger fish

Just noting the absence of follow-up.


1. MG - June 30, 2011

Yep -once again, T O’T clamoring for attention. The man needs prayers.

2. Therese - July 5, 2011

Um…yeah. There was nothing to that whole Corapi thing.

tantamergo - July 6, 2011

Obviously, more information has come available. So, I freely admit to being wrong on that, and perhaps I am on Euteneuer, too, but there has not been any further revelations as promised.

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