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Eucharstic miracle in Minnesota? July 6, 2011

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Why would a Host made of wheat, oil, and water turn red when dissolved in more water?

Above is a photo taken by Fr. Echert, pastor of Saint Augustine in South St. Paul, MN, of a consecrated host.

The host had been accidentally dropped on the ground last week during the distribution of Holy Communion at a daily Mass.

It was subsequently placed in water to dissolve so that it could be poured down the sacrarium.

Fr. Grabner, the parochial vicar, went to check on the host a few days later, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, and found that not only had it not dissolved, but that it had turned red.

Is there a natural explanation? You decide.

The Chancery has been notified

Some notes about the priest/parish from Eponymous Flower (which should have been on my blogroll a long time ago):

Editor: St. Augustine’s is a parish which has the Immemorial Mass of All Ages in South Saint Paul. Father Echert has long been a priest friendly to tradition of impeccable reputation and great learning, having graduated from the infamous, but very challenging, Biblicum in Rome. He’s also a Chaplain in the Air Force where he’s served on a number of occasions, ministering to military personnel. What’s being gotten at is that he’s a very credible and serious man

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